Mere Angne Mein 4th October 2015 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 4th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nimmi and Preeti talking about Kaushalya who would be bearing Shanti all her life. They wonder why did Riya not come till now. Riya is at her home and talks to Anupam. He suddenly gets chest pain and they all get worried. He says he is unable to breath. Riya makes him drink water and asks how did he forget to take medicines. They all care for him. Anupam asks Riya to go to her inlaws. Sarla makes Rani massage her legs and taunts her. She asks why did try to scare her. Rani argues. Sarla says she will tell Amit. Rani says don’t tell him. Sarla agress. Rani says I m proud of you cleverness. The doctor checks Anupam and says no need to worry, he is fine.

Riya asks Anupam to take care. He asks her to go. Riya refuses. Suman says you go home, else it will be a drama

there, we are here to manage everything. Anupam says call them that you will be late. Riya says no one is taking call there and calls Shivam. She says even he is not taking call and asks Riya to drop her. Sahil says tyre is punctured and he will get taxi. Shanti recalls Sarla’s words. They all wait for Riya.

Shanti refuses to light diya today and is angry. Kaushalya says I will light diya like every day. Shanti asks Nimmi to go, as she does not need them. Nimmi says mummy will need us and asks Shanti about her bet with Sarla. Shanti says its between us and pulls her cheek. Nimmi and Preeti think Riya will not come on time and Kaushalya will be scolded. Amit plays cards with his friends in the bar and see Ashok. Ashok says they are not going right and the man argues with him. Ashok throws their carom and say he will not get tea. The man holds his collar and scolds him. Ashok’s staff asks Amit how can he see this. Amit says don’t tell me, explain Ashok to run his canteen.

Amit says I will run canteen well. His friends say yes, Amit is rich and has rich father. Ashok asks who and scolds him. Amit asks him to go. Riya and Sahil try to get rickshaw and she could not connect to Shivam. She types message for Shivam and gets Anupam’s call. She gets rickshaw and leaves, asking Sahil to take care of Anupam. Shivam gets Riya’s missed call and can’t connect to her. Pari goes to meet Vyom.

She tells Vyom that her dad has seen their pic in newspaper. He says he will always be with her and will marry her. Shanti tells Kaushalya to explain Riya, to light diya on time, be like they want and also give her salary to Shanti. Kaushalya asks how can I tell her. Shanti asks her to tell Shivam and brainwashes her asking her to have right on Riya’s salary, treating her like daughter. Kaushalya says fine, I will tell Riya. Shanti asks her to light diya and not wait for Riya. She asks her to control Riya and be like a saas. Kaushalya stands with head high like saas and Shanti teaches her saas attitude. Kaushalya says she got one thing to learn from Shanti daily. She leaves. Shanti laughs and says she got a good bahu.

Mama ji sees the jewelry and shows Mata ji the chadava they got. They start arguing over the cash and jewelry. She says she is worried, as Sujeet has given all silver coins to Bhajan Mandli. She asks where is the silver coins bag and scolds Mama ji. She gets the coins from him. Riya is on the way and the rickshaw stops. She says she has to reach home soon. Mama ji goes to Prakash and says you will get money soon. Prakash asks Mama ji to give money. Mama ji gives some money and the man throws at him. They both have a big fight and hold each other’s collar. Mata ji comes and scolds them. Mata ji emotionally blackmails Prakash and he gives her some money. She asks him to take rest at home and fools him by her tears. Prakash says I will come tomorrow and leaves.

Mata ji scolds Mama ji for his foolishness. She asks him to learn from her how to earn money. Sarla sees Rani in kitchen and sees the jewelry. Rani comes there and Sarla sits on the jewelry to hide it. Sarla asks her to cook food for Amit and sends her. Rani comes out and goes. Sarla says why did Rani become my bahu, she is always here. Kaushalya is preparing to light diya. Shivam comes home. Kaushalya asks about Riya.

Shivam asks did she not come till now. Kaushalya says you both work together. Shanti hears them. Shivam tells Kaushalya that Riya has gone to meet her dad. Shanti says we were waiting and worried for her. She says Kaushalya did not go out without asking me, and see Riya. Shivam goes. Riya gets stuck in traffic and pays fare. She runs towards home. Kaushalya lights the diya. Shanti looks on. Riya comes there and holds the diya. Kaushalya moves her hand.

Kaushalya tells Shivam about Riya not able to adjust with them, its not easy for her. Riya hears this and cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. this program is made for people with low intelligence and morons like kaushalia ,sarla and shanti

  2. I may be someone with low intelligence because I like this drama more than some of the other Hindi dramas shown at present.

  3. I don’t think it’s right for kaushilya to treat her daughter in law like that , give Riya time to adjust to the family. And to stop listening to shanti who is full of bitterness and very hateful . That also apply for sarla, she is even more annoying than anybody.. I’ve stopped watching the shows.

  4. Is Kaushalya born Dumb or bear everything order not to disrespect her mother in law!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. oh god. this serial is so filled up with negative thoughts only. shanthi and sarla. sarla and rani. pari and vyom. cheap and cunning behaviour of shanthi and pari. amit. kaushalya’s cowardness… raghav’s blind love for his mother. shanthi sarla rani pari amit… everybody conspiring against everybody else and still shameless facing each other…… oh god. this is just disgusting to the chore

    readin the written updates itself has given me terrible headache. what the hell the writers are thinking to portray about women. isnt there anything good in the world or in mughalsarai

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