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Mere Angne Mein 6th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Preeti saying that she spoke to her friend, who had a child recently. She lies to Shanti and takes permission to meet her friend. Shanti allows her to go. Riya asks permission to go to market. Shanti asks is she going to meet doctor. Riya says no, I have some work and goes. Shanti asks Kaushalya to see how others are getting children, they should also get children at home soon. Shivam recalls Riya’s words and tells staff girl that he ended work and will come in some time. Nandu waits for Preeti. Preeti comes to meet Lucky, and says sorry, I could not get food. He says its fine. She asks why did he talk to Shanti and lie about maternity hospital. He says she was angry and asking me. She says Shanti thought I m pregnant. He says oh, that’s a problem. She says this happened

even at Mohit’s time. He gets shocked and asks radio jockey. She says he used to talk on radio, anyways I will make food here, I will make tasty food. Nandu asks her to come.

Nandu says you are cooking food for Lucky, but I will have it. Sarla asks Rani to get food for Ashok and talks well. He says you are worried for me these days. Sarla gets angry and asks how long will I adjust, and will Ashok enjoy with Nirmala. Nirmala apologizes to Ashok and says ticket fell from my hand. Nirmala holds Ashok’s hand. Sarka asks her to leave hand and beats her. Ashok shouts asking both of them to stop it.

Ashok scolds Sarla and says you can’t stop me, you made me marry Nirmala, you can’t interfere in my life. he gets angry on her. He asks Nirmala to make tea for her. Sarla gets annoyed. Riya meets the doctor and asks will there be any problem. Doctor asks her to be positive. Riya sees Shivam outside the hospital. She asks why did you come here, will you argue and fight now, I m not scared. He smiles and says I heard these mood swings are in pregnancy, you are getting that now. He says I have come, don’t get angry. She asks why did you come. He asks what knowledge this doctor has, even mummy and Dadi can explain you. She says doctor as education and degree, I m not prepared for baby. They argue and leave from there.

Pari explains Sarla to be cool. Rani gets tea for them. Sarla asks why did she get tea when we did not ask. Pari says Rani came to hear us and argues. Rani throws water on Pari. Pari scolds her. Rani argues. Shivam and Riya are on the way. Ashok calls him and talks. Shivam is angry on his boss. Riya asks him not to get angry. A guy comes and teases Riya. Shivam beats the guy. Riya says leave it, deal things maturely. He asks shall I not beat the guy who teased my wife, shall I tell him to tease you. She says I mean you can’t do this, you would have killed the guy. He says yes, I would have. She says our family won’t go ahead till you deal with your anger. He says you need a reason for not having a child, now make my anger the reason. She cries and shouts I have to go home. They leave.

A saint comes and asks for food. Nimmi gives him food. He asks Kaushalya to give old shawl. Shanti asks will you take everything from our house, go to other house. She says I m not beggar, ego is not good and burns everything. She says I know everything, leave. He says you insulted me, I curse you that your family won’t go forward. She says I can’t get anyone’s curse. He says time will show you. She sends him and worries.

Rani goes to Nirmala and asks her how did Sarla know that I went to meet Amit. Nirmala says maybe Amit said, I booked room by spending money, why will I spoil your plan, you can’t do anything, become Jogan. Kaushalya worries and asks if that saint’s curse gets true then. Shanti says don’t worry, I m worried thinking Riya is not giving good news, we will apologize to Lord.

Preeti asks Lucky did he not like food. He says its good. She says you have food, I will go home now. He says food is very tasty. She goes. He thinks you are cheating Nandu by meeting Lucky and gets sad. Shanti bargains and buys vegs. The lady tells Shanti about her bahu’s pregnancy, she did some puja and prayed to get grandchild. Shanti asks about puja. Lady says I can’t say about puja, but I will send pandit. Shanti says I will give first laddoo to you, send pandit soon. Shanti smiles.

Pandit tells Kaushalya of some Aradhna and says then you will get grandchild’s news. Riya thinks I m not ready for baby.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. if they really wanted to have a grandchild, they should just send Shivam and Riya to hotel to spend some time together. After all they won’t conceive at home where everyone is there. Riya is scared of being a mother which is natural, but Shivam should understand that and help her through it. Its not like he has to carry the child for 9 months and then pop it out

  2. Shivam think his dadi & mom are better than doctor how silly , Shivam dont have single sign of educated man

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