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Mere Angne Mein 4th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nirmala getting angry and calling Chamanlal. The call does not connect. Pari argues with her and defends Sarla. Sarla comes and scolds Nirmala. Nirmala tells Sarla that she will get Ashok arrested for second marriage. Sarla tells Nirmala that she got real papers from court and asks Nirmala to leave. She says I will give good news to Amma, and asks Pari to come. Ashok gets glad. Nirmala stares at him and gets angry. Ashok goes and calls Riya. Shivam buys vegs. Riya answers call. Ashok says I took stay on divorce, just hurry up, there is Mahabharat between Sarla and Nirmala. Riya says its good thing, I m getting ahead with planning, don’t worry. He says Sarla can do anything, can you meet me. She says fine, I will call you back and tell you.

Shivam asks what did

he say. She tells everything. He says if Sarla does anything, our plan will fail. Riya says it means we have to think well, and make Nirmala leave house. He says if Bua got stay, she can make Nirmala leave, why to trap Ashok then. She says yes, what to do no. She smiles and says we will send Nirmala to Chummi. He says you told me that she will call me, I should not look desperate. Riya says yes, we need someone else to make Nirmala against Ashok, so that she can come close to Chummi.

Amit and Rani are on the way. Amit talks to his friends, and Rani gets sacred hearing their dangerous conversation. She goes with him, as they both are handcuffed. Amit scares her. Shivam and Riya come home with the vegs sack. Nimmi looks on. Riya says Nimmi can help us.

Nimmi asks Riya what was she telling Shivam. Riya asks her to calm down and listen. She says I need your help in provoking Nirmala and making her out of Sarla’s life. Nimmi says this idea is super flop, why will I do this work, what will I get. Riya says nothing, Sarla’s problem will solve, understand this. Nimmi says fine, I will help, but I have a condition. Riya asks what.

Nimmi says you will tell Shanti that you lost in heirship challenge, will you do this, then I will help you. Riya says fine. I don’t want your help. Nimmi says great, you want swing, give something to get help. Riya says its not about swing, its about Sarla’s life, its in danger. Nimmi says so I told you to take my help and forget the swing. Riya says fine, keep the swing, for me Sarla’s life is important, you take swing, but help me. Nimmi says you are making me villain, don’t get senti, I will help you, share it with me. Riya says I promise, we will share swing, we will not tell Sarla. Sarla and Pari come home. Sarla asks what are you two talking about me. Nimmi says nothing. Sarla says I heard you saying this.

Riya and Nimmi do not say and leave. Sarla asks Pari to find out what is happening. Preeti calls Lucky. Nandu attends the call. She apologizes to him. He says I got gift for you, you did not come to meet me. She says I was helpless, meet me once. Shanti hears Preeti and asks her whom is she calling to meet. Preeti gets tensed. She lies that she called Pari to meet. Pari comes there. Preeti gets shocked. Shanti sees Pari and says you came so fast, Preeti just called you. Pari says Preeti did not call me. Preeti says yes, and signs Pari. Pari says oh yes, I forgot. Shanti looks at both of them. Pari says I m in thoughts since my husband left, I don’t remember what Preeti told me. Shanti asks when did Preeti call. Preeti signs her. Pari says one hour ago. Shanti says Preeti just called. Pari says one min back, I forgot. Shanti goes.

Pari asks Preeti what was she doing. Preeti says you were spoiling things. Pari says I saved you. Riya tells Kaushalya that she has to go out and will come in some time. Sarla asks Kaushalya not to become vamp, let Riya go, I will help you. She asks Riya to go. Kaushalya asks Riya to come fast, there is much work to fulfill order. Riya goes. Sarla says we have to agree to bahu, tell me what work to do. Kaushalya says no, I will manage. Sarla goes and sees the plants. She holds plant to remove it from pot. Shanti comes and calls out Sarla. Sarla gets tensed.

Riya is on the way and talks to a lady. Kaushalya is given phone to answer Riya’s call.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Don’t understand precap. I hope Riya’s plan succeeds with pari finding out.

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