Mere Angne Mein 5th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 5th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Amit coming home. Ashok laughs seeing him and taunts him that Rani left him. Amit says no, we will talk and end the matter, forgive me, I did mistake, I will get Rani back. Ashok says you are not my son, how will I get bahu then, you became Srivastav from Agarwal, Rani told me she got rid of you, you go from here, you were my son before, not now. Amit thinks Rani did bad with him. Prabha asks Rani why did she not marry Amit when he came to temple, did you marry Golu. Rani says no, I have my own wish, you should be proud of me that I left Amit. Prabha says so what, he is your husband. Rani says every girl has right to live her life, its not your times, I have right to stay here, I will stay here till I want. Prabha says fine, your senses have gone, you won’t be valued, remember,

you will regret a lot.

Ashok sees Amit and feels bad. He thinks to let Amit learn lesson so that he values people. Everyone tries to calm baby. Nimmi takes baby out. Golu sees Nimmi and smiles. Raghav comes out and sees Shanti. Shanti goes to her room and talks to her husband. She cries and says how shall I forgive Raghav, he has hurt my heart a lot. The baby keeps crying.

Amit comes to Golu’s house. He cries and hugs him. Golu says what happened, stay away. He asks Amit to just shut up. Amit asks his help. Golu gives him a drink. Amit says my life got ruined, I have no house, wife and father. Golu says its because of your own mistake. Raghav goes to Aarti and sees her sleeping. He wakes her up and asks did her motherly love die completely, is she not hearing the baby crying, go and put her in Ganga ji, there is no other way. Aarti turns away. He says I understood your decision, then what’s the use for the baby to stay here.

Amit asks Golu to unite him with Rani. Golu says fine, I will help, but leave now. Amit refuses to leave. Golu thinks what’s this problem, I had to go and meet Nimmi. He says my love story will be ruined. Amit says I will help. Golu says no need. Amit says I will do all your work. Golu asks him to leave his leg.

Nandu comes to meet Rani. He asks her why did she not marry Amit. Rani says I had to teach a lesson to Amit, he had to realize. Nandu asks why did you not tell Aarti and me. Rani says you would have not supported me then. Nandu says you took revenge from Amit, think what family is thinking about me and Aarti, its all your mistake, Shivam married Aarti, everyone got to know she is already married. He tells everything. She says I did not know this will happen, forgive me, I have lied to everyone, I wanted to get Amit come on right path. Nandu says you have hidden this and Aarti has hidden that she is a divorcee, you have put many relations on stake to save one relation, you did much wrong to use me. He goes. Rani thinks what did this happen.

Raghav takes baby and says I m taking her out. Kaushalya says no need. Raghav says I will leave her in Ganga ji. They get shocked. Kaushalya asks did he go mad and comes in the way. Raghav asks her to move. Shanti comes in his way and says I will break your head if you take my Raina anywhere. Aarti comes and takes baby. She consoles the baby. Everyone calms down. Raghav asks Kaushalya to serve food. Shanti says give food to everyone in plates. Aarti feeds baby. Raghav asks Kaushalya to serve food to Aarti. Kaushalya says I don’t regard her my bahu, none believes, don’t get my daughters in between, if you worry much, you make food for her and feed her. He says fine, she is just my bahu here. He asks Aarti to go and cook food for him, he will just have food made by her. They all get shocked. Kaushalya says you got blind. Raghav asks Aarti to go. Shanti sees Aarti. She asks Kaushalya to divide the kitchen, I regard Aarti as untouchable. Aarti cries.

Raghav says its bahu’s first rasoi today. Shanti says it won’t happen. Raghav says it will happen, stop me and show.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. This serial always abuse their daughter in law but their daughters deeds go unnoticed.. how cruel is this pari and preethi. They will have a realization in the final episode n will be forgive ASAP as well. Shitty serial

    1. happens everywhere in India unfortunately. They love their daughters but hate daughter-in-laws. Disgusting. I hope things will change.

  2. They were behaving same way to to aarthi.oly supporting their daughters.preethi s too bad showing lots of attitude.nandi should teach her a lesson at least now.but Rani should not say I left Amit again and again.dont show attitude.self respect and attitude are different things.

  3. Same BS. Before Riya was blamed for everything now Aarti is. Why can’t naagin Pari be punished?

  4. I feel something wrong with arti .. don’t know if her acting or expressions.. she doesn’t look beautiful…

  5. Please tell me wer us sarla

    1. Heard that she Left serial.

  6. I love this serial it’s the best and every serial teaches us something we just don’t realise but I do I wonder when is shivam coming back

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