Mere Angne Mein 4th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 4th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pari provoking Kaushalya by her nonsense. She says Aarti will be dominating this house, she got Shivam, Raghav took a stand for her, what will happen of you and Shanti, we have to stay united. Raghav comes to his room and recalls what all happened. He cries and apologizes to Shanti’s pic. He says I went against you, I feel so small.

Nandu gets Preeti home. Kaushalya asks what happened. Preeti hugs her and cries. Nandu says I decided Preeti will stay here in Shanti Sadan. They all get shocked. Kaushalya asks why are you saying this, what happened. He says ask her what she did, its tough for us to be together, I will go. Shanti says no need. Kaushalya asks what did Preeti do. Preeti says I told something against Charni, he dragged me here. Pari says Charni knows black

magic. He asks her to stop nonsense, my mind won’t change, Preeti will stay here, this is final.

Shanti says you wanted to marry Preeti, did we give her for this day, take her back home. He says sorry, I won’t do this. She asks why. He says till she changes her thinking, she won’t stay with me. Shanti asks him not to shout in her house, how can you leave Preeti for someone else, you showed your status, you earned some money and got much courage, remember one thing, status earned by money has short life, leave, Preeti will stay with us, she is not a burden on us. Kaushalya says no, what will people say. Shanti says family is doing drama here, I heard son in law and daughter in law are never ours, I know why Nandu is leaving Preeti, as we have Aarti here. Nandu says no.

Shanti says shut up, I know everything, you were involved in Aarti’s game. She gives his phone and asks him to leave. Preeti says you should be ashamed, you were with Rani and Golu. Amit goes to beat him. He scolds Nandu. Nandu asks what wrong did I do, you and Rani love each other. Amit says Rani did not marry me. Nandu gets shocked.

Nandu says this can’t happen, she did everything for you, I will talk to her. Shanti asks them to stop drama Nandu leave from here, Rani insulted Amit, because of you, Aarti became Shivam’s wife, you contributed a lot in this house’s destruction, you came here to leave our girl. Amit asks Nandu to leave. Kaushalya asks him to come to senses. She asks what will we do if Nandu leaves Preeti. Shanti asks her to see effect of Aarti. She says Amit started this destruction, he was dying to marry Aarti, why did you run from mandap, don’t show me your face. Pari says we won’t stay with Ashok, let me stay here. Shanti asks the sisters to stay in one room. Nimmi gets angry. Kausahlya says everyone knows Rani loves Amit. She asks him to convince Rani. Amit asks her to take curse back. Kaushalya says its a blessing for you, don’t worry, go and get Rani. Amit leaves.

She calls Shivam. He says you got what you wanted, I will come when I want. She says you know Aarti is already… He ends call. She cries. She goes to Raghav and says Nandu has left Preeti here because of Aarti. He says tell me how is Nandu related to Aarti, what happened. She says this happened because of you, Nandu left Preeti, as we got Aarti as our bahu. He says I understand Nandu well, maybe some argument happened between husband and wife. She says he was our servant, he has become big man, he is afraid of society. He says let them solve it. She says Preeti should not be called leftover, else I will die. He says you are just saying this, what’s your problem, give your life and show, I will help you.

He asks her to think about Shivam, does she not worry, your own drama is not ending, I will talk to Nandu, go and give your life. He goes. She says Charni did this miracle, what did Lord do. Aarti recalls Ajay. She says Shivam did mistake in anger, I will just be of Ajay, I have to rectify this mistake.

Kaushalya says baby is not getting calm. Raghav asks Aarti to go to baby, else put her in ganga. He takes the girl. Aarti cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Stupid storyline stupid old fashioned people. I don’t get how easy it is for this Shrivastav family to point fingers at others as if they’re without sin. They seem to have forgotten what Aarti has done the moment they found out she was married. Why do people still have this backwater idea that divorced woman are sinners of some sort, and Kaushalya without knowing the facts of the divorce quickly blames Aarti’s character. This anger and hatred towards Aarti is without cause and I really hope either the storyline changes or the serials ends.

    1. Good comment.

    2. And stupid ppl , they keep calling Arti Jitan/2nd hand , what abt Shivam , their son is also second hand! Hope cvs don’t use such degrading language and show that there are different rules for men and women for same game.

  2. Stupid senseless action on everyone’s part in this increasingly bizarre show. All the God-chanting people have very quickly forgotten Aart’s sacrifice and calling her a sl*t! And Aarti, incredibly, is still devoted to the monster Ajay who kicked her out of his house by forcing a divorce immediately after marrying her. What nonsense!!!

  3. Now lets see what they do with Priti. They can get Amit remarried but not Rani and Shivam not Arti – what kind of thinking is this.

  4. I don’t understand why this show is still on air. They have ended shows like Pardes, JNDSD, Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai, and now soon Saathiya, but this nonsense show MAM is till going on. Who is watching this show and giving it TRP?? It sucks that such backward thinking and s*xist shows are going on in the name of “Nayi Soch”. This show started with the hope that Riya will change the midset of the backward Shanti Sadan people, but Riya has died and still there is no change in the storyline. Same as Day 1. Pathetic!!

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