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Mere Angne Mein 5th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shanti and Sarla planning to kick out Riya. Riya plans a honeymoon. Bunty asks Riya to be careful, as Shanti looks dangerous. Riya laughs and gets back to work. Rani thinks to make food for Sarla. She sees flour ended and goes to take money from Sarla’s purse. Sarla catches her and scolds her for stealing money. She drags Rani and complains Prabha. She asks Prabha to take Rani back. Prabha defends Rani. Sarla argues. Sonal asks Sarla to leave Rani. Rani asks Sarla about stealing products Amit’s agency. She asks for double money, and scolds Sarla. Rani snatches the purse and it gets damaged. Sarla scolds her.

Sujeev wakes up and looks for Pari. He says she is getting mad these days. Pari comes and calls him naughty. He asks what happened, tell me. She gets shy

and goes.

Shanti calls Amit and asks him to help her. She asks him not to do anything wrong with Riya, she just wants Riya to leave from his house. Amit thinks he will get money from Shanti and asks her not to worry. Amit keeps some bottle and says I laid the trap, come Riya, I m waiting for you anxiously. You insulted me in marriage, I did not forget it till now, I will fulfill promise given to Sarla, you have to go out of Shanti Sadan, then I will make it Sarla Sadan, I m doing this for myself, not Shanti.

Sarla calls Pari and gives the good news, about Shanti accepting her. Pari asks whats good new for me in this, tell me, if I tell Sharmili that I m pregnant then… Sarla shouts what and asks are you pregnant, great, you made me happy, you did a right thing, once there is heir in that house, everyone will love you. Pari says there is nothing like that, don’t be happy, I m planning something, my beauties will spoil if I become mummies. Sarla asks Pari to give her some money to get blessings. Pari thinks to take Sarla’s help.

Ashok and Nirmala work at stall. He says there are less people here. She says don’t know. Rani comes and gives the bag to Ashok. She talks to Nirmala. She says I wish Ashok favors you. A man comes and asks them to shut this stall. Ashok asks why. The man says we are laying pipeline here, shut it for one day. Nirmala says it will be our big loss. The man says you can start stall tomorrow again. Rani gets thinking. She says I got an idea, I will tell some place where your business will run.

Shanti talks to Nimmi and taunts her for being so lazy. Nimmi gets annoyed as Shashikala is back. Shanti says I will manage kitchen if you don’t want to, guests are coming, I have to attend them. Shanti asks her to cook food. Amit calls Riya and asks for her help. She asks what happened. He says I did something wrong, I can’t run agency, help me. Riya says relax, I will come. Amit says it will be fun when Riya comes here and invite trouble. Riya tells Shivam about Amit’s confusion, he called me, I will go, will you pick me. Shivam says fine, but I m going to marriage bureau with Preeti’s pic, I will be late. She says come if you get free, else I will come myself.

Rani asks Ashok and Nirmala to keep the food stall in their locality, as there are many customers here. Ashok says if Sarla sees me, it will be big issue. Rani asks him not to be afraid, its matter of one day. Prabha comes and says she will eat snacks and take home too. Ashok asks her to eat unlimited. Prabha says its very tasty food made by Nirmala, you keep stall here every day. Sarla comes and gets angry. She pushes Prabha. Prabha coughs and asks for water. Sarla scolds her and takes money from here for snacks and water. Prabha says I will see you Sarla and goes.

Rani gets tensed and leaves. Sarla scolds Ashok and Nirmala. She takes the money from the box and asks them not to keep stall here again. Mohit’s mum asks him to have breakfast. He refuses. She says we will get a nice girl for you. Mohit gets angry and leaves. Nimmi comes to Preeti and asks why are you sitting sad, as if world ended. She asks her to get ready, bhajan mandali will come. Preeti says no, the ladies will gossip, I won’t come. Nimmi says I will see them, come. She asks why is Kaushalya happy that Sarla came back, she kept bhajan event for Sarla. Preeti says we have problems in our house, if Shanti is happy, house will be happy. Nimmi says but the problem is everyone get sad in making Shanti happy. She asks Nimmi to manage everything. Nimmi says you are strong, family is supporting you. Preeti says I know, I have to hold myself, give me some time.

Sarla gives some money to Bansi. Shanti calls Sarla and says its Bhajan mandali here today evening, don’t cook at home, you come here. Sarla laughs and is happy. Sarla says I was preparing for that work. Shanti says Amit is also doing something. Sarla says he is busy in his work. Shanti says fine, we have to do something to cut Riya’s free feathers. Sarla laughs and calls her clever. Sarla recalls Raghav’s words and says I will attack Riya that she can’t defend.

Mohit is drunk and comes to Shanti Sadan. Shanti, Preeti and Nimmi come there. Mohit asks whats the problem of this house, Preeti called me by random names on radio, she loved me, why did she do this. He shouts. Nandu comes and looks on. Shanti scolds Mohit. She asks Nandu to kick out Mohit, else I will kick out Nandu. Mohit says I love Preeti and I will take her. Nandu asks Mohit to leave silently. Shanti asks Nandu to beat Mohit. Mohit shouts beat me. Nandu beats Mohit. Mohit falls down. Preeti shouts Mohit ji…. Nandu takes Mohit away. Shanti asks Preeti to go inside. Preeti cries. Nimmi hugs her.

Riya comes to check the agency work. Amit stares at her and thinks its time to workout the plan. She says I have seen all the files, its all fine now. He asks her to have juice. She says I have to leave now. Amit asks her to check other files too, and makes her busy. He gets some chloroform in napkin. He thinks Riya will faint and will be shut here, people will talk about us then.

Kaushalya sings the bhajan with the ladies. Sarla asks Shanti not to take tension. Shivam asks the man to get good proposals for Preeti, even if its from another city. He leaves to pick Riya. Riya tells Amit that she checked all files. Amit thinks how to make Riya faint. Shanti asks Nimmi to call Riya. A lady falls down coming infront of Shivam’s bike. He apologizes to her and helps her. He gets late and leaves. Riya asks Amit to access files, she saved all. Nimmi calls Riya and asks her to come fast. Riya says I m coming. Amit goes and lowers the shop’s shutter. Shivam gets stuck in people’s fight on the road. Riya says Amit ji, I have to leave now, Dadi is waiting. He shows a file and says this is last one. He goes to her with the chloroform napkin…

Sarla tells Shanti that I will mix something in tea, and then tea what Riya does. Nimmi comes in kitchen… while Sarla is mixing something.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. In India there are many deaf people. They can’t hear the dialogs. So if you broadcast serials with english subtitles. The deaf people can also enjoy the serials. You already show serials with english subtitles in America and other countries.

  2. Stupid Shanthi,,,whats she upto…She’s hereself is trying to spoil her family’s name,,,can’t she see,,,Riya is a part of her family and defaming her will brig shame to her on family

  3. I don’t understand this drama at all, every time evil people win,even i Don’t know what they want to pass to us

  4. My god! Such cheap people. I hate Sarala, Shanti, Amit n Pari. I don’t see Shanti or Sarala is getting trouble. Always Kaushyalya, Riya, Preeti n Nimmi is getting trouble. This is not fair at all.

  5. Ye sereil meri family b dikhti hai..shanti ki dimag me sirf gandagi bhari padi sarla to lalchi hai.amit to ek num ka phatto hai..plz plz riya tum in sab ki watt lagao.thodi bht shivam ki b husband hai ya koi aur.

  6. Thoda to acha dikhao..pari to ek num ki besharam ladki hai.

  7. I just can’t understand what the producers, writers of this show wants to convey to the people watching this drama? The moral of the story so far is that if you do evil things, you always win!! Don’t do anything which can be morally justified! It’s good that by reading the updates on Telly Updates, I am saving my time watching this stupid show. Thanks for the updates.

  8. This could have been a point where amit was exposed but shivam is good for nothing.Morever preeti is not that innocent as she shows.riya should do something

  9. Nitya right ???????????????????????
    pls reply to nitya

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