Mere Angne Mein 4th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 4th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shanti sending Pari to divert the man. Pari praises Shanti’s smartness. She goes to the man and makes him busy in talks. Shanti goes and hides behind the bin. She takes the money bag and runs. Pari also leaves. Raghav asks what’s happening in my house. The goons dance on music. Raghav asks them to stop music. The goons aim gun at him. Kaushalya asks Raghav to not argue with them. Shanti is alone there, think for her, stop it now. Shanti Prasad comes and asks men to stop dancing. He calls them and asks where is kitchen, I got the chicken. Sarla comes and smiles seeing family in trouble. Kaushalya asks Shanti Prasad not to enter kitchen, this house is vegetarian, get out, I m giving you warning.

He asks which kitchen, its not yours, its all mine, this house is

mine, you all are my servants and will do as I say. They get shocked. Shivam asks Riya to come, we will go beach. She asks why. He says come, change your dress. He gifts her a dress. She likes the gift. He asks her to say Love you. She says I m not so impressed to say I love you, I will wear this, will you go like this. He says no, you will find me handsome any way. She beats him.

Amit dresses as Amita. Lallan flirts with her. Amit gets away and says I m not like those girls. Lallan says I love you Amita ji. Amit says Rani and Babloo will see us, I will die by shame. Lallan says I just want love, nothing else. Amit says I will give love, I m not running away. Lallan says I think you don’t love me, I will not talk to you. Pari ignites fire to burn Shanti’s passport. She says bye bye to everyone, I will settle here. Shanti comes and Pari stops. Shanti says show me money, I want to see it. Pari says passport fell so I picked it. Shanti takes her passport and money bag. She says we have to get Pramod free now and then go back home. She asks Pari to come.

Shanti Prasad says I want to enjoy the feast. Kaushalya argues. The man breaks wine bottles. Raghav gets a stick to beat them. Kaushalya stops him and says don’t go to them. Raghav holds Shanti Prasad’s collar. Shanti Prasad aims gun at Nimmi’s head and threatens to kill her. Sarla smiles. Raghav leaves the stick. Shanti Prasad taunts Raghav. He asks his men to cook good chicken masala dish.

Shivam and Riya enjoy boat sailing in the beach waters. Shanti and Pari are also close. They dance in the boat. Raghav says we can hit head to stone, but they will not understand, don’t worry. Kaushalya says Shivam left us and went with his wife, I will never forgive him even if he dies. The man asks Sarla what is she seeing, and takes her inside the house. Sarla screams seeing the gun. Raghav and everyone come out and see Sarla. Raghav says leave her, she is my sister. The man says she was looking inside the house, so I got her. Sarla argues. Shanti Prasad says she should also get chance to serve me.

Lallan says Amita does not see me by love, my love boat will sink, what to do. He says I will confess love and then see Amita. Amit says I will run from balcony. Rani stops him. Lallan helps Rani. He holds her hand and compliments her soft hands. Amit gets jealous. Lallan says I will wash all clothes now. He thinks Amita is getting jealous now and smiles.

Sarla thinks to leave. She goes to run away from terrace and goons catch her. Riya falls down the boat. She struggles. Shivam jumps in the waters to save her. Shivam saves her and gets her to the shore. The manager asks Shivam is he mad, your life is so costly, if anything happened to you then… Shivam says my wife fell in waters, I could not leave her to die. The manager says I m warning you, it won’t be good if it happens again. Shivam says sorry. Riya asks why was he threatening you. Shivam says boxing match would stop, it would be their loss, don’t do this, if anything happened to you. I would have died. She hugs him and cries. He worries. She says don’t worry, I m with you for many births. I will always be with you. He gets tearful eyes. He thinks no one can separate me from you, this is my promise.

Raghav goes to call his inspector friend. Shanti Prasad shoots the phone. Shanti and Pari go to get Pramod from kidnappers.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Good one no one can take passport from Shanti.Pari ki bhagne ki chaal toh waste hogayi.Have you guys seen movie hera pheri movie part 1????? where are paresh rawal gets a call from goons that his daughter is being kidnapped by them.However Paresh rawal and Team finds that call was for a very rich Devi Prasad and at the end they relieve the daughter and get a good gift amount from Devi Prasad.This whole plot of Pramod kidnapping reminds of that scene.The only difference in that movie the charater name was Devi Prasad and here it is Shanti Prasad.Hope you guys agree with me

  2. OMG, this serial is so full of s**t now. I can’t wait to see it go off air soon.

  3. If you don’t want to watch the show why are you bothered commenting here

  4. Awaiting for next episode please

  5. Well, my comments are not for intellectuals like you!!!

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