Mere Angne Mein 5th August 2015 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 5th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sarla lying. Raghav makes Shivam apologize to Sarla. Kaushalya asks why did Shivam go without telling them and asks Nimmi to get first aid box. Raghav asks him to get TT injection tomorrow, else it will be trouble for infection. Kaushalya goes to get haldi milk and gives it. Shanti says she wants haldi milk too. Shivam says he will drink after changing clothes. Bua sees Bunty packing Riya’s clothes and asks her to put cheap sarees along costly sarees. She says she does not trust Shanti.

Anupam says did you see Raghav praising out arrangements. Kaushalya says she also knows groom’s Mama and Mami are good. She asks them to do as she says. Bunty tells Riya that if Bua has gun now, she would have shot Shanti. Riya smiles. Shivam thinks about Riya and sees the sky.

The sisters tease him. Kaushalya says she will also count starts with them. She tells about their childhood and makes Shivam rest in her lap.

She asks whats going on, where did he go. Shivam says he had work. The sisters ask what happened. He says nothing, I want whatever I see to get true. Kaushalya asks what does he mean. He says I mean nothing, I got hurt and mind is not working. Bua makes Riya’s bad sight off in morning. She says she will give Prasad when Riya’s bidaai is done, else Shanti will take revenge. Radha says groom’s family also sends gifts for bride’s family.

Riya says it was our mistake, we called them thief for a phone. She asks Bua if Shanti gives things by love its fine, they should not force them. Bua says Shanti is lucky to get Riya. She asks Radha to see arrangements and sends her. Sarla is tensed and says she will rest and not do anything now. Amit and Pari ask her to tell the plan. Sarla says they have to make sure that Shivam believes about Riya and her twin sister, they will use Sonal to tell Shivam and everyone, as they all believe her. They like the idea.

Raghav asks for tea and talks to a man for arrangements. Kaushalyas asks Renu about her mum’s health. She says Preeti and Nimmi did not come to help, if she calls Sonal, she will come. She calls Sonal. Sonal comes and Kaushalya asks her to give food to everyone. Sonal gives snacks to them. Sarla talks to Radha and says she will get clothes. Radha tells about Sahil, Bunty and her daughter… Priya’s clothes too. Sarla smiles hearing Priya’s name and thanks her for this favor. She sees Sonal and acts to make Sonal hear it. She says fine, I will send clothes for Riya’s twin sister Priya. Radha says Priya is Riya’s cousin. Radha and everyone tease Riya who is defending Sarla and take her.

Sarla starts crying. Amit and Pari ask what happened. Sarla says don’t tell anything to Shanti, and tells about Riya’s twin sister Priya, they have to send Nek to her. Sonal asks but Amit will marry Riya right. Pari says she is Priya, she look similar and we saw them talking. Sarla says if Shanti knows they are twin sisters, she won’t talk to me. She asks Sonal not to tell anyone and fool her. Anupam talks to pandit. Bua sees Bunty tying thread to Riya, and asks her is she Riya’s friend or enemy?

Bua asks Bunty not to let Shanti’s grandson win and they laugh. Riay asks Bua not to scold Bunty always. Bua asks hr to tie thread well. Bunty asks Bua about the enmity with Shanti. Bua says leave it, if they can’t open thread in 5mins, then control him all the life, we will see Shanti then. She asks Sahil to steal groom’s shoes. Bunty says Bua always scolds me. Riya says this is her love, your and Bua’s chemistry is mind blowing. Bunty says Bua is here till marriage, but I will be here forever.

Sonal comes to Shivam and says about confusion in marriage. He asks what. She asks does he know whom is Amit marrying. He says yes. She says, even I did not know, mum got call from Amit’s inlaws, to send clothes for bride’s sister. Shivam smiles. She asks what happened. He says I m fine. She says they look similar. He gets glad. He asks her to get food and is very happy. Sarla and Pari see him and smile, as they fooled him.

Nimmi asks Shivam to come fast as Dadi is calling. Shanti comes and takes them. The pandit does the rituals and asks Kaushalya to do the rituals. Amit sits under the cloth and Shivam comes there. He gets hurt and Kaushalya and Shivam also sit under the cloth. Nimmi applies haldi to Shivam. Sarla and Amit look on stunned, as Nimmi ties thread to Shivam. Shivam ties thread to Amit. Shanti taunts Renu. She a*s Shivam to tie more knots so that bride can’t open it soon. Shanti jokes and scares Amit. She says marriage won’t stop, see his face and laughs.
Raghav comes home and Pari sees him reading some news. She puts water on the paper. Preeti looks on. Pari takes the paper. Preeti sees Pari’s pic in it, and asks Pari. Pari denies and asks am I any heroine, that my pics comes, I think its you. Preeti says it was Pari’s pic and thinks. Shanti tells the ladies that Riya works with Shivam, she saved his job once. Nimmi hears this and is shocked.

Sarla says she will die and creates big drama. Shanti is shocked and asks what is she doing.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Babs

    Confusion overlimit- did Riya not publish her wedding card to whom she is getting married?
    Beginning I loved this film now Sarla Pari and their nonsense are making me lose patience- if the confusion is not cleared am swapping to another channel while this film is telecast!

    • No, they didn’t print any wedding cards because Sarla told them not to.. And it’s ok because in spoilers it said that in this week Shivam will marry Riya! Don’t swap to another show, we want high TRP ratings for this show to make it bestum best! If it gets good TRP rating them show up I’ll become even more better than it is now!

  2. Lokesh Jindal

    They are dragging it too much. I don’t understand why indian television series always go off track and assume audience to have a very low IQ.


  3. Lokesh Jindal

    This serial started out well but now like any other indian tele series they have made it stupid.

  4. Sonal kantela

    I liked the serial when it started. But now it’s become too boring. Simply dragging too much.

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