Mere Angne Mein 4th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 4th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rani talking to Ashok and making him against Riya. She gives him her house keys and says she will take it later, she is going out. She goes. Sarla calls Ashok and asks her to come to Shanti Sadan. The puja goes on and Sarla comes crying. Ashok comes and gets puzzled. He asks what happened, why is she crying. Shanti does the puja soon. The puja ends. Shanti asks Sarla whats the matter. Sarla says Amit has left home and kept the letter. Nimmi reads it that Amit loves Shanti, but he can’t live without the one he loves, one side he has Nani, and other side the girl he loves, its tough to choose any one, I m going in Ganga’s lap. Shanti asks what does he mean. Sarla says he is going to die. Shanti asks Raghav to call Shivam.

Sarla gets a call and sends Raghav to get

Amit. Riya says its my mistake. Bunty says aunty called you there. Shivam comes and Riya gives him coffee. He thanks her. Shivam gets Raghav’s call and says what, I m coming. Riya says maybe his Nani called him to tell about me. Shanti asks pandit to go, they all are leaving. Sarla calls Amit and asks where is he. He says he is reaching, and asks her to come on time. She asks him to come home, she is getting everyone there. He says fine. Kaushalya locks the home and they all leave.

Pari is with her BF and he takes her to give her a surprise. She gets restless and wants to know it soon. He takes her for long drive and she gets angry as she wanted some good surprise. Everyone rush to save Amit. Sarla asks Amit to get ready. She asks him to put water on him and act like committing suicide. She asks him to show smoke to everyone and asks him to do good acting. She goes out and shows the smoke to everyone. They all get shocked. Sarla asks him to be ready, everyone is coming.

She asks him not to worry, nothing will happen to him. They all see Amit committing suicide and putting kerosene on him. Shanti asks him to stop. Sarla cries. Pari is with the rich guy and he says he wants to drop her home. She gets worried and says it will be problem. Shivam comes to Sarla’s home and is shocked seeing Amit. He asks a man to give him the stair. He tries to go inside the home by neighbor’s balcony to Amit’s balcony. Amit says no one values my love, I will die. Shanti asks Shivam to save Amit.

Amit says I will die, stay away from me. Shivam takes the fire stick from Amit, though Amit resists. Shivam puts water on Amit and blows off the sticks. He gets stunned seeing so many water buckets kept there in advance, and fake kerosene and coal smoke. Shanti asks Shivam to open the door. Sarla hugs Amit and asks why did he do this, she will explain Shanti. Shivam looks on his acting. Raghav slaps Amit. Shivam shows Nimmi the arrangements done. Raghav asks Amit to value his life.

Shanti says this is big sin to end life. She says she will make Amit marry the girl he loves, she will get him married to his love. Amit smiles and looks at Sarla. Amit asks is she joking. Shanti says she is saying by heart. Ashok says Amit got saved today by Shivam. Shanti says Ragghav’s slap has saved him. Shivam says don’t know what acting is going on, lets leave from here. Shanti says she has to do puja complete. Ashok says Raghav saved his life and now Raghav has to do repentance puja, why so. Shanti says he slapped Amit, that’s why. Ashok says why to waste money for repenting. Sarla argues. They all leave. Amit says Sarla is best in these plans and asks her to give good news to Riya. Sarla says no need, let her fall more for us.

Nimmi sees Pari with her BF and gets shocked. She clicks their pic. Shivam asks Nimmi to sit and they leave. At Riya’s home, the maid says she will not work and wants extra money. Anupam asks her to leave. Riya calms Anupam.

Ashok taunts Sarla seeing her have food. He asks Kaushalya to take rest, he will help her. Kaushalya says no, I will manage. Shanti asks Ashok why is he worrying, and asks him to worry for his children. Sarla says she is getting darkness in his eyes and Raghav goes to hold her. He asks her to talk to girl’s family again and take things ahead, he will help her. She says fine, I will talk to mum and then finalize with girl’s dad. He gets a call and goes. Riya and Bunty talk about Shivam. Bunty says she will be not with him, when Shivam has presentation. Riya says me too, but this is wrong, how will I go alone, you come office till the presentation, its imp. Bunty says fine, I will come, I will leave for home now.

Sarla tells Shanti that she will start working to earn and do Amit’s marriage, as Ashok is not earning well. Shanti says she will manage, why to worry. Sarla acts again. Ashok and Sonal joke on her acting and take Sarla. Sarla calls Amit and asks him to take care. Kaushalya says she has packed her tiffin and everything is ready. Sarla taunts Kaushalya and tells Shanti to control her. Raghav looks on. Sarla says she will make her bahu a maid. Sarla sees Raghav hearing her and gets shocked.

Shanti tells the ladies that the girl is poor. The lady says she is rich. Sarla talks to someone on phone.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  2. “HURRY UP!!!!!!!!”


  4. Y so much of confusion in this serial… Hope riya gets her dream man!! This Amit is really disgusting along with his mom…

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