Mere Angne Mein 4th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 4th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Riya and Shivam checking records at her college. She does not get any record and asks the man to check records in system. The man says there are no records, did you do MBA from here or lie to impress inlaws. Shivam scolds the man. The man asks Riya to buy a degree if she wants, and just leave. Riya worries and asks what will we do now. Shivam says we will go home and think. Amit has Riya’s file and says now your family will bear a lot. He smiles.

Sarla goes to Belan office party and asks the man about the meeting happening today. He says we will find candidate. She asks him to select someone clever. She praises herself. He tells the qualities they are finding. She says I have all qualities and tries to join the party. He says I think you want to stand in elections.

She calls him foolish to understand late. He says this is not a kids game. She says so I came here, make me meet your seniors. The man leaves.

Riya sees Amit in the bike mirror. She tells Shivam that she has seen Amit here. Amit hides from her. He asks what happened to you. Amit hides and runs from there. She says its strange, I have seen him at school and college, its some planning. He asks what do you mean, you are doubting on Amit. She says its possibility. He says maybe the fighters are doing this, I m sure Amit can never do this, just think how to prove you are alive, come.

Shanti imagines Riya getting a rope for hanging her. Shanti shouts no and wakes up. She says when will I get free of Riya. Riya cries seeing Shivam. She goes and lies next to him. She hugs him. He turns away. She thinks I wish I could say my anger and misbehavior is all fake. He thinks why did you do this with my love Riya.

Its morning, Preeti gets food for everyone. Shanti asks how did you get money, save money, learn from Kaushalya. Kaushalya asks Shanti how did you know Preeti did not have money. Shanti says I know everything. Shivam comes and asks Riya are you ready. Shanti asks where are you going today, I think we will get punished, live life, its 12 days now. Shivam says there will be some way, I m sure I will get proof. Shanti asks where. Riya says office, everyone knows I m Riya, my documents are also there. Preeti asks Riya to hurry up, I can’t see my family in trouble. Riya says I worry for them more than you, I did not do wrong with them, stop crying. Shanti asks her to go and get proof. Shivam and Riya leave. Preeti says I will leave, no one likes my coming here. Kaushalya asks her not to feel bad of Riya’s words. Preeti goes. Shanti says she always cries.

Prabha gets ready to join party and laughs on Rani. She leaves. Pari is at Belan party office and welcomes everyone. She stops Prabha and argues, asking her to get out. Sarla comes there. Prabha laughs seeing her. Pari takes Sarla aside and asks why did you come here, I will get insulted. Sarla asks are you mad, I will stand in elections.

Shanti asks Kaushalya to pray. The politician of Tawa party comes there. Shanti says go from here, we will come when we have to give votes, we are already worried. The man says we want you to stand in elections from Tawa party. Shanti gets shocked. Belan party meeting happens. Everyone talk about selecting the contestant. Sarla comes there and smiles. She says you will not get contestant like me, your party will surely win then. She introduces herself. The man asks who has let this mad woman inside. Sarla asks what, I will not go out. Pari says please go. Sarla says if you make me stand, you will get every vote, see you win or not. Pari says I will talk to her and takes her out.

Shanti says I don’t want to fight elections, I stay away from politics. The man asks her to think well, you are blamed to kill your bahu… She says its fake blame, she is alive. He says yes, we know this, that’s why we are making you stand in elections. The politician explains her to keep her opinion in front of villagers, everyone will know you are innocent. She says I have to prove this in court, you can leave. Kaushalya asks Nimmi to explain Shanti, it will be good for our family. Politician asks Shanti to think well. Shanti thinks what to do.

Riya asks Bunty to come and prove I m Riya. Bunty asks who are you, I don’t know you. Shivam and Riya get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Surely now Riya and Shivam should both know someone is behind all this. How can bunty say this?

  2. ya right..

  3. I think sarla blackmail her that she Said that as father is kidnapped by sarla fake people who is,always help her I hate her character not annya kherre she great actress why she took this character l.

  4. Why can’t Riya go to the hospital she was born and get documents from there? or go to her house, get the key from the locksmith and get her documents from there. Also there is no way that is Bunty, unless she’s being blackmailed to just like they did with Riya’s dad. It could be someone pretending to be Bunty. how can your friend forget you like that? Shivam should learn to listen to Riya when she says Amit was here, like why would he be going outside her school and college out of all places to hang out. So dumb. Riya should follow her instinct and not listen to Shivam. I am surprised how Amit can get her documents, like that is confidential where only the school/college or the person it belongs to can access it. Unless in India it is okay to take someone’s documents, without investigating it. In the UK we got copies, on computer and files and saved on USB’s as backup. Most is online.

  5. I think riya will say I got some proof then sara or preeti will come to steal it them they can catch her

  6. India’s name has been raised to higher levels by some great politicians. I can’t understand why star plus is showing MAM with uneducated, meaningless, greedy people desiring to become politicians and fight elections. Please stop fooling us with Sarla, Pari and now even Rani’s chachi wanting to fight elections!

  7. MAD-FURIOUS -Satya

    this show is utter nonsense and insulting . How can Amit had the time to get to the storage b4 them and locate the file and hide without the attendant noticing him. How can’t shivam see thru his peripheral view and see Amit running away. Come on writers lift your game.

  8. India is being potrayed in a very poor light. Any idiot can become a politician. You can bribe police with anything. It so easy to walk into an instituition n steal other peoples personal info. Shivam is da dumbest husband all the signs are there that Riya is being framed but doesnt believe her in spite of Amith being in the same places as both of them. Shanti also being an idiot..she could have figured out by now some one wants to destroy her family but noooo all blame on Riya. Nimmi from intelligent gone to being dumb n uneducated…as for Kaushalya…no words…dumb as an donkey


  10. Arae yaar this is toooo much. Aisa koi serial kaadtaa hai kya jo apnii khudd ki Bua hii aisa kaam bigaad rahee hai. Jo apni Maa ko baadnam karr rahe hai…….aur jail bhej rahe hai…. Blooody idiots in Sarla Family…. Band the serial ?????????

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