Mere Angne Mein 5th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Mere Angne Mein 5th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shanti blessing Preeti. They all have a talk about the marriage arrangements. Shanti argues with Raghav over Riya managing things. Riya goes to Shivam and finds him annoyed. Kaushalya asks Nimmi to design nice lahenga for Preeti. Nimmi asks Kaushalya not to scold her, she is working on Kaushalya’s lahenga as Raghav said. Raghav and Kaushalya get tensed, as Shanti looks at them. Raghav makes excuse and leaves. Nimmi goes to call Riya. Shanti asks the videographer to go out and take video.

Sarla sees the fruit baskets. Shanti smiles. Sarla asks her not to worry, everything will be good. Sarla says I will come along. Shanti says no need, you go. Shanti says I have backache by cold. Sarla goes.

Riya and Shivam are on the way. She apologizes to her a lot and

he stays annoyed. He scolds her. She starts crying and explains herself. Shivam forgives her seeing her crying and hugs her.

Pari asks a man who is he. The man says Sharmili ordered these items for marriage. Pari takes it. Sharmili says stop, its for my to be bahu, I m still here to receive the things. Pari gets angry.

Sarla sees the fruit baskets. She does not see Shanti around and fills back all the fruits, so that no scene is created. She goes from there. Shanti comes out thinking she will create a scene and blame Riya. She sees the fruit baskets and says Sarla cheated me.

Shanti talks to her husband’s pic and tells what Sarla did. Pari calls Shanti and talks to her. She says Sarla changed like weather, Sharmili is strict to me. Shanti says Sarla said Sharmili is very nice. Pari asks is any mother in law good. Shanti says I m good. Pari praises her a lot. Shanti says I will support you, don’t worry. Nimmi hears her and asks whom are you talking to, with your BF. Shanti asks what, are you not ashamed. Nimmi runs. Shanti tells Pari to trust her. Pari says I will do what you say. Shanti says she will create a scene, do anything with Riya, but this marriage should not break. Pari thinks I want to break this marriage. Riya asks Shivam not to be annoyed with her. He says I m just worried for Preeti’s marriage, I felt that situation in Sinha house is strange. she says yes, even Sharmili spoke strange, I m confused, are we sending Preeti to right house. He says but its late to think now. Riya says if Preeti has any problem, I will go there to help her. He smiles and says fine, my Jhansi ki rani, go and finish your shopping, till then I will make some calls.

Shanti is upset that she has cut her hair and gave all her powers and rule in the house. She says I want all my rule back. She tells her husband that I m not that bad, I rule here, there is nothing right and wrong here.

Sharmili shows the necklaces to Vyom. He likes it. Sharmili says we have to send this necklaces and bridal dress to Preeti. He says I m sure, Preeti will like all this. Pari looks on. Sharmili says Sujeev and I got this, did you talk to Preeti. Vyom blushes. Sharmili says talk to her, tell me, did you buy any gift for her. He says what will I give, you got all these things. She says what about your gift. He says yes, I should give some gift. She says take money, run and buy a nice gift. She sees Pari hiding and asks her to come inside and hear them. She shows Pari the gifts for Preeti, bought by Sujeev.

She tells Vyom that she will fulfill all desires in her marriage. She asks Pari to leave. Shanti asks Sarla are things ready. Kaushalya tells Renu about Shanti’s sanyaas. Renu says what puja and sanyaas, I m seeing Shanti is doing some planning. Kaushalya says no, come with me. Preeti sees Mohit’s missed calls and worried. She goes away and keeps her phone aside. Nandu sees her phone. Shanti asks everyone to come. They pose for pics. Nandu takes Preeti’s phone and goes. He calls Mohit and ends call.

Sharmili and Mama check the gifts. They get shocked seeing a black saree.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I hate nandu.he does not desrve can he become so cheap to get preeti’s love.

  2. I want mohit and preeti weeding.they are a nice pair. And please show riya’s chararcter strong.

  3. komal mallick

    Yaa..riya should be very strong..aur plz rohit and priti ki shadi hojye

  4. The story is going there is no hope for this Serial. It will soon be in DUMPs God help the story writer So! The present Track has no meaning. Sanyasin Shanthi and crook of a daughter plays all,the dirty trick and it is never noticed or under stood by none of the family including the the protoganist. Make Riya Smart intelligent who should be quick to grasp the dirty games played by the Mother and daughter and should counter their tricks in smart way and expose them in a subtle way. And must the rest of the family start supporting Riya and appreciate all her efforts.please change the present track which has no meaning and is why BARC rating is going down.Quick Wake Up do the damage control.

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