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Mere Angne Mein 6th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nimmi telling Preeti about Riya working with Shivam in his office, and getting worried. Preeti says we can’t do anything now. Bua talks to Anupam seeing him bad, and asks him not to worry, as they will get Riya and her groom here. She pacifies him. Pari calls Vyom and asks where was he. He asks is everything fine. She says their photo came in newspaper, her family will not leave her. He says I saw the pic, its not clear and no names. She says police was patrolling. He says its their work. She says she is at her Mama’s house, I m worried. He says he will come and meet her.

Shivam thinks to ask Riya about her sister Priya, and messages her. Pari gets the message in Riya’s phone. Sarla is tired and Pari tells her about Shivam’s message to Riya. Sarla asks her

to say shut up to him. Pari asks what. Sarla says don’t tell me now. Pari says Shivam does not know Riya’s phone is stolen. Sarla says yes, just write her phone was stolen and she got it now. Pari says she will just reply what he wrote. She replies him and he reads Priya stays with Bua, she is busy in Priya’s marriage, phone was stolen and got now. He smiles.

Nimmi and Preeti think to talk to Shivam. Ashok sends her to Sarla. Sarla and Amit talk about the manipulations. Sarla smiles saying she will get Riya’s house after marriage. Pari sees police and runs inside. Sarla asks why did police come. Pari says you made me steal Riya’s phone and they worry. Sonal comes there. Sarla asks Sonal to give this tray and asks Pari to go and see. Pari asks is she trapping her. Sarla says she will give her money and sends her.

The inspector talks to Raghav and tells about hotel raid and getting many guys and girls from good family. Pari comes there to hear them. Pari shakes the tray being tensed. He asks did we meet anyone before. She says no. Raghav says she is Sarla’s daughter Parineeta. He says this is my old friend Diwaan Singh. Pari greets him and takes the newspaper. Sarla prays that she is doing this for her son. Pari tells Sarla about Diwaan and Sarla says oh, he is Raghav’s friend and gets relieved.

Raghav and Shanti ask Diwaan to come in marriage. Diwaan agrees. Raghav asks him to wear any good clothes than uniform. They laugh. Diwaan agrees. Nimmi comes to Shivam and tells about Amit marrying his colleague Riya. She says she got so angry. He asks her to listen to him. He says you are talking about Priya, and Riya works with me, Priya is marrying with Amit, twin sisters.

He says its confirmed that Riya can’t hurt me ever. Nimmi says we did not see her. Shivam says I spoke to Riya and then Sarla got call too, ask Sonal. Sonal says yes, mum got call about sending clothes to Priya. Preeti says its confusion. Shivam says we did not see as we did not go there. Sonal says how can this happen. He sends them to work.

Shanti praises Amit and jokes on Rani. The ladies laugh. Shanti tells about a girl getting sindoor for Amit. Rani gets sad. Her aunt asks Rani to do anything, don’t lose Amit. Rani says yes and goes. Sahil sees Riya relaxing and talks to her, that he will get new phone for her, with anti theft software, as Bua said she does not trust Shanti. Riya says Bua jokes like that. Bua comes and talks to Bunty and Riya.

Shivam asks Nimmi and Preeti to go and see Riya and Priya. Preeti says our confusion will get cleared there. Nimi says she has to do something. Sarla asks why is she talking alone. Kaushalya asks Sarla to come, Shanti is calling her for Kuan puja. Nimmi thinks to talk to Shivam. Shanti praises Amit and Riya. Sarla gets tensed and says Amit and Priya. Rani brings the tray and tells about kuan puja. She shows her mehendi and taunts Sarla. Shanti asks Rani why is she showing mehendi to us. Shanti hurts her hands and scolds her.

Vyom goes to meet Pari outside the house. Nimmi asks Shivam does Riya work with him, does he love Riya. He jokes. She asks why is he defending Riya, whats the link, is he hiding anything. He says he loves Riya. She gets glad. He says its Riya. Nimmi says she is very happy, but there is doubt about twin sisters, how can this happen. He says we will taking baraat, we will find out. They smile. Rani cries and asks Shanti not to do this, she loves Amit a lot. She tries convincing Shanti and Shanti is unmoved. She asks Shanti to stop this marriage. Kaushalya asks why is she spoiling things. Sarla scolds Rani and asks Pari to call Amit.

She says she swears to make Rani her bahu today. Pari thinks she has to meet Vyom, and mum send me to call Amit. She goes out to meet Vyom. Sarla and Rani’s aunt argue. Sarla says she will end this drama now. Pari sees Ashok, Raghav there and lies to them, about her mannat for Amit. Nimmi is glad to see Riya with Shivam. Shivam goes for some work.

Bua asks Radha to see Shagun plate and asks her to take this to Shanti Sadan, and return soon. Riya asks won’t groom come if we don’t invite. Bua laughs and says its rituals to invite them. Radha asks her to give any message. Bunty says ask them to come soon and take Riya. Pari sees Ashok behind her in mirror and gets tensed. She walks out and does not meet Vyom. Ashok stops her and asks where is she going. She says she is going home as Shanti asked her to go, as Rani’s aunt can steal anything. He asks her to come home and takes her. Vyom hears them and leaves.

Sarla says no one can see my happiness, I will end this and die. Kaushalya asks her to calm down. Shanti gets shocked and asks what is she doing. Sarla gets kerosene and says she will burn herself. Rani’s aunt beats Rani. The lady start supporting Rani. Sarla argues with her sister in law. Rani’s aunt argues. Sarla cries and does much drama. Sarla puts kerosene. Shanti asks them to call Raghav, anyone stop Sarla. Sarla says I will die. Amit comes and asks what is mum doing. Sarla cris and says she will die. Rani says if she wants her to take wedding rounds on her burnt fire, then she agrees. Sarla is shocked. Rani says I want to become your bahu and Amit’s wife. She holds Amit’s hand and asks him to get ready for pheras. Sarla gets tensed. Rani asks Sarla to come, they are waiting for her step. Nimmi thinks she has to tell this to Preeti. Sarla looks on shocked.

Sarla sits for the Kuan puja. A girl comes there covering her face and pushes Sarla in the well. Everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Sarla is superb.. In a way she is making let it happen shivam riya marriage so early..
    This pari is so irritating

    1. I think th girl mightve been the one that wanted to get married to amit.(forgot her name sorrryyy lol)

  2. what does mere angne mein means please

    1. In my house or compound.

    2. I agree with sourav

  3. Wow it’s taking a good track now
    Waiting for next ep….

  4. Nice

  5. Lima i think it means what are you doing in my place

    1. No it doesnt it means in my house or compound

  6. Yes nice episode.. Finaly its goin on right track

  7. Aww finally Shivam admits that he loves Riya plz Nimmi and Preeti do something about the twin sisters lie

  8. Very interesting ?? though sometimes some lies r too weird 2 accept…… Well, keep going??? ShivYa r too cute , Gud couple

  9. Pricap was amazing
    When am watching the pricap am so much laughing….

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