Mere Angne Mein 5th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 5th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shanti avoiding Sarla. Sarla cries and says first Kaushalya insulted me and then Riya, you forgive me Amma. Shanti asks Sarla to leave from the house. Sarla says there is real theft, believe me. Shanti asks am I policeman, go to police and file report. Nimmi thinks there is something big behind Shanti’s drama. Riya asks her to be quiet, else Shanti will scold them. Sarla says I went to make Nirmala leave, but she asked me for 15 lakhs. Shanti says throw money on her face and make her leave. Sarla says I don’t have money, it got stolen, if you give me 15 lakhs, I will get free of Nirmala.

Shanti asks why shall I give, did you ask me when you sold your husband, I will not give money, I don’t care you get your husband or not. Sarla says forgive me, I did mistake.

Shanti asks how will I get so much money. Shanti says do anything, leave.

Kaushalya asks Sarla to go now, Shanti will forgive you. Shanti asks kaushalya not to tell her when to forgive Sarla. She says Sarla did all this herself, I helped her a lot, she has cheated us.

Shanti says you lied about theft before and now Lord punished you, leave from here. Sarla says if one person does mistake, do relations end with it, is there no value of relations, I know you are not saying this, Kaushalya and Riya filled your ears against me, you can’t say this for me. She cries and says fine, I will never come to this house, even if I die. Shanti calls Sarla shameless and asks her to leave. Sarla cries and leaves.

Riya asks Shivam why is he upset. He says I won’t do govt job, I m not qualified like you, but I want to do any private job, why did you promise them. She says if I did not promise, they would have scolded me, I just said, I decided I will support you, you do what you want and I will just tell them that I m with them, we will go on a romantic date, its been many days now. He says I understand what you are doing, you are making fun of me, that I m not educated like you. He gets annoyed and leaves.

Rani tells Ashok that Sarla has gone to Shanti Sadan. Ashok says I told her not to go, wound is fresh, why is she going there. Rani says Sarla wanted to end Shanti’s annoyance. She says Nirmala has asked 15 lakhs from Sarla. Ashok asks Nirmala why did she ask for much money. Nirmala says I know Sarla can’t pay me money, so I asked her this amount, I will be your wife always. Sarla comes home sad. Ashok asks her what did Shanti say, what happened. Sarla cries. He asks why are you crying. Sarla says Shanti refused to give me money, the money at home got stolen, if I don’t give money to Nirmala, she will not free you, tell me what to do. He says it does not matter what Nirmala does, I m yours. She says but she is your wife legally. She cries.

She says this should happen with me. Ashok says its not your mistake. She says its all my mistake. He asks what did you do. She says I did mistake, I told railway officer that I give rent to Raghav for this house. He gets shocked.

Ashok calls Riya and says everything is not fine, I m worried that relations can break. Riya asks what is it. He tells everything what Sarla did and why Raghav lost the job.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Why has Riya and co stopped the catering business now? What will happen when Riya tells kaushaliya and shanti that it was sarla who filed complaint against Raghav. If she keeps quiet and they find out shanti will not forgive her.

  2. Even Raghav won’t forgive sarla if he finds out. Please don’t hide this now.

  3. Even Raghav won’t forgive sarla if he finds out. Please don’t hide this now. Shows becoming interesting after shanti’s death planing.

  4. The next coming episode will be very interested as Sarala secret behind raghuva’s job is out. I am waiting to see if koushalya comes to know the fact she should be giving her back nicely in such a way that she always cribs on her and her children. Also waiting to see Pari’s dirty character to be out in destroying Nimmi’s life. For a small thing Shanti got heart attack and is she comes to know the reality of amit, pari and Sarala character she would sarak upar 🙂
    By the way there is no news on Vyom and her mom…better if you can replace those characters and show us back

  5. Oh my god salar
    Is stupid

  6. I am very sure that Riya will try to hide Sarla’s truth from the family. This is the trend in Indian serials. To keep family together they will hide and protect all wicked and irresponsible actions of Sarla.

  7. I hope Riya doesn’t keep this secret. Shanti will never forgive her or in fact no one from SS will. Please writers bring it out in open for all SS members to know. It’s about time sarla got her comeuppance. Please someone overhear the conversation.

  8. I guess Riya will hide the truth about Sarlas trick in getting Raghav suspended.
    Riya will pay the price for this. I hope before this happens, Riya should expose Sarla.

  9. What’s with kaushaliya and Askok? why are they showing then to be like door mats? Surely they will show Shanti melting for Sarla and will forgive her.



    1. She said to raghav’s boss that she pays rent to raghav. That’s totally illegal

  11. Sarla gave false statement to railway ofcrs that raghav has given his govt quarter on rent to her i.e. to sarla , which is nt allowed thus raghav was suspended from job.



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