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Mere Angne Mein 5th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pari acting to cry. Sonal comes and gives her water. She asks whats going on these days with our family, people are saying so much against. Pari says see whats happening with me, mummy locked me in room and made me leave job. Sonal asks her not to take tension. Shanti comes to Raghav and Kaushalya. She gives her jewelry to Raghav and asks him to sell it. He asks why. She says she has kept it to give granddaughters in marriage, but now she has to run Sarla’s home, she will not get any job in this age.

Raghav asks her to keep it, he will manage. Kaushalya says they won’t sell her jewelry. Raghav says no need to sell, we will give half house on rent. Shanti says we have bahu and daughters, we can’t give house on rent, Lord is testing us. She cries and asks how

will I manage two homes now, how will Sarla get her daughters married. Raghav asks her to calm down. He asks Shanti does he trust him. Shanti says yes.

Raghav asks her to not worry, he promises he will see Sarla’s childrens’ needs before his children’s needs, he will run Sarla’s home selflessly. Shanti says Kaushalya come here and hugs her. She blesses Kaushalya and Raghav. Shanti says when your dad died, I felt same fear today, you relieved me Raghav. Raghav says I m with you, don’t worry, be happy and hugs her. He says he will manage, its not a big problem. Kaushalya gives jewelry back to Shanti.

Amit asks Sarla where did she keep papers. Sarla says she has kept it here. Rani offers help to find what they are looking for and brings haldi milk for Amit. Sarla scolds Rani and sends her. Sarla and Amit get the papers. Amit gets glad and says he will give papers. Sarla says check it, I don’t trust Prabha. Rani worries. Sarla says she will come with Amit to see land and get its value known. Rani starts acting and talks on phone.

She says there is treasure hidden in that land, I m not interested, when Amit will not believe it, but Sarla is greedy. Sarla and Amit hear Rani and go back to room. Pari asks Sonal to give food and acts. Sujeev tells Mata ji that Pari is doing suicide. Mata ji asks him to let her die. Sujeev says fine, let her die. Mata ji says our plan will flop, we will raise curtains soon.

Preeti comes home and cries. Nimmi hugs her and asks what happened. Preeti says she met Mohit, but she is afraid to feel she broke mum and dad’s trust. Nimmi asks her not to cry and asks about Mohit. Preeti says he is very handsome and good. Preeti says something went wrong, as Shivam and Riya came there too. Nimmi says he changed, he did not take us there anytime. Preeti says I m tensed, what will I answer him. Shanti comes there and sees them. They get tensed. Shanti asks Preeti why did she get shocked. Kaushalya sees Preeti and says this is that same dress, I have seen a girl wearing such dress and going. Nimmi asks Kaushalya not to say. Shanti asks Nimmi to let Kaushalya say.

Shanti asks whats going on. Nimmi tries to manage the situation and asks Preeti to praise her design, by cutting Kaushalya’s sarees. Kaushalya asks what, when did Preeti come home and why did Nimmi not say. Nimmi lies to her. Kaushalya asks Preeti where was she going. Nimmi says Preeti went to show design to her friend. Preeti cries. Shanti asks her is she very unwell, keep the dress and wear on occasion. Shanti says she can catch their lies.

Amit and Sarla plan to get the treasure and make Sarla Sadan and Sarla Mall. They get excited and start dreaming. Sarla imagines Kaushalya and her daughters catching the gold coins thrown by Sarla. Sarla sits as the queen. Amit asks Sarla did she start dreaming. She says yes and smiles. Shivam and Riya come home.

Shanti talks to Riya and asks her to make tea for her. Riya goes. Preeti and Nimmi discuss about Raghav and Kaushalya’s 25th wedding anniversary plans. Nimmi says Shanti can’t see Sarla in trouble and will end her problems soon, Ashok will be very happy as Sarla will not taunt about canteen, Preeti says its big problem and not easy.

Nimmi says we have decided to send mum and dad on holiday, just then how to send them. Kaushalya tells Riya that she has kept tea ready and she will give them. Riya takes tea from her. Preeti hears radio and Mohit gives a message for Preeti. He plays a song for Preeti to get a call from her. Nimmi teases her. Kaushalya takes tea for Shivam. She tells him that Ashok’s canteen got shut. She tells him everything. He gets shocked and says no, Phupa ji can’t do this. She says even I feel same, but what to do, there was so much fight in Sarla’s home, Raghav and Ashok had a bad argument.

He says don’t worry, we will help Bua till canteen starts. She says I wanted to say this, if you and Riya can give your salary to Sarla. He says its all yours. She asks will he explain Riya. He says I will give my salary, I m sure Riya will give too, I will talk to her. She gets glad. She says I m proud of you and hugs him. He says he is going out for sometime, he will have tea later. He leaves.

Shivam tells Shanti he is going out. She asks him to go and have fun. She comes to Riya in kitchen, and asks what vegs she got today. Riya says I forgot, sorry. Shanti says how, this is not good, I should have told Shivam, I called you superwoman and can manage home and office. Riya says forgive me, this won’t happen again. Shanti goes annoyed. Riya says I forgot, next time I have to keep reminder.

Riya writes the resignation letter. Shivam comes. She asks him to check this letter, its her resignation letter. He gets shocked. He reads the letter. She asks what is he thinking. He says I don’t know what to say. She says yes, I don’t know its right or not to leave job. He asks her to decide. Nimmi calls him.

Shivam goes to Nimmi. Nimmi says she has booked Shimla’s package. He says don’t you think we are wasting money. She says you changed, its 25th anniversary of our parents, whats the problem. He says mum came to me and she was worried, I told her I will run Bua’s house with my salary. Nimmi says we have run her home even when canteen was there, the difference is Dadi used to hide and give money, and now she will give openly, when Riya’s salary comes, Dadi will give her salary to Sarla, if Bua is getting everything from this house, can’t we do this. He says we will send mum and dad later. She asks who will think about mummy. He says you have grown up and hugs her. Preeti looks on. He says I m proud of you. Preeti says me too and hugs Nimmi.

Shivam asks who will convince Shanti. Nimmi says its easy and smiles. Raghav gets a call and says I was thinking to take leave, I have some personal problems, is this necessary to go. The man says no, you have to go. Raghav asks Kaushalya to pack his clothes, special train started for pilgrims, he will be going for 15 days. He says he will meet Sarla once before going. She says fine, I will manage Sarla, but next week…. He asks what. She says nothing, leave it. He asks her to complete the matter, why is she troubling him. She says its our 25th wedding anniversary. He realizes it and says even I did not want to go out at this time, but its work. She says I understand.

He says I promised you to take you Shimla on 25th anniversary. She says we will go later. He says you have to be here to manage Shanti and Sarla. She says she will make his bag ready, they will go next time.

Shanti calls Sarla. She says she was worried for Sarla, how will her home run now. Sarla asks her to name Shanti Sadan on Sarla’s name. Shanti gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  6. I like this serial. The story has typical family situations which are common in most families. Mothers always feel envious of bahus when daughter/s is/are not doing well. I am excited about Preethi,s love story as Shivam/Riya is fading away. Superb acting by all. Kausi,s goodness overlaps stupidity and is annoying sometimes. Observe the way she hisses at her children. That indicates she is not very kind hearted. She gives into Shanthie as she knows she herself is not capable to handle the finances.

  7. I hope that Khusia will realise that she has also responsibility towards her children, not only her husband. So sad that the children has to give their money to their aunt. When will this serial improve? and how come that Amit is ignoring the beaufiful Rani.
    I like Namita, she is the only clever one. And why is Riya quietly accept dadi wishes? She is a educated girl. I can call her a stupid girl. you can handle this kind of matter with your brains Riya…. Please improve this show. I am fed of Sarla and dadi.

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