Mere Angne Mein 5th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 5th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kaushalya asking Nimmi to go and get reports fast. Preeti goes to make tea. Sarla knocks the door. Rani shouts I m taking bath and asks Sarla to wait. Rani comes out and argues with Sarla. Amit asks them not to spoil his sleep. Sarla says get up. We have to meet the miraculous Baba, we will get blessings. Rani prays and hears them. She asks Amit to come, as she knows that he runs gambling in agency. Amit worries and agrees to go with Sarla. Rani asks Amit where is he going. Amit says for movie. Rani says I will get hot bathing water. Sarla says move, this is kept for me. Rani says Amit will fall ill, I will heat water again. Rani gives water to Amit. He holds Rani’s hand and looks at her.

Sarla comes and sees them having an eyelock. She asks Amit to go and take

bath. She asks Rani to take tea. Rani goes to make tea.

Preeti asks Kaushalya to trust her. She calls Nimmi and says she disconnected the call. Kaushalya goes to check at the door. Sarla dresses well and acts like she is very sadhvi type. Sarla tells Amit that Guru Maharaj will come here, and asks him to be at home and take blessings. He asks her to do puja, he has to go.

Kaushalya and Preeti go out, and see Nimmi coming. Nimmi signs them everything is fine. Kaushalya and Preeti get relieved. A man tells them that Maharaj chose their house to stay here for 3 days. Kaushalya thinks Maharaj came here and I got my tension away. Kaushalya, Nimmi and Preeti greet him. The man asks is this Shanti Devi’s house, where is she. Kaushalya says yes, she went to her brother’s house. Maharaj says its insult, I will not stay here, she invited me here and went. He says I will give curse now. Kaushalya stops him and says don’t curse us, we did not know our house name is chosen, Shanti went as her brother got heart attack, we will serve you best. The man says you are very lucky that Maharaj is going inside the house, you serve Maharaj till Shanti does not come, the girls can’t serve him. Kaushalya welcomes them. The man asks her does she use onion and garlic. She says yes, we use onion, it was cheaper, so we got many kgs. The man asks her to send onions. She says I will send it to my friend’s house and then get back when Maharaj goes, it will save money. The man says if you are thinking about money, then Maharaj will not come. Kaushalya says sorry, come. Maharaj says I will not come if onions and garlic are used here. Kaushalya goes inside home. The man says she did not say anything. Maharaj says now we can’t go inside house and not leave, so we will wait. Nimmi asks is this real Baba or fake. Preeti says don’t know, result came negative and Kaushalya’s tension ended, so he maybe real. Nimmi says but you did not do anything, so test will be negative, why to give him credit. Preeti says don’t know, we will help Maa.

The neighbors says Riya is very lucky, now I think they will get treasure also, Maharaj has come in this house. Kaushalya brings the onion bag out, and Nimmi helps it. the onions fall and Maharaj’s men move back, saying its big sin, move it fast. Kaushalya asks Nimmi not to help, they got good news that Preeti is pure like gangajal, I will face any problem to keep Maharaj here. Preeti asks Kaushalya now do you believe me. Kaushalya apologizes to her. The man says just Kaushalya can serve Maharaj, not anyone else. Nimmi says why not, if mummy has responsibility to serve Maharaj, its my responsibility to help my mother. Maharaj says I m very happy seeing your love for your mother, but you can’t help your mother. Kaushalya says she does not know all this, you can teach her. Kaushalya says this onion and garlic bag is huge, how to take this out, when Maharaj is standing there. The man says Maharaj will not move off way, you take this upstairs and then out of home, find solution yourself. Nimmi tells her plan. Kaushalya smiles and gives a white cloth to cover Maharaj. She takes the onion bag upstairs. Anupam says I m feeling bad, that I can’t help. Nimmi says you are ill, take rest. The people say its onion and garlic rain, pick it fast. The people pick onions and garlic.

Sarla asks Rani to get warm water, as she got leg sprain. She puts her foot and screams, saying its very hot water. Rani says its not hot, its warm. Sarla says I m delicate, I can’t bear this hot water, I m waiting for Guru Maharaj, don’t know where did he go. Prabha rings the soundbox, and tells Rani that she has a news, you will be shocked. She says Maharaj has gone to Shanti Sadan. Sarla gets shocked. Kaushalya cleans the house quickly. She asks the girls to chant mantras. The man says Maharaj is getting angry, can’t you do small work. Nimmi says she is doing all work alone. The man says you invited Guru, and has to do the works, nothing is got in world easily, If you are not hardworking, then why did you invite us. Kaushalya apologizes to him. She does all arrangements to welcome Maharaj. She gets showers and welcomes Maharaj ji inside Shanti Sadan. Maharaj walks inside and sits there.

Sarla says what, that Guru went to Shanti Sadan. She gets double sprain and asks Rani to give her support. The people come to meet Maharaj. The man asks Kaushalya to follow rituals/conditions in serving Maharaj, and now he is concentrating for one hour. He says Maharaj takes bath by well water, you have to get it. He says Maharaj does aarti with 51 coconut, and make rotis by grinding wheat, make Deepak, spices in curry should be milk, no one should cut Maharaj’s way, you all should obey this, Maharaj will do puja for 3 days, before ending the havan, Shanti Devi should be here, as she invited him, if she is not here, puja will be Khandit, Maharaj will be angry, do anything and call Shanti Devi here, Maharaj wears leaf garlands, it should be clean without any insects. Kaushalya says fine, I will obey all rules by devotion. Anupam coughs. Nimmi goes to give him water and medicines.

Sarla comes and does drama by shouting to welcome Maharaj. Maharaj is praying, and Sarla disturbs him. She man asks her to be silent and go. Sarla goes inside the room. Nimmi says I think Sarla will stay here too. Sarla gets shocked seeing Anupam in Shanti’s room. Anupam greets her. Sarla asks him to rest in Shanti’s room. He says I was unwell. She says I m hurt seeing you, I mean you are unwell, you are here in daughter’s inlaws. She says fine, Shanti is not here for 2-3 days, and Riya is ruling everywhere, you can rule in Shanti’s room, you know Riya has taken Shanti’s keys, swing and all accounts. She says Amma took sanyaas. Anupam worries and asks what are you saying, I don’t know all this.

The man asks Kaushalya to give Prasad to all the people as none should go without Prasad. Sarla shows money box to Anupam and says Riya makes everyone write the purpose, name and amount to keep accounts. He says Riya did not tell me. Nimmi comes to Sarla and asks her to talk to Maharaj, instead Anupam. Kaushalya asks people to calm down and not disturb Maharaj, I will tak you all for his darshan. Sarla runs to Maharaj ji and greets him. She tries getting Rudraksha and man stops her.

Sarla goes to find Rudraksh at night. Maharaj comes there and sees her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Is this maharaaj real or fake?kaushalya will have to do all work alone for these three days.lab reports came negative.nice episode.

  2. I think this maharaaj is fake.Nice episode.
    Guys can anyone tell me what is Rudraksh?

    1. rudraksh is a seed traditionally used for prayer beads in Hinduism..

  3. I think the fake priest is after the hidden treasure./gold

  4. happy result was negative. episode was nice.I think this babaji is fake.suna hai ki shanti ki jheet ki entry honewali hai uuske vaad preeti ki sadi vi hoga.Preeti weeding but with whom??? plzz don’t separate mohit &preeti.

  5. I think the maharaj is fake. All the things kushiya has to do on her own. What will happen when shanti comes?

  6. That sarla is tooooooooooo much.

  7. Rishel sid bieber

    I also think ki the maharaj is fake.. nd this epi is not so intresting…i think preety ki saadi biyom ke saath hogi…bt nw maharaj drma is boring aur wah sayad thief hain santi sadan ko lutne aya hain..

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