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Mere Angne Mein 5th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shanti asking Preeti to check the gifts. She says some people give little gifts and eat more sweets. She asks Preeti to be happy and always keep smiling. She says Preeti will get more beautiful after makeup. She goes asking her to see gifts. The parlor lady talks to Preeti. Preeti gets sad seeing a gift from Mohit, which Shanti has kept. Shanti tells Riya that she was finding her, just be with Preeti always. Riya goes to Preeti. Preeti sends the parlor girls outside for some time. Riya comes there. Preeti shows the gift and says Mohit has sent this. Shanti hears them.

Riya sees the gift and says don’t worry, Mohit will not come, he promised, maybe someone joked. Preeti says who will joke, if Vyom knows this, baraat will return. She asks Riya to do something. Riya

says I will see till chowk and goes.

Nandu cries and says what will I do in this house after Preeti’s marriage, I will also leave. Kaushalya asks Nandu to check water tanker. Sharmili tries to wake up Vyom. She says I know Pari has done this, and scolds her. Pari asks why do you doubt on me, relax, think how to wake up Vyom. She says we will give electric shock to Vyom. Sharmili scolds her.

Pari says groom can’t wake up, now baraat can’t go. Sharmili says Vyom will wake up, but how. Kaushalya and Renu do the cooking work. Kaushalya asks Rani to give snacks to everyone, I will get tea. Rani goes. Sarla talks to Lord and says I don’t want any hurdles in marriage, I don’t want Sarla Sadan to slip from my hands, I will do checking more.

Shanti goes to Preeti and says she wants a gift which came here by mistake. Preeti removes the chit. Shanti takes the box and asks for Parlor girls. She checks the gift and shows a toy for kids. She asks Preeti to get ready and goes. Preeti checks the note and worries.

Sharmili goes and gets a knife. She moves Pari away from Vyom and asks her not to get close to Vyom. Pari asks her will she make lemon water now. Sharmili cuts lemons and puts its juice in Vyom’s eyes. Vyom wakes up and says my eyes are burning, what was in this. Pari asks Vyom to sleep. Sharmili asks Vyom to wash eyes and takes him.

Shanti calls someone and asks the man to do his work, he is like Raghav for her. The man says I know you love me like you love Raghav, tell me. Shanti says I m troubled by Riya, her scooty is at chowk, hit the scooty and fight with her. He says if Riya does not argue then. Shanti says she always fights and asks him to be there.

Preeti calls Riya and says that gift was not of Mohit, come back soon, there are rituals where you need to be there. Riya says you got scared and I have come here, fine I will come. Pari spoils makeup and Sharmili catches her. She asks what is she doing, whats in her hands. Pari throws the makeup item and argues. Vyom asks for towel. Pari says I will give. Sharmili stops Pari and says he is telling me.

Sarla gets ready and comes to Shanti. She says I know you did not do anything in marriage, give me chandrahaar soon. Shanti says you are after chandrahaar. Sarla says I want it, else I can lose it. Shanti says later, I have imp work now. She calls out Kaushalya. Sarla insists. Shanti says let this ritual end first. Nandu tells her that he has done all arrangements.

Raghav sees Kaushalya wearing the lahenge and compliments her. He talks romantic and she smiles. He says you always wanted to get ready this way, I also wanted to see you this way, why did you not fix gajra. She says I was waiting for you. Shanti calls out and asks Kaushalya to come out, does she want Raghav to come on horse as groom. Raghav says Amma’s timing is always wrong, why should I be ashamed. Shanti comes and asks Kaushalya to come, call Riya for ritual. Raghav says there is still time for rituals. Shanti says then you both sleep, I will lock the room. Raghav says what are you saying. Shanti asks Kaushalya to come fast. Sarla asks for her nek, I want my chandrahaar. Shanti asks Sarla are you not worried for Preeti’s marriage. Kaushalya says sorry, I forgot in all the work. Sarla thinks Kaushalya does not want to give Chandrahaar. Shanti asks her to get Preeti and sends her. He asks Raghav to send his wife, as its his daughter’s marriage. She goes. Raghav says Amma is always after us, she always comes on wrong time. He compliments Kaushalya and goes. Kaushalya laughs.

The man hits Riya’s scooty and gets into a fight with her. She says its your mistake, you came wrong way and argues. Shanti tells her husband that I m wearing this dull clothes, bless me. The garland fall over her head. She dances and says when everyone knows Riya is not here, it will be good, I will get colors again, I will sit on swing and make my hair pleats. She smiles.

Shanti shows Riya and Mohit’s video to everyone and says I just wanted to show this, don’t know how did this come. They all get shocked. Shanti scolds Riya.

Update Credit to: Amena

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