Mere Angne Mein 5th June 2016 Written Episode Update


Mere Angne Mein 5th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Riya saying I won’t let Chanda marry Shivam. Vyom holds Nimmi’s hand and Pari gets shocked. She asks Sharmili to see them holding hands. Vyom says we are going for dinner. Sharmili says so what, if they are holding hands, they are husband and wife, like Sujeev and you. Sharmili asks Vyom and Nimmi to go. Pari says I will go along Vyom. Sharmili says who will be with us, give us tea. Vyom and Mama leave. Mama asks Pari to get lassi. Pari gives tea and goes.

Shivam comes to his room and sees Sorry made by flowers. Kaushalya comes and asks whats all this. She asks him to promise to do whatever she says. He promises her that he will do whatever she tells him. Shanti sees Riya and says Kaushalya went to Shivam to tell him that Chanda agreed to marry him, now we will

get Shivam and Chanda married. Riya says sure, you will have another issue. She tells Chanda that there is big drama in every marriage here, you tell me if you don’t know to make issue, I will teach you, I will get a chance to dance. Shanti says yes, once Chanda’s grahpravesh happens, then you see. Riya turns and cries. Kaushalya asks Shivam to marry Chanda. He gets shocked.

He says you should have asked for my life, or anything else, I can’t give Riya’s place to anyone, I told you I will forget Riya but…. She says you promised me, you did not do any favor. He says I know Riya did mistakes, I will not see Riya and forget her, but… I can’t give Riya’s place to anyone else, I m sorry, I can’t fulfill your promise. She cries and says fine, do what you want, who am I, I m no one, you lied to me, you still love Riya, remember she ruined Nimmi and Preeti’s lives. She goes. He goes after her and asks her to listen.

Mama flirts with a girl. She says I m hungry, get some food. He says fine, I will get something, come with me. Nimmi asks Vyom did he forget the way, I m hungry, if you can’t take me for dinner, take me back home. He says I got you here for mummy’s sake, I m not taking you on dinner, have this air, don’t act like wife. He stops the car. A girl in another car greets him and asks did this girl stuck to you, I did not think you are big loser. He gets angry and drives.

The girl asks Mama for some drink. He asks her to have any drink or juice from fridge. She adds something in the juice glass. He thinks to confess love to her today. She asks him to drink the juice. Mama drinks the juice and gets dizzy. She thinks I will make him target and steal everything from this house today.

Riya and Chanda come to Shivam. Shanti and Preeti come too. Preeti asks what is this new drama. Shivam asks Preeti to just shut up. Kaushalya tells Shanti that I m going. Shanti asks what happened here. She goes to Kaushalya’s room and talks to her. Chanda asks what happened to her. Riya says Shivam…. Shivam asks her to be away.

Amit reaches home and is worried as the men were following him. Rani smiles seeing him and serves samosas to him. He gets angry seeing samosas, as the man sent goons after him because of samosas. He feeds samosa to Rani and scolds her. She smiles and takes milk for him. he says I will throw this on your face. She says no, this is for me, I made food for you. He asks her not to talk about samosas and serve food. She thinks I added bhabhuti in samosas. She adds bhabhuti in the food. Nirmala comes and collides with Rani. The food plate falls. Rani scolds her. Nirmala says I m sorry, I will clean this. Rani thinks Baba will not give me bhabhuti again.

Kaushalya cries. Shanti asks is she weak to leave home. Kaushalya says Shivam does not value me, he said he can’t give Riya’s place to anyone. Shanti asks Kaushalya to go, Shivam will know your value and then agree. Shivam asks Kaushalya where is she going. She says I called my brother, he will pick me. Nimmi feels hungry and does not get sleep. She goes to kitchen to get some food. The girl steals some things. Nimmi asks is anyone there. The girl tries to leave and runs away. Nimmi comes in kitchen and shouts seeing Mama unconscious. She runs out calling Vyom and Sharmili. Shivam tells Kaushalya that she will come along. She says no one will come with me. Nandu comes and asks where are you going. Shanti asks Nandu to drop Kaushalya to Allahabad. Shanti blesses Kaushalya. Kaushalya leaves. Shanti curses Riya. Shivam looks at Riya and goes.

Sharmili and Vyom get shocked seeing Mama. Sharmili asks what happened. Vyom checks Mama and says mummy, I think Mama is dead. Sharmili asks did you kill your Mama. Vyom and Nimmi get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. kaushalya is emotional blackmail shivam and I think shivam will agree so that his mother does not leave

  2. Hi everyone, do you guys know who plays Chanda and nandu. Thank you.

    1. Puja Sharma is playing Chanda and Dushyant Wagh as Nandu

    2. Nandu 3 idiots mein tha. Last episode mein

    3. I mean last scene mein

  3. This serial is nt going well… nothing interesting coming… pls give some important to main lead character riya…. nd shivam…. shivam is looking so dum… please give some interesting track

  4. kya chal kya raha he serial me,,, plz itna bi drama theek nhi he,, ghar ke bade sabki bhalai chahte he par idar to budiya sabki zindagi ke piche padi he.. its not at all interesting… aur sarla ke do gunday its so much irritating

  5. This show is getting unbearable earlier it was always fun to watch but now complete nuisance.

    Looks like these don’t have any story now.

  6. Mama mar gaya?

  7. Pervez ali khan

    The writter itself is confused. Riya return like a sherni but become a chuha. If all she was to obey then y she did not do earlier. A dumb character, riya n shivam. Pari the wicked loose nothung n is enjoying what she wanted. Height of stupediety. Make the fight a little balance. And dat old shivam ka papa, looks and behave as he is much older than shanti devi.

  8. No member in family gives value for riya her position is worst…over drama…not at all interesting….

  9. The lead role of riyal is now made pathetic.high time that story writer adds some power and twist in riya’s favour. It is becoming boring

  10. U right….Meenakshi

  11. Riya should get some importance atleast 10 % it’s high time

  12. Yeh..Riya looks lost and a fool ..and Kausylia blacking her own son..what crap.Shanti still wicked as ever.Whats up with mouthy Prity…dpeak the truth stop spoiling your brothers will suffer for this.Nimmi speak the truth..and save your brothers life..or are you too selfish.Sarla needs to be taught a lesson.Rani leave dummy Amit..useless.Shivam please stop blaming Riya and open your eyes and see what your wicked Dadi is upto..this seial is getting worse.Riya stop talking and get on with your work and win Shivam heart differnatly and not by talking snd arguing..just mind your own business and let Shivam find you..act smart not dummy wearing that attire…its crap…proves nothing.


    In One WORD We Can Say About Writer And DIRECTOR
    These People Are MOTHER f**kERS
    That is Why
    They Are Not Showing/Giving RESPECT to WOMEN.

  14. Is marriage a joke…?? Nimmi marriage was a non sensense. Then preeti marriage. How can they marry her to that stupid charater nandu that without his parents permission. The elders in this serials acts like they dont have brains.What kind of non sense is this… Does nt these actors feel shameful to cast in such a filthy serial? How can u people cast these kind of characters for money.What kindof of example they are putting forward to this society. Have some shame. Does the comments posted here reaches the MAM team.. My opinion is, this serial should be banned. This is full of negativity…I stopped watching it long back. But reads updates to know if there are any improvements. But its going worse everyday.

  15. If u guys really dislike the drama then y do u guys waste time writing loads to critisize the drama

  16. I think writter doesn’t want listen to viewers it craps serial everyday negative view nothing positive I don’t watch this serial any more full of dadi craps she us controling everyone as before dumb people riya came with bang and still crying no improvement of her boring listen to viewers do not bore us it with negative I done watching it

  17. this writer who created characters like shanti and sarla should be fired!…maybe everyone should stop watching this show, and write to the channel…

    no updates, no attention nothing…
    what a pathetic illegal thing and then women like shanti in real lives, or gaura from sns get their inspiration to do whatever they want…

    absolutely and I am surprised an educated woman like riya has not reported them to cops! aND WALKED OUT WITH HER SELF RESPECT, IF SHE HAS ANY …basically telling women to suffer in the so called name of “love”

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