Mere Angne Mein 5th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 5th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sarla talking to Shanti about making Nirmala leave. Sarla thinks of doing something. Everyone is helping Kaushalya in cooking. Riya and Nimmi are outside. Riya makes a plan. She asks Nimmi to make Nirmala angered at Ashok, by speaking bad about him. Nimmi says I can do any help, but I can’t talk against Ashok. Riya asks her to do as she says. She sends Nimmi. Nimmi agrees and is leaving. Riya calls him Shivam and asks him to come. Nimmi stops seeing Riya talking to someone/Shivam. Riya says I told the plan to Nimmi, she will help us, but she looked less confident. He hugs her.

Riya says don’t get romantic. She asks him to leave her. Shivam sees Nimmi and asks Riya to see. He gets romantic. Riya says don’t create trouble. Shivam teases Riya. Nimmi thinks does

Riya have an affair with this old man, when she has Shivam in her life. Riya and Shivam leave in the car. Pari acts like her finger got cut. Kaushalya cares for her and asks her not to do any work now.

The lady comes and asks is this Shanti Sadan. Shanti says yes, its written outside. Lady says I gave order to Riya, I have to pay money. Shanti says come sit, its your order in process now, give me money. Lady says sorry, I can’t give you money, is the boss Riya not at home. Sarla says now she is boss and you all are servants. Lady says I m saying what she told me, that everyone is working here and I can make you all work as I want. They all talk to lady. The lady pays money to Shanti. Shanti sits counting.

Preeti picks the fallen vegs from floor. Lady sees this and says I will cancel order if she does this. Shanti says she was picking it to throw, I will manage. Lady says I have to check your house well. Shanti asks her to see kitchen. Riya calls the lady Payal. Payal says I gave the money, but work is not getting done as I said. Riya asks her to tell them. Payal says you talk to them. She asks Kaushalya to talk to her boss. Kaushalya gets sad and says yes boss. Riya gets shocked.

Nimmi meets Nirmala and acts friendly. She tells Nirmala that Dadi got todka and has asked Sarla to make you leave from this house. Nirmala gives her tea. Nimmi says I will leave, as Bua is not at home. Nirmala says no, have tea and talk to me, if you think bad is happening with me, tell me what todka Shanti got. Nimmi asks her to swear she won’t tell anyone. Nirmala says fine, tell me.

Nimmi says Sarla, Ashok and Shanti planned to make you leave from house, Ashok said he finds Nirmala bad, if you don’t go, then he will keep you as maid, I have proof for this, is anyone at home. Nirmala says no. Nimmi says you think this is Bua’s idea, its Ashok’s thoughts, he made Shanti and Sarla angry.

Riya tells Shivam that Kaushalya is angry, we should go back home. He says Nimmi would have made Nirmala angry, we have to be prepared, Nirmala can come again, she will leave from Bua’s house, Dadi will manage home. She says if Nimmi made Nirmala much angry, will you manage her. He says yes, just pray Nimmi provokes her good. Nirmala says I will give answer to Ashok. Nimmi says what, they are three, Ashok does not regard you anything, he will not care if anything happens to you. Nirmala asks really. Nimmi gets dusting cloth and says he regards you less imp than this, I know you would be feeling bad, but I have all this myself. Nirmala cries. Nimmi says your sindoor has no value, remember this. Nirmala gets angry.

Chamanlal calls her and says sorry, I got angry on you, forgive me, I want to repent, will you meet me. She says yes, I was thinking will you talk to me or not, tell me where to come, I will just come. He says I wanted to give you surprise. She says wait for me, I m coming. Nimmi asks where are you going. Nirmala says I have work and leaves. Nimmi worries that plan can flop.

Lady asks Preeti to wash all the cooking utensils. She makes Preeti work a lot. She asks her to wash vegs again. Preeti gets again. Kaushalya asks Shanti to say something to Payal. Shanti says she gave us money, bear this silently. Shanti says yes, bear insult to save house. Shanti asks her to shut up and work.

Shivam gifts Nirmala a necklace. She gets glad and says we are friends. Riya looks on and smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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