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Mere Angne Mein 4th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kaushalya scolding Nimmi. She says marriage happens on trust, I m sure Vyom is good, change now, your number is good, why did you spy there. Shivam comes and asks what happened. Kaushalya says Nimmi is saying what happened there. Shivam says Pari was behaving strange, but Preeti is getting married there, not Nimmi. Nimmi gets sad and thinks no one can see anything.

Its morning, Shanti asks Raghav to get sweets. Raghav says sweets have come. She tells them to handover all sweets to Sharmili, not anyone else. Raghav says they are not small kids, they know the work. Nandu looks on and gets sad. He says don’t know whats written in my fate. Rani says I will check once. Sarla agrees and says I will check and wrap again. Shanti scolds her and says wrapping paper will get


Shanti asks Sarla about her jewelry. She checks it. Sarla lies that its artificial one. Rani says its really beautiful. Sarla says it costs around 150rs. Rani says I m ready to pay 300rs, give this to me. Sarla worries and argues with Rani. Rani recalls Sharmili gifted jewelry to Sarla and tells Shanti that Sharmili has given this necklace to Sarla. Shanti looks at Sarla. Rani says this is gold necklace. Sarla says Rani is lying as I m not giving this necklace to her. Shanti asks Sarla why did Sharmili come there. Sarla says Sharmili came to thank me that I got Preeti’s proposal for Vyom. Shanti asks is there anything else. Sarla says don’t doubt on me now and starts crying that everyone misunderstands me. Raghav asks Sarla not to cry. Shanti says she does drama, I will see her. She goes to Sarla and asks her to just say truth. She says don’t swear wrong or lie to me, else I will haunt you. Sarla gets tensed and agrees to tell her.

Sarla tells Shanti that Sharmili said there should be no hurdle in the marriage. Shanti says hurdles will come, I will create hurdles to kick out Riya, how will you stop me, tell me. Sarla asks her to stop till marriage and not come between her promise to Sharmili. Shanty says I can’t wait, I will not get this chance again after marriage. When I will go out in this state in marriage, everyone will laugh on me, did you think I will be in sanyaasi clothes in marriage video. Sarla asks don’t you worry about me, my fate is so bad. Shanti looks at her drama. They go out. Shanti asks Raghav to keep money in shagun plate. Raghav says no, it will look dowry. Shanti says you have to keep it. Sharmili calls and asks Riya to make him talk to Raghav. Riya tells Raghav about Sharmili’s call. Riya tells Sharmili that arrangements are being done well. Sharmili says I told Shivam that Vyom got his designer suit, you keep 30000rs for Vyom’s clothes. Riya agrees. Shanti and Sarla see the fruit trays. Shanti asks Sarla to come, to hide half of the fruits. Shanti and Sarla hide some fruits in big vessels in the kitchen.

They quickly hide and talk. Sarla says Sharmili will taunt Pari, we should end this here. Shanti asks her not to worry, Riya will be affected, see how I taunt Riya now. Sharmili asks Riya to keep suit money with tilak money, its fine if you don’t want to give, I don’t want money, its just to show relatives. Sharmili says I m busy and ends call. Raghav asks what did Sharmili say. Riya says Sharmili asked for Sujeev and Vyom’s clothes money along with tilak. Raghav says I don’t like this. Riya says its dowry. Raghav says yes, its straightly dowry. Shanti asks Nimmi to call Sharmili, we will say Riya and Raghav dislike dowry, just take Preeti or leave her. Raghav asks why this drama. Shanti says no, I m taking your side. Raghav asks her to stop. Shanti scolds him and says Preeti lost her name, we should agree to Sharmili always happily.

Sarla fills the fruits back so that nothing happens. Shanti thinks to check her planning against Riya. She gets shocked seeing the fruits baskets full.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Kool…. How long this marriage drama will go ? N nandu my god. He is still there. Kahin preeti ki shaadi na karvadhe.!!!

  2. Nice episode.

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