Mere Angne Mein 4th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 4th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shivam calling boss and asking him to give 2 days leave. His boss asks why did he lie that its his brother’s marriage. Shivam says no, its long story. The boss agrees to give him 2 day leave. Shivam says he is talking from his sister’s number, and scolds Nimmi. The boss thinks Shivam is calling him mad, and gets angry. Shivam says its confusion, I will meet and talk. Riya says Dadi is calling her. Sarla asks Shanti for money.

Riya talks to Nimmi. Shivam asks Nimmi not to scare her of Dadi. Shanti calls Riya downstairs. Nimmi takes Riya. Shivam says she is burning my love story. Kaushalya waits there. Shanti praises Rani. Anupam calls Shanti. Shanti says Riya is missing her dad a lot, and wants to go there. Anupam says fine, I will come. Shanti says I m joking

and laughs. Shanti asks Riya to talk to her dad, he is worried. Amit stares at Riya.

The pandit tells the pagphere ritual to be done today, so she can come back in few days, else there is no mahurat till one month. Shanti asks how can she send Riya today. Shivam worries. Riya tells Anupam that she is fine here. Rani sees Amit staring at Riya and comes in between. Rani asks why is he worried, she wants to lessen his pain. He asks her to get away and die. She says she wants to live as she married him, she loves him. He says he does not love her and scolds her. Sarla calls Rani shameless. Rani says I m talking to my husband. Sarla asks Amit to wait, she will ask money from mum. Shanti tells Anupam to come today and take Riya to his home for pagphere for 4 days. She says mahurat is for 2 hours now and asks him to come soon with all arrangements. Anupam tells this to Bua. Bua says Shanti will plan something. Anupam says pandit gave the mahurat, how to do arrangements so soon. He calls Sahil and asks him to come home fast.

Sarla says she will go, she will not see Anupam. Amit thinks he can’t go without money, as goons are outside. He says he will sit in room and asks Shanti not to give him lecture. Shanti gets stunned. Amit says I meant to say I m waiting because of you, I don’t want to meet Riya’s dad. Sarla says even I will sit with Amit. Shanti asks her to sit, then she will give her money by telling Raghav, after sending Riya. Sarla says Raghav will get worried.

Shivam talks to Riya and is annoyed as she is leaving. Nimmi and Preeti say they will talk to Shivam. Amit is annoyed with Sarla and asks her to do something fast. Shanti gives dakshina to pandit and he leaves. She asks Riya to get ready to leave. Riya and Shivam look at each other. Kaushalya sees their eyelock and smiles. She teases Shivam and says its matter of 4 days, I came after 1 year after my pagphere. Shanti says Shivam your Dada got me home after 5 years. Shivam says he is not sad.

Bua and Suman have a fight in the kitchen. Anupam gets angry seeing them and leaves to bring Riya home. Riya packs her bag and Rani helps her. Rani asks Riya to say if she wants to stay here, then she will do anything and stop her. Riya gets glad and then says its fine, she will go and come. Kaushalya comes to Riya and says she will send Shivam to bring her back. Riya says she does not feel to go, she will miss them a lot, they all love her so much. She asks Kaushalya why does Dadi scold her always, does she talk to you like this. Kaushalya says yes, she scolds me as she is my Guru, she has taught me to manage home. She says Shanti taught her everything, and I don’t take her words as scoldings, I see her love and get glad, where there is no scolding, there is no love.

She says don’t reply anyone on scolding or stopping you on something. Riya says Shanti is like Dadi Bua. Kaushalya asks her will she have anything. Riya says no. Kaushalya asks her to come downstairs. Anupam gets ready to leave. Bua says she will come along with him. He says the condition, that Bua won’t argue with Shanti. Bua agrees and asks him not to worry. He says fine, come.

She says we will wait till Bunty and Sahil come. Sahil and Bunty bring the sweets for Riya’s inlaws. Sahil says he got late by Suman and Bua’s fight. Bua cries and asks Sahil to tell his mum Suman to be afraid of her stick. Sahil says I will tell mum, and keeps her stick. Anupam and Bua leave. Kaushalya gets sad recalling Shivam and Riya wishing to be together. She asks Nimmi to take Shivam and make him talk to Riya for sometime. Nimmi asks how will I go, Shanti will see her. Kaushalya sends her. Nimmi gets courageous and says she will go and make Shivam meet Riya.

Shivam sits sad. Nimmi comes to him and asks him to check her room’s tubelight. He says fine, come. They leave. Sarla asks Shanti to see the acting, this will be Kaushalya’s idea to make Shivam and Riya spend time, Shanti says she will see Kaushalya. Shivam thanks Nimmi knowing Kaushalya has sent her to make him and Riya meet. Shivam goes to meet Riya. He asks does she really want to go or not. He says you were marrying Amit and we got married. She says Shivam…. And looks at him. They have a talk. Raghav comes home. Sarla asks Shanti to tell him about money. Shanti says he just came, wait. Raghav tells Kaushalya that he told his friend’s son to decorate the room. She says Anupam is coming to take Riya for pagphere. Sarla tells Shanti that Kaushalya did a black magic on Raghav and calls his name in low tone, saying he will not hear it, and asks Shanti to take his name and see. Shanti calls out Raghav slowly and says maybe he is not listening as he is far. Raghav says he will talk to Anupam. Sarla fills Shanti’s ears against Raghav.

Kaushalya scolds Anupam. Riya and Shivam look on shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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