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The Episode starts with Nandu scolding Preeti. He reminds her what Mohit did and how people joked of her, why does she have this ego, leave it what happened before marriage, what did you do after marriage, you were roaming with some other man, I knew it, you will surely go to find your love, so I won your love before you found anyone else, I did a favor on you, I love you even after all this, weakness is not seen in relations, love is seen. Everyone look on.

Nandu says you will come with me, I will keep you happy. He asks Kaushalya not to worry, he will do as per his standards, he will keep Preeti happy. He promises them. Preeti cries. Nandu asks Preeti to come and takes her. She stops Kaushalya and asks her not to help Preeti, else she will come to Maayka every day. Sarla says whatever,

I feel bad seeing Preeti.

Nandu and Preeti reach the house. He does arrangements for her grah pravesh. Shanti asks Kaushalya not to be upset, its happiness. She sings Banno tera swagger….. and makes Pari and Nimmi dance. Preeti throws the kalash and plate and scolds Nandu. She asks him to remember that he was clerk, he is and he will always be a clerk, but she can’t stay as clerk’s wife. He gets angry.

Sarla asks Kaushalya to see Riya, she is neither good nor bad infront of Shanti. Kaushalya asks what do you mean. Sarla says Riya did not wish to be part of Preeti’s marriage. Sarla fills Kaushalya’s ears against Riya and asks Kaushalya to become wise now. She says Riya will be good towards Shanti and win her heart, what about you then. Kaushalya gets thinking. Sarla smiles.

Nandu drags Preeti and asks her to keep kalash and plate back on plate, and do grah pravesh well, else stand here. She asks how can you threaten me. He says enough now, I have heard a lot, don’t force me to do anything, fine I will stay as stranger now, sit here, your voice should not come out. He switches off the lights and locks her inside the house. He leaves. Preeti cries.

She gets the house by window and says I had to lock door and window because of your doings, the respect should be inside the house, this is not Shanti sadan, you will not play dhol and ruin respect, stop crying now. Shanti stops Kaushalya from going to Preeti and giving the tiffin. She says you will not go to Preeti’s house without my permission, Nandu will manage her, if you go there, find a place for yourself also, no need to come back, Nimmi give this food to beggars.

Nimmi cries seeing Preeti’s pic. She prays everything gets fine. Riya calls Nimmi and takes welfare. Nimmi says Preeti got married. Riya gets shocked and asks with Lucky. Nimmi says yes and no, I mean Nandu and Lucky are same. Riya gets shocked. Nimmi tells everything to Riya. Riya can’t believe it. Nimmi says Nandu took Preeti home, he took a room on rent. Riya says Nandu got a house, its good, they got a chance to live together. Shanti calls Nimmi. Nimmi says I will talk later and ends call. Riya says why did Shivam hide this big thing from me.

Sarla and Preeti talk about ruining Shanti Sadan’s happiness by filling poison in Preeti’s mind. Nimmi hears them. They get shocked seeing Nimmi.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Writers when will you show Pari and sarla doing a good deed? Even now after the marriage of preeti they still plotting to ruin SS happiness.

  2. On going balvas with different twist. Boring

  3. Thks God Riya is away, otherwise Cow, the douchebag would have made her life hell.

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