Mere Angne Mein 5th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 5th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sarla changing her words seeing Raghav. He says she should keep her bahu as daughter, he is sure of this, he hates the people who have such mentality, a girl is leaving her family and coming to your family, its your duty to keep her with love and respect, like our mum did, our mum did not differentiate things between bahu and daughter, she loves them equal. Shanti says yes. Kaushalya looks at Raghav and smiles. Shanti says she can get old but her love will not go. Shivam, Preeti and Nimmi have a talk about Amit’s drama video. Nimmi says she has shocking news. She says she has seen Pari hugging a ghuy and shows the video.

Shivam smiles and says this is sensational news. They see the video. Shivam says Pari and the guy’s faces are not seen here. He says there is nothing

seen in this, Amit is doing drama, who is that girl he loves. Preeti says Dadi has seen her in marriage. She asks him to get his heroine too. They joke on him and laugh. He describes the girl he would like to marry, and recalls Riya. He says bold, beautiful, having self respect, who values love and not money, responsible, educated, she should drive scooty. They tease him seeing him smiling.

Shivam says I just said what was in my heart. Nimmi says she read love at first sight article, and she read rains comes in first meeting, how was his meeting with his problem maker girl. He recalls first meeting with Riya and water falling over them by the tank leakage. They tease him and laugh. He blushes. Kaushalya comes to Raghav. She gives him a chocolate. He asks the reason. She gets shy. He says he got something for her. He gives her a chocolate and she hugs him crying. He asks why is she shy.

She goes out being shy. He asks her to have dinner and come, they will eat the chocolate together. Shanti calls her and she leaves. Raghav smiles. Ashok asks Sarla about the girl and why is Amit dying to marry her. She asks him to be happy that Amit is marrying a good girl. He asks about the girl. She says she is Riya, and earns 15000rs. He asks is this marriage or business. She asks him to just bless their bahu. Sarla argues with him. Shivam tells his boss that he is coming. Raghav asks him to drop him. Shivam gets tensed and takes him. Shanti asks Kaushalya to just sing bhajan and not backbite about her.

Raghav asks Shivam till when will he not think of his future, he knows he wants to open sports academy, but they are middle class people and should dream according to their status. Shanti comes to meet Sarla. She says she wants to see Riya’s family once. Sarla says she was thinking the same and they laugh.

Shivam drops Raghav to railway station and Raghav asks him to take his career serious. Shivam nods and goes to get parcel. The man says parcel is not here. The boss calls Shivam and says presentation is preponed, and asks him to come soon. Shivam gets tensed. Sarla shows Riya’s big house to Shanti. Shanti asks the maid about Riya’s family and gets to know good things. Sarla says we will leave now and they leave.

Riya asks Anupam to have FD as investment is imp. Sahil teases Riya about being on phone a lot. Riya says there is nothing like that. Sarla comes home and calls Riya. She thinks did Nani refuse, I will take the call and see. Sahil asks Anupam to see this. Sarla says Shanti agreed and Riya gets glad. Sarla asks her to meet Shanti, she will do some respect of Nani by giving nek, and asks her to do some shopping. Riya says its fine, I was thinking to buy gift for Shanti. She asks what does Nani like.

Sarla says she likes necklace, give her a saree. Riya says fine. Sarla says how will you know which saree she likes, some to saree shop. Riya says fine, and asks her about others agreeing for this relation. Sarla asks who, oh I understand, you are asking about my son, he loves you, he does not show you. Riya says fine, I will just come. She turns and sees Sahil and Anupam. Riya does not tell Anupam. She calls Bunty and says aunty called her to meet and asks her to reach office with parcel.

Sarla and Amit reach in the market, and asks him to take her purse, so that she does acting and makes Riya pay. She sends him. Riya comes and Sarla takes her to saree shop. Amit comes and smiles. Riya asks what type of saree Nani likes. Sarla likes a saree for her too. Riya says she will buy this for her. Sarla says fine, and sees more saree for Shanti. Sarla asks Riya to wait, she will pay the money. She says oh, I forgot my purse, what did I do, I will come later and pay, keep sarees here. Riya says no, I have ATM card, I will pay, it does not matter you pay or I pay. Sarla says fine, but take money from me later.

Amit comes and acts, saying he will pay. Riya says its okay, I will pay. Bunty calls Riya. Riya says I m reaching there, you also come. Riya takes Sarla to drop her. Anupam sees Riya with Sarla and Amit, and gets puzzled. Shivam says he forgot the parcel. His boss scolds him. The client comes there and asks for the sample products. Shivam says I m sorry Sir, you can’t see it. The man asks how will this deal happen. Shivam says its my mistake, the parcel is missing. The client says he is so irresponsible. Shivam asks for one chance. The man leaves.

Sarla asks Riya to come. Riya gifts saree to Shanti. Shanti says she is lucky to get a mum in law like Sarla. Riya agrees. Shanti says she has forgotten what happened, and asks her to forget. Riya apologizes. She gets a call from office and says she will leave. Shanti asks where does she work. Riya says marketing company, they make soaps, detergents and home use things. Shanti asks her salary. Riya says 15000rs plus commission. Shanti asks just 15000? Riya says she joined new, its amount when she gets commission. She says her company asks her tpo give demo in area, Shivam and she used to give demo together.

Shanti asks what is she saying. Riya says Shivam works in my company. The boss scolds Shivam and asks him to type his resignation letter. Shanti asks is Shivam working. Riya says yes, our boss says he is good employee, we will get commission if his presentation goes well. She leaves saying she is getting late. Sarla says Shivam is working and did not tell. Shanti says Kaushalya is eating the commission, I will take it. Shivam says its not my mistake, I want a chance. The manager scolds him.

Prashant tells Riya that Shivam got fired. She gets shocked. Shivam tells at home that he had the job which he lost today.

Update Credit to: Amena

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