Mere Angne Mein 3rd October 2016 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 3rd October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone getting Shanti and making her sit on the swing. Sarla is sitting outside the house and crying. Ashok is with Shanti and sees Sarla. Bansi and Rajendra are short of money and think to make a theft. They both plan of theft at Sarla’s house. Bansi says we will go and keep an eye on them. Its morning, everyone get Shanti from the room and make her sit on the swing. Sarla and Rani come home. Shanti signs Sarla to leave. Sarla cries. Rani goes to Shanti and takes blessings. Shanti drinks some juice and gives the glass. Rani sits taking care of Shanti. Sarla sees Shanti and cries.

Bansi and Rajendra reach Sarla’s house. Bansi is in disguise of police constable and talks to Rajender. He says no one doubts on police. Rajender says none can identify you. Bansi

says I will enter the home in this getup and steal everything.

Nirmala and Prabha have a talk about Shanti and Sarla. Nirmala says Ashok does not even see me, he madly loves Sarla. Prabha asks her do you go to parlor. Nirmala says no. Prabha asks her to go parlor and do some fashion, see how Ashok coming after you, men can’t resist to beauty for long. Nirmala likes the advice and says why did I not think this before, I will go to parlor and turn beautiful, you are so good, visit this house daily, I will manage Sarla. Prabha says I will pray for you, I want to make Prasad and present as bhog. Nirmala says I will get the ghee, its little thing.

Shivam removes the shirt and it gets stuck. Riya comes and sees his shirts. He asks why did you like to do this body building, you increase my work. He says you got punching bag, its your mistake. She says it was to vent out anger, not to make body, I always help you and you blame me, you are so mean. He says I m stuck in this shirt, you are calling me mean, help me. She says I won’t help you if you say angrily, say it with love and emotions. Shivam says please help me Riya, I have to go out. She asks him to plead, then she will think.

Shivam asks Riya to help him. Riya asks him to talk well. Shivam says please Riya ji, help me. She says this is average performance, I will still think. He says I can give 10 on 10 performance also, for that I have to come close. She laughs and says sorry, I did mistake, I will help you. She removes the shirt. She gets hurt by the needle. He cares for her. She says I m fine, you had to go now, wait for some time, this will end fast. She asks him not to look at her like this, else she can’t work. He stares at her and smiles. She turns away and smiles.

Bansi hides seeing Nirmala. He acts as police constable. Nirmala says I don’t get any rickshaw here, there are many thefts happening in this area, do you do any work or not, throw this uniform if you are lazy, I don’t think you can catch any thief. She goes. Bansi tells Rajendra about the lock on the door. Bansi and Rajender go to break the lock and enter the house. Bansi says its not opening. Rajender tries and opens the lock. They enter the house.

Kaushalya gives applies to Shanti. Shanti asks her to sit with her, how much work you do, you made me fine, take care, have apple. Sarla looks on. Shanti asks kaushalya to have it. Sarla says I m coming since a week, Shanti is not even seeing me.

Shanti gets angry. Kaushalya says calm down, and asks Sarla not to talk to Shanti. Sarla says Shanti is my mum, will she get unwell after talking to me, I did mistake. Shanti scolds Sarla for doing Ashok’s second marriage and says I will not talk to you. Shivam, Nimmi and Riya look on. Kaushalya asks Shanti to forgive Sarla, she is house daughter.

Shanti says she made me reach yamraj door, what daughter. Sarla says yes, I m world’s worst daughter, what shall I do, my fate is bad, forgive me, I did not know matter will reach me, Nirmala said she will die in 2-3 months and wanted to die as suhaagan, then I made her marry Ashok. Shanti says husband is not jewelry to sell. Sarla apologizes and says I wil repent. Shanti says fine, you go and return money to Nirmala, stay with Ashok like before, then I will let you come inside this house. Sarla says this is tough. Shanti says it will be tough as you did big mistake, I showed you the way, walk on it if you want. Sarla apologizes to Kaushalya.

Kaushalya hugs Sarla. Shanti says no need to hug Sarla, and Sarla you come home when you make Nirmala leave. Sarla says I promise I will make Nirmala leave and return her money. Sarla leaves.

Bansi and Rajendra get the cash. Sarla and Rani come home and see the theft. Sarla cries and says I got ruined.

Update Credit to: Amena

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