Mere Angne Mein 4th August 2016 Written Episode Update


Mere Angne Mein 4th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shivam promising Shanti and Kaushalya for giving a heir. He goes. Ashok calls Riya and asks how can I go for movie with Nirmala, I can’t go. She asks him to do as she says, else she won’t be responsible. He agrees to go and ends call. Shivam comes and tells Riya that he has a surprise. She asks what is it. He makes her close eyes. He gives her baby shoes. She smiles and asks whats this. He says this is my target to become a father, even Dadi and Maa want us to get a child, so I said yes.

Rani asks Nirmala to call Amit. Nirmala calls Amit and says she wants him to meet some businessmen, I will also reach the hotel. Amit gets glad and says I m reaching there. Nirmala tells Rani that Amit is coming. Rani says I will get ready. Sarla asks whats happening. Rani makes

excuse of going to temple. Sarla stops her and Rani fools her. Sarla says fine, you can go. She goes to take rest.

Riya asks Shivam how can you say this. He says you fixed Bal Gopal pic, what do you mean. She says I said all this while joking. He asks don’t you want baby. She says when did I say that. He asks whats your intention. She says we should plan baby, its not right time, we have Preeti and Nimmi’s responsibility, our relation just started. He says I will manage, our relation will get strong. She says we can’t manage expenses of baby, I m not earning, you are earning alone. He says life does not run by seeing expenses. She says I understand, but I m not ready for baby. He says but I promised Maa. She asks how can he decide alone. They try to make each other understand. He goes. She gets worried.

Rani calls Nirmala. Nirmala says don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone, just enjoy. She ends call and says I will ignite fire between Sarla and Rani, once I come back after watching movie with Ashok. Sarla asks Nirmala where is she going. Nirmala says nowhere. She sees Sarla talking in sleep and goes.

Shanti says Riya made dahi wada and praises her. Shanti eats dahi wada and observes the taste. Nimmi worries. Shanti smiles. Riya comes and Shanti takes Nimmi and Riya’s class over grinding the lentils in mixie, as she found that by taste. Shanti tells Riya about Kaushalya’s oath of not seeing Raghav’s face if Shivam does not get a child. Riya and Nimmi get shocked. Shanti then tells them that taste is still good. Nimmi smiles. Riya is worried and thinks how to share my tension.

Ashok tells the man that Nirmala is his relative. She asks how can you not say I m your wife. He says people will laugh on me, knowing I married in old age, I need time. He gives her movie ticket and leaves. Riya recalls Shivam’s words. Kaushalya comes and asks her to have food. Riya refuses and says she is not hungry. Shanti comes and asks Riya not to take any tension, we are checking names for baby. She asks Riya to have food and goes.

Nirmala calls Sarla and informs her about Rani and Amit’s hotel room booking. Sarla gets shocked and asks hotel details. Preeti calls Lucky. Nandu says I m checking cars. She asks did you not have breakfast. He says no, I will order food from hotel. She talks to him and smiles. Shanti comes and asks to whom was she talking. Preeti says no one. Shanti sends her to market and says I know if girl smiles while talking to someone, there is something wrong.

Shanti asks Preeti whats going on. Preeti says nothing. Shanti angrily stares at her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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