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Mere Angne Mein 4th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Riya giving saree to Preeti. She asks her to get ready. Preeti asks her not to go anywhere, I m scared. Riya says Mohit is gone, think about life. Preeti says Shanti has seen him in morning too, so she asked Nandu to keep an eye. Riya says the way he has apologized to you, do you think he will come back, don’t be tensed, get ready. Mama checks gifts. Sharmili gives the special milk to Mama and asks him to make Vyom drink it, the milk has all dry fruits. Mama says I will give it to Vyom. Sharmili asks him not to let Pari see this. Mama goes.

Rani gets ready. Amit looks at her and wipes her sindoor, asking her not do this acting. Rani asks are you mad to wipe sindoor, its unlucky. Sarla and Amit scold Rani. Rani says I believe you are mine and I will apply sindoor,

this reason is enough for me. She applies the sindoor and asks him to wipe it again if he wants. He leaves.

Sarla calls Rani shameless and asks her to leave the house. Rani argues and says if everyone has become shameless, I can also do the same.

Pari stops Mama and asks about the milk. Mama says its for Vyom, Sharmili asked me to take it. Pari fools him that girl is waiting for her, she is beautiful. He gives her the milk glass and asks her to stand here, he will meet the girl and come. She says all the best and smiles.

Shanti asks Kaushalya to get Preeti and make her do the rituals, the diya should not blow off and there should be no abshagun, call Riya. Kaushalya says why Riya. Shanti says she is bahu and will do rituals, Rani can’t do these rituals. Sarla and Rani come there and hear them. Sarla argues. Shanti asks Sarla to come with her.

Pari adds some powder in the milk and says Vyom, just lucky people get milk like this. Mama comes and she lies that she has hidden seeing Sharmili. He says there was no girl. She says maybe girl did not wait for you, you have become milkman now, go and give the milk. Mama looks for Vyom.

Shanti thinks its right time to workout her plan. She spoils the puja things and applies oil to the aarti plate. She smiles. Everyone come there. Sharmili asks Vyom did Pari come. He says no, just Mama came with milk and now you. She asks him to wear the clothes she got for him and get ready fast. He feels sleepy and thinks to rest for a while. Pari looks on. Vyom sleeps.

Kaushalya calls Riya to take the plate and give it to Preeti. Shanti looks on and smiles. Kaushakya makes Preeti sit. Riya holds the plate and the kalash falls. Everyone look on shocked. Riya says sorry. Kaushalya says don’t say sorry, be quiet, you always do abshagun, that’s why I asked you to be away from Preeti. She asks Shanti to see what did Riya do, make Riya do puja, she always spoils things and Rani is of other family, but her heart is clean towards Preeti. Shanti asks Kaushalya not to create issue to make matter go after him, don’t cry and do abshagun. Kaushalya says Riya did abshagun, she always spoils things, what shall we do now. Shanti asks Riya to continue the rituals and asks videographer to take the video of entire function.

Riya lights the diya and applies ghee. They all pray. Shanti asks them to start Preeti fast, where is parlor lady, call her, baraati will come soon, guests are coming. Kaushalya stops Riya and says I will take Preeti, if any abshagun happens again, will you take responsibility. Riya gets sad. Shanti asks Sarla to finish some work. Sarla thinks I got time to do my work, I won’t give kheer to people for mu dikhai for free.

Sharmili comes and sees Vyom sleeping. She tries to wake him up. He asks her to let him sleep for some time. She says its your marriage today. Pari and Sujeev come and say mahurat is passing, get up Vyom. Sharmili asks did you eat anything. Vyom says I have just had milk. Sharmili says I just added dry fruits and kesar, then how. Pari smiles and says I think Vyom did not sleep since 3 days. She slaps Vyom. Sujeev asks Sharmili to wake up Vyom. Sharmili asks Vyom to get up, else his fate will also sleep.

The ladies sing banna song… and Kaushalya wishes to see Preeti as bride. The lady says its Riya’s day. Riya asks how, its Preeti’s marriage. Shanti tells about a ritual. The lady says when Preeti gets ready, you will lift her ghunghat and you will get nek, like Preeti is going from this house, you will become daughter of this house, it’s a ritual. Riya says its nice ritual, I will wait for this. Shanty gives gifts to Nandu and goes with him. Nandu looks at Preeti. Shanti asks him to keep the gifts and sees him staring at Preeti. She talks aloud and asks him to keep an eye around the house. She sends him. Shanti keeps a gift from Mohit’s side, and smiles.

Preeti worries seeing Mohit’s gift and shows it to Riya. Riya thinks Mohit is around the house.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. What the hell is going on..thank God I have stopped watching this stuuuuupid serial. The producer director n writer all are mad

  2. Riya is so dumb. Shanti sarla pari & amit r worst kind of people. Really stupid serial

  3. The MORONS that make this show think that people are stupid and forgot about the confrontation between Riya and Shanti and how Shanti challenged Riya that she will make her leave the house. And Riya challenged back that she won’t let that happen. Which means Riya should be on alert and always be a few steps ahead of Shanti and always wonder why so many things are going wrong with her and Shanti has anything to do with it. But NO!!! the makers think people are morons and will just watch whatever crap they show.

  4. Please make mohit and preeti get married they make a nice couple and let rani and amit be together rani Is kind and loves him a lot

  5. The only storyline of this blo*dy serial is shanti troubling Riya n brainless khusi..blaming riya for everything…I dont get to see anything apart from this in this serial

  6. Oooh shanti has finally succeeded in making kaushalya hate riya and if she fail to throw riya out she will make riya against shivam

  7. Dumb Preeti deserve Nandu Riya should b thrown out of the house as she is the most idiot person above all is Shivam useless character

    1. 100% correct.

  8. to be frank this is the worse series i’ve ever seen. its doensn’t make sense one bit.

  9. this is the most stupid show I have ever seen I don’t watch it any more just read it see how far bad it is going. All the shows they show some one is always plotting against the good people.
    Is this way life runs in India? yes in family some person has grudge sometimes but Plotting?
    These they are showing as political parties of today not the family.

    1. Manjula Muralidharan

      I agree. It is very badly made. Ladies are shown as loose characters, or plotting ones. HORRIBLE.

      1. That is not the problem. There are ladies out there in real world just like Sarla and Shanti and Kausalya. The problem is not countering it with supposedly intelligent ladies like Riya.

  10. Hi all fans of angnay nimmi will marry vyom instead of preeti. I am happy that nimmi is going that house she would teaching pari a good lesson

  11. Funny serial.

  12. I don’t want nandu for preeti. He is so cheap

  13. Manjula Muralidharan

    The characters are not projected with any decency at all, bad on the lovely values of our great Indian society.

  14. Yes the makers of MAM are testing our patience beyond limit! India has great people with great values! The makers of MAM have over- looked the positive values and loaded MAM with hate , back-biting, cunningness and controversies !

  15. Are you sure India got great values it don’t look like it at the moment for now I think mam is kind of displaying a image on India and Pakistan all this is actually really true there

  16. Looks like writer of serial MAM is mentally retarted .what craps he write .and sub plot goes on and on for months .

    Kushalya is shown to dumbass .Show some logic .It must make some sense

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