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Mere Angne Mein 5th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Preeti recalling Shanti, Kaushalya, Shivam and everyone’s words. She cries and feels humiliated. She thinks of Lucky. Sujeev asks where is bad Pari and gets a gun. He throws the things around. Everyone get shocked. Sujeev runs after Vyom to beat him. Everyone run along with Vyom. Nimmi calls mental hospital. Sujeev breaks things in anger. He shouts…………

Nandu comes to office to meet Ramesh. Ramesh comes and asks Nandu did anything happen. Lucky says I gave my number, I did not get Preeti’s call, I m happy but I m scared too, I m glad that Preeti has good character, so she is not calling a stranger. Preeti calls him and he gets shocked. Ramesh asks what happened, is that Preeti’s call. Nandu says yes, maybe I was wrong about Preeti. He goes out and cries.

He controls his emotions and talks to her as Lucky.

She says I was coming to market, my dad has to buy a car, I wanted to meet you. He says fine, I will meet you, will your dad come along. She says I will talk to you first and then with dad. He says fine. Vyom tries to take gun from Sujeev and gets shot. Everyone get shocked seeing Vyom shot.

Riya calls Shivam and asks where are you, come soon and meet me in market. He says you were not answering my calls. She says sorry, I forgot to tell you, glass is found. He thanks her. She asks him to take her on date. He asks her to take permission from Shanti. She says think its done. She asks him to come soon. Kaushalya waits for Riya. Preeti tells Kaushalya that she is going to market. Kaushalya asks how. Preeti misbehaves and leaves. Nimmi and Sharmili hold Vyom and cry. Sujeev is in shock too. Nimmi holds Sujeev’s collar and asks what did you do. Sharmili asks the same. She says I should have killed you when your mad mother gave you to me, I will kill you now. She takes his gun. Nimmi stops Sharmili and slaps Sujeev asking why did you do this. Sujeev says beat me, I m bad, I shot Vyom. Hospital guys come to take Vyom to hospital.

Nandu as Lucky meets Preeti. He says we will first have golgappas and chaat, then we will talk about work. Preeti thinks I did not do right, I can’t do this with Nandu. She turns to go. Nandu stops her and asks her to have golgappas. She says I don’t want to know anything. The stall man says madam was waiting here from long time. She scolds him. Nandu asks her to have chaat and go. Shivam tells Riya that he got a chance to go on ride with her after a long time. She says I told Shanti that I will come home early, if she scolds me, I will say you took me for coffee. He says fine, tell her, is it crime to go out with wife. She says we will go. They smile. Preeti laughs on Lucky’s jokes. She sees Shivam and Riya going. Even Nandu sees them and hides. Preeti thinks if they saw me today, don’t know what would have happened, I should have not come here. Nandu says come, we will have tea. Preeti says no, I don’t wish to have tea. She murmurs I did big mistake by coming here, I should have not come. She leaves.

A man comes and says Shivam has sent me, this is your glass. Shanti laughs and tells Kaushalya that Shivam had the glass, he is helping Riya. Another man comes and gives a glass to Shanti, saying this is yours, Ashok has sent me, he said your glass went to your house. Shanti laughs and says Shivam made Ashok do this, he is Riya’s puppet, I got a glass set by this excuse. Kaushalya laughs. She says I will get food for you and goes. Shanti tells her husband that his glass is special.

Police comes to Sinha house. Vyom’s body is taken. Sharmili cries. Nimmi hugs her. Sharmili blames Nimmi for all this and asks her to leave from this house. She says you came here as my bahu, now my son is dead, leave now, else I will kill you. Inspector stops Sharmili and asks her not to take law in her hands. Sharmili says fine, I can’t shoot her, but I can drag her outside house. She pushes Nimmi out of the house. Sujeev looks on. Nimmi cries.

The food plate falls down Kaushalya’s hand. Shanti says its big abshagun. Kaushalya says I did not do this, it just fell. Shanti says fine, we will think positive and gets worried.

Nimmi sees a speeding car and walks infront of it. Nimmi cries and wants to die.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. OMG OMG OMG OMG IM REALLY SHOCKED!!! Vyom died!!! Really drama creates. Now Namita suicide!!!! Uhf ????

  2. Ek to is serial ka samaj nahi ata
    Galti kisi ki hoti hai aur sja kisi ko milti hai
    Nimmi ko kyu ghar se nikal diya

  3. Ab kya hoga nimmi ka she will die or alive

  4. Oh God..!! I had stopped watching this serial since 3/4 months. Always showing evil winning against good. Still I read d written updates once a month to chk its progress. N all d time I get disappointed.

  5. Hai frnds i am new here..

  6. Ab preeti banegi taani nandu banega raj..ab shuru hooghi rab ne banadi jodi part..2 ..shame on you cvs kya gatiya script liki hain.. vyom ku maar na hi tha tu nimmi ke saat shaadhi.kyun karayi app ke gatiya soch ke vaje se hi hum logo ne ye show chod dya kuch tu sharam khayi ye..sarla shanti.expose nahi hoye.phir bhi riya unne maaf kar dya ..kaisi bahuriya hain I hate u riya..

  7. Did the car ? hit nimmi???

  8. Oh my god… Vyom dead ?
    Very bad episode……

  9. i think that Vyom was not die its all plan of Vyom and Paree ‘s plan to ruin Nimmi’s life.

  10. pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee can we have SHIVIA’S sceans.

  11. hi frndz I m new hear.

  12. this is rubbish..Sinha family was part of this serial ..i have read that their track is going to end.How is it possible?They were entertaining.Vyom and Sujeev were also some gudlooking faces.I dont know whats wrong with this MAM team.Rubbish!!!!!

    1. its because sharmila(nilu kohli) wants to quit because she is not happy with her character portrayed she wants to give more screen play like shanti so she decide to quit so CVS decide to end sinha track as sujeev,sharmilla and vyom wants to quit but nimmi and pari will continue

  13. i liked the episode ……..i like shivam supporting riya…….they are the strength of the serial…….never apart them

  14. Sinha family’s track ended

  15. Suddenly why they have killed vyom and whole family got disturbed…now nimmi carries vyom child in her stomach lives as vidva. Uffff…I thot vyom will start loving nimmi..such a jovial character life changed in one shot. Writer of MAM is really psychic. Lot of negative and this blame will go to riya now.

  16. If Neeru Kohli wanted to quit they should have killed her character.

  17. Looks like Nimmi’s child will inherit the property. Sab golmaal hei. Sharmili ka husband nahi but living as married. Suspense of Sujeeve’s real mother in that secret room also not clear. This serial will end in a hurry I believe. Kuch to reason hei. Else Shanti accapting Riya is beyond imagination.

  18. Shruti Malik Arora

    Poor Nimmi is the ultimate sufferer. A very strange thing is that NImmi’s mother and dadi don’t bother about her. I mean they never call Nimmi almost no contact. Usually it does not happen…

  19. the writer is on the verge of collapse i think. he has been writing a terrible story since the beginning and is now messed up himself that he is not able to find a correct way of draggin the story.

    vyom died.. pari confesses her extra marital affair… preethi is in extramarital affair with her own husband…a copied storyline…sujeev has become a murderer…raghav is never to be seen in important times….no idea about how to bring romantic scenes between shivam and riya…sarla marrying off her own husband for money…amit and rani helping her…

    can a serial be more disgusting than this…. mentally sick team of writer director producer…

    1. Yes writer has messed up. Looking to connect loose ends and is again going out of the way. Looks like channel has given some warning to connect dots.


    HI JAZ Roz Noori etc
    Zabardast EPISODE tha.
    VYOM ke Saath Saath SUJEEV Sharmili Ko Bhi katham Kiye toh ACHCHA REHTA Tha.
    JAZ iss Site PE ACTIVE RAHO.
    Kuch Bhi Galat Baat KARNA HO TOH
    Idhar Baat karsakte

  21. I watch the serial only for shivam and Riya don’t want to see Riya in any problem now
    . I wish to see more of their romantic scenes . They are the strength of the serial keep them together.

  22. Pari revealed her truth to everyone Imean to sharmilli and to Nimmi and now she will have to reavel this truth to her parents and all of her family members . Preeti still is far more lucky than Nimmi because Nimmi has gone to such a family that everyone is troubling her and even Vyom . Preeti is living in peace but she doesn ‘ t realize the truth . At least Nandu loves her a lot and wants her welfare and good . Nimmi didn’t even get that in her luck . Preeti stop regereting on your luck you are in a good plzce and you only find negtivity in everytging . If you knew that how unfortunate is Nimmi then you at least had not wanted to be rich or like that . Grow up !!!!!!!!

  23. Not liking the story

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