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Mere Angne Mein 3rd September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Renu seeing Sarla in her room and checking her bags. Sarla says she was arranging her bag. Renu says you better arrange your home and life. She scolds Sarla. Sarla smiles accepting that she has torn the sarees in Chikat-rasam and says she will create such drama now that Renu will cry. Renu shows the recording of Sarla accepting what she did in Chikat-rasam. Sarla gets worried. Pradeep asks Renu to come. Shanti says she is in kitchen. Kaushalya says she went to room. Shanti gets worried as she has sent Sarla there.

Renu tells Sarla that she has video also, and asks Sarla to see the video of Sarla checking her bag. Renu says you will always do this, I m thinking to give this video to Raghav as nek, you have to get a corner in this house, Raghav should see this video.

Sarla starts crying. Shanti asks why is Sarla crying. Nimmi tells Preeti that she knew something will happen. Sarla tells Renu to kill her, and takes her phone. Renu takes her phone back. Renu asks her to keep quiet. Sarla acts sweet to her.

Shanti says Sarla is nice, maybe Renu told something to her. Nimmi says yes, Renu can’t be equal to Sarla. Kaushalya asks Renu what happened. Renu says nothing, Sarla is crying as we are leaving. Raghav says this is Sarla’s problem since morning, she always cries. Rani thinks her mum in law is full drama queen. Sarla says she has torn sarees in anger and takes the phone. She apologizes to Renu. Renu says fine, I will not show this video to anyone, I will see this video when I miss you and takes phone. Sarla asks her to delete the video. Renu says no need, don’t worry. Sarla goes.

Sarla thinks her bad days have come. She comes downstairs crying. Shanti says she will talk to Sarla. She asks Sarla did Renu see her. Sarla says yes, its fine, what can we do, Kaushalya will not do anything. Shanti asks what did you tell Renu. Sarla says I said I was arranging the bag. Shanti says Renu is clever. Sarla says Renu made my video. Shanti gets angry and says she has to manage Kaushalya. Pari and Vyom are on the way. He says they can have chaat in railway canteen. She thinks its Papa’s canteen and refuses to go there.

She says we will go somewhere else and makes excuses. Vyom says they will have panipuri. She says she is hungry and asks him to drive fast. Amit says I will go now, I have work hard and earn, he will pay all loan. Shanti says I know, but have some food and then go. Shanti asks Riya what is she seeing, this goes on in joint families, and asks Riya to get water for them. Riya goes. Sarla tells about loan, and says 1.5 lakh won’t be enough, 5 lakhs are needed, his new life started. She asks Amit not to worry, Shanti will understand. Amit thinks Sarla is not doing much drama. He goes. Riya gets water and gives Shanti.

Kaushalya comes. Shanti asks her to do work. Renu and Pradeep come there. Renu says we will leave now and asks Kaushalya to come to her house. They take Shanti’s blessings and invites her to their house. Shanti asks him to get kids next time. Sarla acts. Kaushalya hugs Renu and Sarla also hugs Renu acting sweet. Renu warns her about the video. Renu asks Kaushalya to see the video when she sends it. Sarla worried. Renu and Pradeep leave. Amit sees the goons there and worries.

Pari and Vyom eat the chaat. Her ex BF comes there and sees her. Vyom asks does she know that guy. Pari acts innocent and says she has tied rakhi to that man. Pari asks Vyom to take her. The guy asks Pari is Vyom her brother. He greets Vyom. Pari signs the guy to go and lies to Vyom. Raghav gives some money to Amit and says he has given some money to Shivam too. Amit refuses saying I earn money, Shivam needs more. Raghav asks him to keep. Amit asks Sarla to cry and take money from Shanti. He asks her to go and ease out money. He leaves.

Shanti asks pandit to get a mahurat for Kaushalya who does not work. She laughs. The pandit asks Kaushalya to get panchaam. Riya says Shanti is so funny. Rani says yes. Shivam comes. Shanti asks Shivam to rests. Preeti takes Riya. Shanti acts sweet. Bua asks Anupam to call Riya, does he not worry about Riya. Anupam says Riya is bahu there, calling does not look nice. He insists. He says fine, I will call her. Rani and Riya have a talk. Riya tells about her family. Rani says Shanti is strict, I have seen something else, but Kaushalya and Shivam are very nice.

Rani asks did she get angry on Amit. Riya says yes, I was angry on him, I understand, but I can’t change what happened, I m really sorry. Rani says no, I got my love Amit, its great thing for me. She asks about her first wedding night. Riya smiles and says it did not happen, and tells about puja ritual. Rani says yes I forgot, but today it will be your first wedding night, I don’t know about mine, who will decorate my room. Riya says yes, they did not think about this. Rani says men have ego and they fight, but we are friends and will not fight, where are you going on honeymoon, can Amit and I come along. Riya says we did not think, I will talk to Shivam. Rani says I will convince Amit. Riya says fine, think again, Sarla was getting arrested. Rani says yes, I saved Sarla and requested police to leave Sarla, don’t worry.

Nimmi and Preeti come and talk to their Bhabhis. Nimmi asks them not to worry, she will tell Shivam. Riya says no, and reminds what happened outside. Shanti and Sarla see them. Sarla gets angry on Rani for saying about her jail story. Shanti asks Rani to come in her room and get nek. She asks Nimmi to take Riya’s jewelry. Nimmi says mum made Shahi paneer today. Riya says I actually don’t eat paneer. Preeti says your mum in law made it, you have to eat it. Raghav tells Kaushalya that she forgot him after becoming mum in law. She asks him to do something for Shivam, its his wedding night today, they have to decorate his room. He asks her to tell Shanti.

Raghav flirts with her and asks her to see where she has seen such decorations, shall we get our room decorates too. She says you always say something opposite. He says I m Shivam’s father, brothers do this work. Kaushalya says I can’t say Nimmi and Preeti, and not even Amit. He says Amma ji will do it, she does right work. She says no need, I will get this done myself. He asks her not to get angry, he will get it done by someone. She says fine and smiles. He compliments her. The goons stop Amit. Amit says he is going for work and makes excuses. The men get angry. Amit says Nani is giving money in few days. The man threatens him. Amit promises to give them money and leaves.

Shanti talks to Rani and asks what was she talking to Riya. Sarla comes and scolds Rani. Shanti tells about honeymoon. Shanti asks Rani not to talk to Riya, as she is our enemy, your life will never get better. Rani says I understand. Shanti asks her not to get friendly with Riya. She says Amit will be hurt seeing Riya and asks her to take care of Amit. She asks Rani to work well and prove herself better than Riya. She says she loves Rani and wants her to be happy. Rani leaves. Sarla closes the door.

Shanti asks Sarla to praise Riya infront of Rani, that Rani gets irritated by Riya. Sarla says its such great idea, divide and rule. Shanti says we will do this. They smile. Sarla thinks mum is clever, what shall we do now to get money from mum. Nimmi helps Riya. Shivam smiles seeing Riya. Sarla tells Shanti that she has to leave now. Shanti asks Kaushalya to get panchaam. She says she will go and find it herself. She goes to the room and looks for it. Kaushalya says its not here.

Shanti sees the book and shows Kaushalya. Kaushalya says she will iron Shanti’s saree. Shanti says you for lazy, I will wear it as it is. Shivam comes to Riya and they have an eyelock. Kabhi jo badal barse…………..plays…………. He removes her jewelry.

Shanti talks to Anupam on phone and tells him that Riya wants to go to her dad’s home, and asks Anupam to come and take Riya today itself.

Update Credit to: Amena

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