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Mere Angne Mein 4th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Riya asking the man about the glass. He says I did not take the glass. She checks and asks him to show anything left out. He shows her the list of the items and says there was no copper glass. Nimmi asks Pari to tell Sharmili, else I will tell them. Pari tells Sharmili that Nimmi is blaming me and Vyom to have an affair. Sharmili asks Nimmi what is she saying. Nimmi cries and says I m saying truth, I have seen them together. Vyom says no. Sharmili scolds Pari and asks her does she have to say anything. Pari shouts yes, the truth is I have an affair with Vyom, I love him, I m fed up of acting. Sujeev hears her saying this and reacts shouting bad Pari.

Preeti enjoys to see everyone worried and finding the glass. Riya comes home and looks around for the glass. Kaushalya

asks Preeti to find the glass. Shivam calls Riya and talks romantically. Riya tells him about Shanti’s special glass missing. Shivam gets shocked and says Shanti will take the house on her head. Riya says I m trying to find it, I lost that glass. He gets worried.

Riya tells him everything what happened. Kaushalya comes and asks Riya to end call and find glass. Shivam calls Riya again. Riya asks him not to call and irritate her, she has to find glass.

Sujeev scolds Pari and hates her. Pari shouts on him and accepts that she loves Vyom. She says she hates Sujeev and married him because of Vyom….. Sharmili stops her from saying and asks Pari to leave from this house. Sujeev says no, Pari’s dead body will go from here today. Pari and everyone get shocked. Riya asks Preeti to find the glass. Preeti argues. Shanti comes home. Riya sends Kaushalya to Shanti and asks her to manage things. Shanti talks to Kaushalya and asks why are you tensed, did Riya do anything new. Kaushalya makes excuse and runs. Pari argues with Nimmi. Pari tells Sharmili planned to get me here, shall I expose Sharmili, then I will see who gets out of this house. Sharmili slaps Pari. Pari asks Sharmili to forgive her, and give her clothes and jewelry. Sharmili scolds her and asks her to get out, if Sujeev comes and aims gun at your head, I can’t stop him. She drags Pari out of the house and pushes her. She shuts the door.

Riya gets Shivam’s call. He asks did you get glass. Riya says no, don’t trouble me. He says I m in tension. She says then come here and listen to Shanti’s scolding, don’t take tension. He says I have tension as Shanti may make you leave the house. Riya says don’t call me now, I have to find house. Preeti thinks I won’t let Riya get love. Shivam thinks Riya can’t be left alone, and worries. He stops the peon and show him the glass’ pic, asking him to get same glass. He then calls Ashok to take help.

Shivam tells the problem and asks him to arrange the glass, else his marriage will fall in trouble. Ashok says don’t worry, but will Shanti not identify the new glass. Shivam says I will make it look old, just get that glass.

Riya gets Shivam’s messages. She sees Preeti with the glass. Preeti goes to throw the glass, and Riya stops her. Preeti says leave me hand. Riya says I won’t, why were you throwing glass. Preeti says I was not throwing it, you were throwing it. She asks Kaushalya to see Riya, she was throwing glass. Riya asks Preeti why is she lying. Riya tries explaining Kaushalya. Kaushalya scolds Preeti and believes Riya. Preeti gets stunned.

Kaushalya gets angry on Preeti and says Riya thinks good for everyone, she can’t do this. She slaps Preeti. Shanti comes there and looks on. She asks why did you slap Preeti. Preeti says Riya was selling your glass to junk buyer and when I told Kaushalya, she is slapping me. Kaushalya says Preeti is lying, Riya and I were madly finding the glass, Preeti was throwing it, when Riya stopped Preeti, Preeti is scolding Riya. She cries and asks Preeti why does she want to ruin Shivam’s life. Preeti says my life is ruined. Shanti asks Riya to stay careful. She sends her to market to get something. Riya goes. Shanti tells Kaushalya that you don’t have right to slap children, how can you slap Preeti infront of Riya, bahu can be good, but she does not become daughter.

Sujeev shoots and Vyom gets shot. Vyom falls down. Nimmi and Sharmili cry. Sujeev gets shocked too.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I hate preti she wants to trouble everyone for her mistake she is selfish after seeing family is happy she wants to ruin it but episode is nice the way shivam was worried to riya I like it

  2. I hate Preeti. She is a really a puppet. She deserves nandu.

  3. How cunning Shanti is! What she said about betis preferable to bahus also applies to Kaushalya and Kaushalya’s sad face is a proof that Shanti’s barb also aimed at her.

    I felt like slapping Preeti and I felt happy that her mother slapped her.

    What a day! Pari got slap and scoldings and insults aplenty apart from being thrown out of the house which she was planning for Nimmi. Atlast she was fully exposed and so was Vyom. why should Nimmi shed tears for a cheater like Vyom?

  4. Twaha Afreen

    Look the new villian The Selfish Preeti……..just to take revenge for”her”wrong deeds….Wow kya zamana aagaya hai yaar serial mei aaj kal insaaf nahi dikgaya jaara raha hai.

  5. i hate preeti why is she creating problems for her own family members

  6. Preeti- can some please explain her story. Sorry for asking but I have only started the show a few weeks now.

    Thank you for understanding

    1. Preethi had an affair with R.J-Mohith (currently Chanda’s B.F) ,,,
      Mohith stayed at Shanthi Sadan as paying guest using fake identity just to see Preethi – Riya comes to knw abt the truth and asks Preethi to tell this to evryone by herself – Bt before Preethi/Riya could say abt this truth to the family memebers ,the Preethi-Mohith affair news spread in the entire village and family members also comes to knw this-
      Family members after big drama decides to get Preethi and Mohith married,,,,Bt due to misunderstandings created by Sarla and Nandu this alliance gets cancelled (Till now no one knows that it’s bcoz of Sarla and Nandu that Preethi-Mohith alliance got cancelled)-

      They fix Preethi’s marriage with Vyom,,,Preethi who still loves Mohith agrees to marry Vyom for the family’s sake….She asks Mohith to not meet her again..
      On marriage day Preethi got a msg that Mohith met with an accident ,shocked Preethi gives her dress and costumes to Nimmi and requests her to sit as bride in the room till she returns after seeing Mohith,,,,Preethi rushes to see Mohith,,,,Bt it was all Mohith’s plan to take revenge frm Preethi coz she left him and decided to marry Vyom……Mohith ties Preethi to a tree,,,,Riya comes to knw abt all these- She decides to find Preethi and get her to the mandap before mrg-She decided to manage the situation her own so didn’t let Raghav/others knw the truth….she rushed to save Preethi,,,,,,After much difficulty Riya finds Preethi and get her home,,,,,bt till then it was too late and Nimmi got married to Vyom and her bidaai was over,,,,whole family members get shocked seeing Preethi coz they didn’t knw that the bride was Nimmi,,,,shanthi kicks out Riya frm the house and scolds Preethi ,,,Shanthi cries asking who will marry Preethi now,,,,Nandu who loved Preethi comes forward to marry Preethi,,,,,Preethi who hates Nandu disagrees to marry him,,,,,bt they get her married to Nandu forcefully…..After that incident Preethi turned evil

      1. Thank you so much!!!!!

        Oh wow what drama ?

  7. Even sarla better then pretti she still not accept her mistake and blame riya even though she know that mohit still want to take revenge from her but she still want to take revenge from riya nimmi ruined her life for preeti but she not realizing that she is on most stubborn women I hate her face
    I hope manage to complete with preeti good luck riya because shanti still hate her she is pretend to be nice with her if she get chance she is gonna play f as game with her

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