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Mere Angne Mein 5th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kaushalya asking Riya to wash hands before touching diya. She opens the lights of the home. Riya apologizes to Kaushalya. Kaushalya says I told you in morning to come early. Riya says she had to go home . Kaushalya says that’s your Maayka, this is your home. Riya says dad called and said he kept puja for mummy. Shanti takes Riya’s side and asks why did Kaushalya not ask Riya the reason before scolding her. She asks Riya to keep Kaushalya informed. Kaushalya gets angry and asks Riya would I not send you if you asked me, I m your saas, give me some respect.

Rani hears Sarla’s scoldings and goes. Sarla gets a call and asks the man to come soon. She turns and sees Rani. Sarla make excuse to leave home. Riya apologizes to Kaushalya. Kaushalya says I did not feel

bad, I just asked you to maintain balance. Shanti asks Riya to inform Kaushalya from next time, Kaushalya even questions me, she does not leave me, will she leave you. Nimmi brings tea. Shanti asks her to get coffee. Nimmi asks why. Shanti says she is little Kaushalya, she does not do any work without questioning.

Sarla silently goes and meet jeweler. She shows the design and says she wants such jewelry. He says gold rate is high. She says I want to make imitation jewelry. He asks did she call him at this time to make fake jewelry. She says its big order and tells fake story to him. He says I m trying to understand whose jewelry is to make. Sarla says you will get much amount. He says fine, I understood, your work will be done. Shanti asks Riya why did she come so late. Riya says sorry. Shanti says don’t do mistake, else Kaushalya will be angry.

She asks Nimmi to note all member’s name and note the entry and exit times in the register. Kaushalya says but…Shanti says I have decided this. She asks Riya to freshen up and not worry, this happens at home. Riya goes upstairs and cries. Shivam sees her and she goes to her room. The jeweler asks Sarla to give Rs 6000. Sarla asks what, I will find someone else. He says fine, you give any amount as shagun. Sarla asks him to do work for free, she will give him nek. She gives him 11rs. He asks her to give his card to that rich family. She says sure. Prabha sees them and says Sarla is meeting with two strangers, I will tell everyone. She calls neighbor lady and asks her to get all ladies, its some good gossip. She says about shameless Sarla and laughs.

Shivam comes to room and sees Riya crying. Riya asks Shivam why did he not tell Kaushalya. He says I told them, but you came too late. She says dad was unwell, how could I say I have to go. Prabha gets all neighbors and they see Sarla and jeweler laughing and talking. Sarla turns and sees Prabha and everyone. Shivam asks Riya not to be angry and asks how is Anupam. Riya says he is fine. Shivam asks her why did she not call. Riya says I called Dadi and you. He says I was busy with client. They start arguing. He says sorry, I read message at home. She says she was stuck in traffic. He says I can understand, did I marry you or did crime, I need permission to go my home.

He says no use to talk now, I told you my home is different, we have to answer elders before leaving. She asks about Kaushalya. He asks her not to tell anything against Kaushalya. Shanti thinks she has to do all planning again, Shivam married Riya, now she wants Riya’s salary. She recalls Sarla’s words. She talks to her husband’s pic.

The ladies ask Sarla about talking to strangers. Sarla says he was jeweler, I called him to make jewelry for Rani. Prabha asks on road, at this time? Pari comes and defends Sarla. Prabha asks her not to talk in between, she will tell about her Rasleela. Sarla and Prabha start fighting. Rani sees this and says Sarla started drama again. Sarla runs with slipper to beat Prabha. Rani stops Sarla.

Sarla beats Rani and Prabha with her slipper. Rani asks Sarla not to take law in her hand, and reminds of police. Prabha says she will call police this time. Shivam asks Riya to see Kaushalya as her mum, and this problem will be solved. Shanti comes and hears them. Shivam asks Riya to support him. They hear the sound near door. Shivam goes to see. Shanti comes inside and gets hurt. She beats Shivam. He says sorry and leaves. Shanti asks Riya to shut door and asks her not to feel bad of Kaushalya, she is like mum.

Riya says I m not angry on Kaushalya, its my mistake, I should have informed her. Kaushalya and Preeti are cooking and talk whether Raghav would come. Kaushalya sends Nimmi to ask Shanti about veg curry. Nimmi looks for Shanti. Prabha calls inspector Madam and puts it on speaker. The inspector gets angry thinking its Sarla, and scolds. Sarla and Pari laugh. The inspector fumes and blocks calls from them. Nimmi hears Riya complaining to Shanti about Kaushalya.

Shanti says leave it, Kaushalya will forgive you. Nimmi creates a scene in anger and misbehaves with Riya. Shanti asks Nimmi to calm down. Sarla laughs on Prabha. Sarla and Pari go home. Sarla scolds Rani. Pari takes Sarla saying she will explain. Nimmi argues with Riya and asks Shanti is she saying wrong. She says Kaushalya is very simple and good, you have to understand her. Shanti says Nimmi does not keep quiet and runs to beat her. Nimmi says I came to ask about dish, and asks Riya to remember. She leaves. Shanti asks Riya not to feel bad, Nimmi has this problem since childhood, and makes her smile. She asks Riya to keep smiling, and help Kaushalya in kitchen.

Shanti says she will get a scooty for Riya. She asks why did she not get her old scooty, did she leave for dad. She murmurs its gone with 5 lakhs. She says she will get scooty by saving money. She leaves. Sarla and Pari laugh on Rani. Rani asks how can she beat her bahu. Rani cooks food and makes tea for Sarla and Pari. Sarla tells Pari about making fake jewelry to replace with one ones. Pari likes the idea.

Shivam sits sad. Preeti goes to him. She asks what is he thinking, she can help him. He tells about mum and Riya. He says I m unable to balance, I respect dad more now, he balances mum, Dadi and Bua. She says you are the best, and mum’s fav. Kaushalya comes and sends Preeti to help Nimmi. He talks to Kaushalya about Riya. She asks him to become like his dad. He says yes, but how.

She says you take everyone along, like your dad. She says we will manage, Riya is like Nimmi and Preeti, so I will explain her. Preeti comes to Nimmi and asks why is she angry. Preeti says she was with Shivam. Nimmi asks what did Shivam say. Preeti tells her what Shivam said, he is worried. Anupam calls Riya and asks is everything fine. Riya cries and says its all fine. He asks her to not anyone complain. She says don’t take any tension. He says I trust you, I will call later.

Riya looks at Shivam’s pic and thinks she can’t let her marriage fail and will make everyone love her. Kaushalya I was very young at my marriage time, Shanti was very strict, she has made me adjust here. Shivam says Riya will also adjust right. She says it will take much time, she is educated, she has her opinions. Riya comes and hears them. Kaushalya says its tough to adjust in joint family, she will need time. Riya cries.

Shivam talks to Kaushalya. She asks him to tell Riya to give her salary to Shanti, like he does.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Writer cnt u change the story line … How much riya and khuslaya will suffer be coz of shanti devi …. horrible

  2. I really wish there is shorter summary of this nonsense instead of a long painful narrative. Who sits and read all these paragraphs in horrendous English.

  3. This soap is so ludicrous. Sometimes stupid can be funny but this farcical soap is not even funny. I stopped watching because I do not have an hour to waste. And yes, this soap is an insult to the intelligence of its viewers. One gets tired of the constant ridiculous antics of Pari, Shanti, Sarla and Amit. Their actions have no repercussions. Kaushalya is a dumb nitwit who is scurrying around and always anxious to please Shanti, Raghav and Sarla. The writers have made her so dumb that she cannot realize that she should not treat her daughter in law the way Shanti treats her. Raghav is a spineless man who in the bedroom professes love to his wife (and the stupid Kaushayla drinks it all in) but outside of the bedroom she cannot even open her mouth to explain her side of things to her. He always believes his mother and does not stop to weigh both sides of the story. He loves his mother and sister more than his wife and children. In real life a woman would hate her husband if he did that to her and the children would have no respect for a father like Raghav. Now Shivam is saying that he respects his father more because his father balances his wife and mother. What nonsense! Would Shivam like his mother to treat his wife and children the way Shanti treats him, his sisters and his mother? Ashok is another spineless nitwit who is anxious to please Sarla no matter what she does and no matter how she treats him. I wonder about these writers. To those of you who enjoy the mentality that this show displays, I say happy watching.

  4. I think once the viewership is down, than the producer and writers will change the storyline.
    Until then please do not expect any change in it. To watch this show is to waste your valuable time. It is truly a farcical drama.

  5. Where is the story going upto how many days will the saas bahu misunderstandings go on. Too boring. Writer please change the story line if this goes on der will be none watching the drama

  6. Seriously, reading the update after so many days in a hope…still the same dumb crap…RIP writers. If that’s your best congratulations for ruining another concept. RIP mere angne me….goodbye forever

  7. I like the drama earlier but i think kaushalya is very sweet but before Riya she becomes a rude saas..i thibk writers should now change Riya perception towards kaushalya…Riya is also dump she shojlf understand all the drama of shanti and sarla

  8. show started very nicely with all little details. now it is getting too much. what will new generation will learn with show. it should be educated careing shairing with familly. Dadi is so mean with grand kids. she is so mean with her daughter in-law and keep squizing her own son has no sympathy toword her son. even if he come home after such a tired long drive. normally dadi and bhua always hve soft corner toword their grand kids and bhatija bhatiji. mother in-lw is so dumb what happeing with her she should make sure should not happen with her daughter in-law. riya should bring change in the familly. how long it will drag like that. shanti and sarla should realize their mistake or it will show only in the end of last appisode of this show.

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