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Mere Angne Mein 5th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raghav asking Kaushalya to sing bhajan and pray, Lord will accept her prayers and make Shanti fine. She cries and sings bhajan. The doctors treat Shanti at home. Mama brings Sunehri to the room and ties her with ropes. He gives her injection and make sher sleep. He locks the room. A wall drawing is shown where Sunehri and Sujeev’s image is made.

Sharmili comes to see Pari and asks how did she got free. Pari lies and asks her to forgive her. Sharmili forgives her. Pari thinks to go to Sujeev fast. Sujeev is angry on Pari. Pari sees him angry and leaves from there to avoid his madness. Amit gets a new work from his boss and tells him that he will come to him whenever boss calls him. Kaushalya signs bhajan. Raghav goes to see Shanti. Kaushalya cries and sings continuously.

Shanti gets conscious. Raghav asks Shanti what medicines she took. Shanti lies and says Riya gave me wrong combination. The doctor says I told you this. Raghav scolds Riya for doing such big mistake despite being educated. Riya says I did not do anything. He asks Riya not to talk to her. Shanti thinks this is just the start. Shivam goes to drop doctor.

Amit gets a call and then tells Sarla that he has to go, he will fulfill his promise, else Ashok is not of any use now. He leaves. Rani asks where did Amit go, I made hot rotis for him. Sarla argues. Rani says I will eat it. Sarla takes the hot rotis from her.

Shanti says I don’t care what medicines Riya gave. Riya says I remember well, I gave right medicines. Raghav scolds her and says I thought she is like our daughter, so I gave this responsible. He asks Preeti and Nimmi to count the tablets in every bottle. They count and find less tablets in wrong combination medicines.

Nimmi tells Preeti that Raghav did wrong to trust Riya, he should have told us. Raghav asks Shanti to sleep for some time. Shanti rests in his lap. Kaushalya cries and gets hurt by the door. Nimmi sees this and worries. Shanti smiles that she won. Pari goes to Sujeev and hugs him. She cries. He calms down and asks did anyone tell you anything. Sharmili hears them. Pari says someone kidnapped me. Sujeev asks what, who will kidnap you. Pari asks Sharmili to come inside. Sharmili says yes, but why did Pari go out at night. Pari says I went to pray for Sharmili’s long life.

Sujeev says you should have told someone. Pari says I took Sharmili’s permission, did she forget. Sharmili says I was on phone, maybe I forgot. Pari starts her drama and says Sujeev’s love saved her, and every goon knows Sharmili well, so they left me. Sujeev says you are mistaken, they would have taken some other name, I will call police. She says no, its Sharmili’s mistake, she would have told you. He hugs her. Sharmili says her innocence trapped me and so I agreed for your marriage. Pari asks for food. Sujeev asks Pari to go and have food. Pari asks Sujeev to come with her, as Sharmili does not let her ear well. Sharmili takes Pari with her and scolds her. Pari taunts her and laughs. Pari says he is fainting. Sujeev holds her and brings her to room. He asks her to rest and he will get food. Pari smiles.

Nimmi sees Kaushalya’s hand wounded and asks her to show her hand. Preeti says your hand got swollen by playing dhol for long. Shivam comes and Kaushalya asks about Dadi. Shivam says she is fine. Nimmi says Riya did big mistake, I did not see Raghav so angry before. Shivam asks them do they feel Riya is responsible for all this. Shivam says Riya can’t do this. Nimmi says I counted medicines, two doctors confirmed it, its good Raghav controlled, else Riya would have been out of this house. Kaushalya asks Shivam not to worry, everything will be fine. Shanti’s heart is big, she asked Raghav to forgive Riya. Shivam asks did dad forgive Riya or not. Kaushalya says he will forgive her soon, go and sit with Dadi. Nimmi says thank Lord Dadi got saved, else with whom would I fight, but you would have got peace if Dadi went. Kaushalya asks her to keep quiet and scolds her. Nimmi says sorry and goes.

Shivam goes to Shanti and asks how is she. She says I m fine, you all stopped me from going to Lord. He says he will take her to temple. She says she wants to go temple tomorrow and see Moghalsarai. She asks him to go and sleep. He leaves. She says she has done half bidaai of Riya today and will do complete bidaai soon.

Nimmi and Shivam take care of Kaushalya and apply ointment to her hands. Kaushalya happily cries and says you have grown up. Shivam asks Kaushalya to take rest now. She says she has to make kada and goes.

Riya cries and feels she is not suitable to live in this house. Shivam comes to the room. She tells him she did not do anything. He consoles her and asks her not to cry. He says maybe she did mistake. She says no, I m very sure. He hugs her and says Raghav reacted seeing Dadi’s state, we will go and explain Raghav, I m sure he will forgive you. She agrees. They go to Raghav.

Vyom is unable to sleep. Sarla wakes up and does not find Rani in balcony. She thinks where did Rani go. She gets angry seeing ….

Shivam asks Shanti to tell Raghav to forgive Riya. Shanta asks what will you do if this happened with Kaushalya. Shivam says the same as Raghav did.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. what happend to nimmi… she s also against riya… agree riya did mistake at first… because she didnt know abt ds family & dadis tricks… now she realised… even though nimmi knows all things she didnt support riya… very bad… this family dont deserve riya…. riya deserves better…. nimmi,preeti,shivam all r waste….

  2. Good keep going dadi..atleast this way riya can be out f shanti sadan might pain riya for one month but for whole life she can be happy out of shanti sadan..waiting to see more n more insults to Riya

    1. Totally agree with u. I prefer Riya to go away from such a family as all are living inside an out dated well. We who are living in the modern world find it difficult to accept such stupidity.

      1. kya baad hai. I like your comment.

  3. Shanti you are a wicked witch. Sarala and Pari are following the same root.

  4. Riya ne te soumets pas à cette famille de dingues. Pars et surtout ne te retourne pas

  5. Whatever happens next…Shivam should support Riya…Let Raghav learn from his son how to support wife if she is true

  6. Supidity is required to keep stories going. But now this is annoying. All family members know Shanti wanted Riya out of the house. Then why cant they at least suspect some conspiracy ?. This is the only drama I keep watching. Have given up other dramas after they reached an intolerable phase. Looks MAM is likely to go in the same direction. However good the acting and direction are, it is the way the story is told that counts. Viewer is made aware of all schemes. But not the characters. That makes the viewer angry to watch such stupidity. There is no reaction for what Sarala did during Riya’s wedding. All happily forgotten. When will India come out of old customs ?. Or is it India takes pride of such old customs ?. What is right and what is wrong ?.

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