Mere Angne Mein 4th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 4th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kaushalya talking to Raghav. Preeti begs Kaushalya not to tell anything to Raghav. Raghav finds Kaushalya worried and asks whats the matter. Kaushalya says nothing and ends call. Raghav asks Shivam to leave tomorrow, and they will come back soon too, as Kaushalya looks worried. Shanti thinks Kaushalya always does something. Nimmi hides her face and buys pregnancy kit, and Bindu is also there. Bindu hears her voice and holds her, saying I know you. Nimmi asks her to leave her. Bindu’s medicine falls and she asks for money. Nimmi bites her hand and runs. She hides to get saved from Bindu.

Kaushalya waits for Nimmi. Her friend asks is anyone coming. Kaushalya says I m walking, how are you and your bahu. The lady says bahu and the baby are fine. Nandu calls Preeti

from PCO and does not talk. Kaushalya looks on and worries. She thinks to take advice from Renu. Preeti says trust me, I did not do anything. Nandu calls again. Preeti asks why don’t you talk. Kaushalya asks was this Mohit’s call, did you start talking again, I will stop talking to you now, you are lying. Kaushalya takes the call and scolds him. Nandu pays money to PCO and leaves. Nimmi collides with Amit, and he asks her to stop. The pregnancy kit falls. Amit asks why are you running hiding face. She says a man was following me. He asks why did you come out of home, where is Shivam. Nimmi says sorry, I will go home. He says fine, go straight to home. She takes the kit and rushes for home.

Nimmi comes home and gives the kit. She asks Preeti to read well. She says two lines means positive, and one line means negative. She explains. Kaushalya asks how did you know this, did you use this. Nimmi says stop doubting on me, its written here, see. Kaushalya checks it and sends Preeti.

Sarla talks to neighbor lady and tells about not finding treasure in shanti Sadan. Rani says Sarla’s dreams broke, she did not get anything. Sarla says its fine, my brother is like Mahatma type and he stopped the treasure hunting. Rani says I feel Raghav has thought something else, maybe he felt he will need to give 50% treasure to govt, and got it later. Sarla says no way. The lady says Rani is right, money is such thing, you come to satsang with me, that Rishi is 200-300 years old and looks 70years old. Rani asks her not to take Sarla, and they can’t keep Rishi here. The lady says people said that man has some herbs and Rudraksh by which he is living so long and getting money. Sarla sends Rani and asks the lady to explain. The lady tells about Rudraksh. Sarla sends the lady. Rani says no need to do this, I will say new idea, we will dig Shanti Sadan and get treasure. Sarla scolds her. She thinks to meet the sadhu.

Nirmala tells Ashok that she is going in satsang, and asks his name chit. She will get Sadhu here at food stall and they will prosper. Ashok says he can come to my home, instead stall. She says fine, maybe my fate will also get good. He says yes, sure, I will write my name and address. She asks him to write her name chit also with stall address. He writes it and asks her to go satsang now. He gets a call and goes. She tears paper and writes her name with Ashok, thinking its time to join her name with Ashok.

Nimmi changes clothes and says Preeti will come with negative result, don’t worry. Nimmi asks her to chill. Preeti sees one line and is relieved. She checks again. Preeti gets shocked seeing the result. Nimmi says don’t worry mummy. Kaushalya says go there and ask Preeti. Preeti drops the pregnancy kit and cries. Nimmi comes and asks why are you not coming downstairs. She sees Preeti crying and checks the kit. She gets shocked seeing two lines. Nimmi asks are you pregnant. Preeti says no. Kaushalya comes to them and asks what is the test result. Nimmi shows the kit. Kaushalya asks what does two lines mean. Nimmi says Preeti is worried. Preeti says I don’t know how did this happen. Kaushalya falls down by shock. She beats Preeti and asks how did this happen. She shouts, and they all cry. Kaushalya says you broke my trust, what shall I answer everyone now. Preeti says I did not do anything wrong. Kaushalya scolds Preeti and Nimmi, and leaves crying and furious. Preeti says I did not do anything. Nimmi says result is positive, you took big step. Preeti says this test is wrong Nimmi, trust me. Nimmi says I hate you and goes out of the room. Preeti says someone trust me and cries.

Rani thinks to ask Sarla about going to satsang. She asks Sarla to take her to Satsang, she has to ask something. Sarla says I know, you want to rule here. Rani says I want to pray for Amit. Sarla says he is my son, I will pray, what will you ask. Rani says Amit started running gambling in his agency. Sarla says what nonsense, don’t lie, I don’t trust you. Rani says I m saying truth. Sarla leaves. Rani thinks to go to satsang on her own. Nimmi checks the instructions again, and shows Kaushalya. She says its written that the result can be wrong too, sometimes its not 100% sure. Kaushalya cries. Nimmi says calm down, don’t worry, we will get Preeti’s blood test. Kaushalya says take Preeti with you, go to far hospital.

Anupam calls Riya and says Nimmi got medicines for me, I want to go from here, Preeti was crying, she is unwell, I don’t think things are fine here. Nimmi talks to Riya and says don’t worry. Preeti ate inappropriate food and got unwell, you know she is sensitive and cries. Nimmi takes some money and thinks what to write in diary. She writes something. Kaushalya asks Nimmi to change clothes and take Preeti. Nimmi and Preeti reach the lab and cover faces seeing Bindu. Bindu says I think its Sarla’s bad sight, I had to give blood for test, don’t know what will be result. Nimmi says why did Bindu come so far for test, there is something fishy.

Nimmi and Preeti go to reception. The man asks the girl’s name. Preeti says her name. He asks husband’s name. Nimmi says Nandu lal. Preeti asks what. He asks address. Nimmi gives address. He asks why are you both worried, blood test is very easy. He asks is this first child. Nimmi and Preeti give different answers. He asks why are you giving wrong answers. Nimmi says we are scared of test, how much money. He says 500rs, we will send report to your home at 7am. Nimmi says no, don’t send it, I will come at 6.45am. He says fine, sit, we will take sample.

Bindu sees Nimmi and Preeti, and asks why did they come here, she has seen them hiding faces. Nimmi asks her to get her eyes tested. She argues and says we did not come to this lab. Bindu says this girl is hiding something, I will find out. Kaushalya cries at home. Nimmi and Preeti look at her. Kaushalya says I can’t sit with peace till results come. Nandu comes home and looks on. He asks why is Kaushalya worried, and thinks did they know I called Preeti, I did not talk to Preeti.

Sarla and Rajendra come to Shanti Sadan, and she asks him to dig the place to find treasure. Bansi says I m doing the work. Sarla asks them to dig there. Kaushalya cries and sees Preeti and Nimmi. She is unable to sleep. Kaushalya murmurs that its less time for 6am now. Preeti sees her awake. Sarla prays to get treasure. Kaushalya hears the digging sound. She comes out to see. Sarla worries seeing Kaushalya. Kaushalya comes shouting who is there. Nimmi and Preeti wake up and go downstairs. Nandu and Anupam wake up and asks who is there.

Kaushalya says someone is digging there, don’t open the door. Niimmi goes to see. Sarla hides. Everyone scream seeing Bansi and Rajendra. Nandu gets his stone exercise tool and beats them. He neighbors come and beat Bansi and Rajendra. They run away. Preeti, Nimmi and Nandu wonder who were they. Kaushalya asks them to come inside home. Nandu says I will sleep outside today to guard house. He asks Kaushalya to shut the door and sleep peacefully. Nandu sleeps outside. Sarla makes faces.

Kaushalya says get up, alarm is ringing. Nimmi comes home with report. Kaushalya sees some men. The man says Maharaj/Sadhu chose your house to stay.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Today’s episode is not nice.why did kauahalya didn’t trust preeti.hope the lab report come in favour of nimmi also didn’t trust preeti.please don’t spoil sister’s relationship.

  2. Today’s episode is not nice.why kaushalyà didn’t trust preeti.hpoe lab reports come in favour of not mmi also didn’t trust preeti.please don’t spoil sister’s relationship.

  3. Preet’s test results will be positive as Bindu has a doubt on why these girls in the lab – eventually she will find out and exchange the result. Since idiotic Nimmi gave the name as Nandu lal everyone will blame on Nandu. So Nandu will be beaten or forced to marry Preeti. All bz of Sarala’s bad deeds this girl will live like a hell.

  4. Please dont do like with preeti.nandu ek dam champu hai vyom is nice,riya kahan ho dusron ki problem solve karti ho ab tumari nanad ki karo

  5. plzz itna torture maat karo bichari preeti kee sath.Hope result will come in favour of preeti.Why u r spoiling all character? firstly riya,then mohit and kusiya now nimmi.plzz reunite 2 love birds &plzz don’t spoil this beautiful sister hood bonding.

  6. Hoping the test report is negative. Please unite mohit and preeti.

  7. This is ridiculous and nonsense. How can the writer think viewers are dumb and uneducated. This is really not worth my time anymore.

  8. Rubbish it started well but now unbareable

  9. Every character now are being miserably disturbed. This is not how life treats you in reality. I used to love this serial but no more now. Writers wake up see the ground reality and then come up with fresh episodes. High time u people wake up.

  10. This serial was running so well .why did the writer had to bring the pregnancy thing in it .such things are not good to be shown . Even young girls watch this serial . It should be a good family serial.

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