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Mere Angne Mein 3rd October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Riya and Shivam coming to office. They have a talk about Nimmi. She complains about Nimmi and he asks her to adjust maturely. She says she does not feel she married him. The office staff showers flowers on then and gifts Riya. Shivam asks for his gift. The boss asks them to work. Suman cooks food and her husband gets glad. He asks her to make all fav food of his Bhabhi, its best chance to make place in Anupam’s heart. Anupam comes and says pandit is coming. Suman says I have cooked food.

The boss asks for party from Shivam and Riya. He asks Riya is she fine, is there any tension after marriage. Riya says no, nothing. The boss says you will have inlaws and restrictions. Riya looks at Shivam and says my family is supportive. The boss asks them to work with focus,

he did not cut their salary. Riya says we will work with dedication and commitment. Kaushalya waits for Riya. Shanti asks her to wait till evening, She gets annoyed.

Ashok comes to canteen and sees curtain. He moves it and sees Amit and his friends having a bar there. He says I will call police and the men scold him. Amit does not talk to Ashok directly and does not refer to him as Papa. Ashok argues and Amit asks him to do his work and not bother him. Kaushalya asks Nimmi and Preeti to make tea. She scolds them. Pari eats in the café and enjoys. She lies that she is in parlor. She calls Vyom and asks where is he, she is hungry. He says he is not coming, my brother got a big deal, our family kept big puja in temple. He ends call and fumes.

She thinks to go temple and see is really any puja going on there. The waiter gives the bill to her and she asks what do they go if anyone does not give bill. The waiter says they beat such persons and makes them wash utensils for 3-4 days. She imagines that and drops her purse. She creates scene that he is touching her hand and teases her. The people beat waiter. She takes her purse, the food and juice and quickly runs. Riya and Shivam work and see each other.

Bunty asks Shivam to sit on his desk and work. Shivam asks Bunty to call him jiju. Riya says we are strangers, this is office, not home. He asks Riya to tell him if she needs coffee. The boss asks Shivam to do work and talk to wife at home, and asks them to not go on field trips together. Shivam and Riya give different opinions and boss gets confused. The boss agrees to Shivam and asks them to go together. Riya gets angry on Shivam and he smiles.

Shanti and Sarla have a talk. Sarla says she wants to see Riya giving her salary to Shanti. I wish to see you becoming my servant. Nimmi comes and asks what. Shanti scolds her and runs with stick after her. Nimmi runs and Sarla laughs. Sarla says I wish I lose the bet to Shanti and leaves. Shanti recalls Sarla’s words and worries.

Sarla comes home and is glad to have Rani’s jewelry. She keeps it back in Rani’s belongings. She cries and calls inspector. She says her jewelry is lost and complains about robbery. She asks her to come and check once. Rani asks Sarla what happened. Sarla makes excuses and cries for her dad. Rani tells about selling the dad’ s pic frame thinking its blessings. Sarla says wait, I will Swaha your bahugiri also.

Shivam and Riya are on the way. She is in rickshaw and he offers lift. She says she won’t go with stranger. The rickshaw driver asks Shivam why is she troubling her. Shivam says she is my wife, she is angry and I m trying to convince her. The man wishes him all the best. The inspector comes and talks to Sarla. Rani says I did not call them. Sarla cries and says she lost her jewelry and does much drama. Sarla asks what will she do, and asks her to find the jewelry. Rani asks why did she call police, she can find it.

The canteen lady comes to meet Ashok and asks whats this bar doing this, whats happening with the goons here, you don’t have any answer, I will report it to seniors. Ashok says they have forcefully got here, I was coming to report to you. She does not believe him and asks him to end this matter. He says he has two daughters and canteen is only earning mode for him. She says she can’t help him. The man asks Ashok to keep money. The lady scolds him.

Sarla tells inspector to find in Riya’s belongings. They get the jewelry and Sarla blames Rani for stealing it. The police arrests Rani. Riya and Shivam go for marketing the hair oil product. They try convincing the man and see he is actually bald. The shopkeeper scolds Riya and throws the oil samples. Shivam reacts and gets angry. Riya says sorry, and takes Shivam. She asks why did he behave like this, is this way to talk to client, he spoiled the matter. He asks her to end the matter here and leaves. She smiles and calls Anupam.

She talks to Anupam while he is in puja for his wife’s detah anniversary. Rani defends herself. Sarla says Rani has to go with police. Rani asks them to call Amit, he will feel bad knowing this. Sarla gets glad that Rani is taken away. The inspector takes the jewelry saying it will be with her till case runs and Sarla worries. Riya tells Shivam that she will visit Anupam and come home soon. Anupam does the puja. Riya and Bunty come to them and sit in the puja. The puja ends. Anupam asks Riya not to be sad, and she cries. He tells how her mum was so strict lawyer and was respected a lot.

Riya says I have told Shivam to tell at home, but I have to go home to light diya at home, I ended office work too. He smiles. Rani calls Prabha to help her. Sarla falls in inspector’s feet and cries, to get jewelry back. Rani thinks Sarla is doing this to get jewelry back and asks inspector to take her. Sarla says Rani is my bahu, don’t take her. Sarla takes complaint back and inspector scolds them for creating drama.

Sarla hugs Rani and tells her that she did this to show her a sample. The police leaves Rani and scolds Sarla and Rani for fooling and wasting police time. Sarla thanks inspector and smiles seeing Rani. Rani looks at jewelry with Sarla.

Shivam tells Kaushalya that Riya went to her dad’s house. Shanti says Kaushalya never went without asking me. Anupam gets chest pain and Riya worries.

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