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Mere Angne Mein 5th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with some men coming to Shanti Sadan and inviting Shanti for a Sammelan. Shanti gets glad that men are not asking for any charity and says I will come. She talks to Kaushalya and Nimmi. She hears her phone ringing and rushes. Kaushalya sends Nimmi outside the kitchen window to give tiffin to Preeti. Shivam comes and asks Kaushalya to give him some money. He asks Nimmi what drama is she doing now. Nimmi says nothing. Kaushalya says I have her some work. She asks Nimmi to go, Shanti is coming. Shanti asks Kaushalya to make tea. Shivam asks for money. Shanti asks Shivam did Raghav get money sacks at home, why do you need money.

Shivam says I have to buy form. Shanti scolds him and says Nandu is better than you, you are enjoying on dad’s money, have some shame, try to get

some job, get some night job, like watchman job, you will get payment and then work hard for govt. Job. Shivam looks at Kaushalya. Shanti gives him 10rs. She insults Shivam. Shivam takes the note and gives to Kaushalya. Shanti says Raghav has burden on head, house is mortgaged and see his attitude.

Rani tells Amit that she will help him, but he has to give her true love like a husband. Amit agrees. Lallan stops Amit and says why are you going out alone, you are beautiful, if anyone teases you then… Amit says dont worry. Babloo says who will worry then, Lallan will go with you, you are my Mami ji, I will make Lallan ready. Lallan goes. Amit worries and asks Rani to manage it, I m going, I will love you. He hugs Rani and goes.

Nandu sees Preeti. Nimmi comes there and knocks door. Nandu makes Preeti quiet. Nimmi says there is lock here, I will call and see. She gets Preeti’s phone off. She calls Nandu and hears ring from home. She says maybe Nandu forgot phone at home. She goes. Nandu asks Preeti to stay as his wife, accept this relation with respect, I will open the door. She refuses. He says fine, then its my no also. He calls Nimmi and says I got Preeti outside with me, don’t call again and again, leave us alone. Nimmi says wow, great, I will not disturb you, give her much happiness that she forgets all of us. He says yes, surely, don’t worry. Preeti cries.

Lallan looks for Amita. Rani says Amita left as she was getting late. Babloo asks how did you let her go, you did not do this right. She lies to them about the market. They leave. Rani calls Amit to inform him. Amit is with his friend at the tea stall and talks to him. Lallan catches him there and gets angry. Amit gets shocked seeing Lallan. Amit pushes him and runs. Lallan runs after him. Rai comes to the stall and asks the man about Amit. The man says Lallan has run after Amit, what happened. Babloo says Mama has run after Papa.

Shivam is also in market and recalls Shanti’s words. His friend meets him and asks where is he these days. The lady taunts him and asks is he not working, we heard Riya is working, and your sister married without marriage. His friend asks his mum not to start it. He says even I heard this, I would have never bear all this. The lady insults Shivam and leaves with her son.

Sarla comes home and does not see Rani. She says where is Rani. She asks Pari to do manicure. She talks to Pari and says if I did get happiness, why will I let Preeti get happiness. Pari tells Sarla how she has made Preeti against her own family. Nimmi comes and hears them. Sarla says whatever happened with them was right. Pari agrees. Pari sees Nimmi and screams in shock. She shows Nimmi to Sarla. Nimmi cries and looks at them.

Amit tells the money one can earn by boxing. Shivam agrees to do boxing.

Update Credit to: Amena

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