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Mere Angne Mein 3rd November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shanti talking to Sarla. Sarla tries to get the coin from the cracker basket. Riya comes. Shanti asks her to get coin, they have to do puja. Riya gets tensed. Shanti asks did you lose the coin, tell me where is it. Riya says coin…. Shanti says we can’t do puja without the coin, why did you do abshagun on festive day. Riya says I will find it. Everyone look for the coin. Shanti recalls Rishi’s words and gets afraid. Shivam asks Riya where is the coin, recall it. Riya says I was talking to Bunty, I don’t remember, I will find it.

Shanti says its just 10mins for puja. Nimmi says if Riya can’t manage a coin, what will she manage home. A boy comes and asks for cracker. Riya says come later, I m in trouble. The boy asks her to please give a cracker. Riya

says wait, I will give you. She goes to get cracker and gets coin in it. She tells Shanti that she got the coin. She thanks boy for saving her and gives crackers.

Shanti does puja. Everyone look on. Amit and Rani do aarti at their home, while Shivam and Riya do aarti in Shanti Sadan. Everyone pray. Shanti blesses Shivam and Riya. Shanti prays for the house happiness. Pari comes home and tells Nirmala about Ashok doing puja with Sarla. Nirmala gets upset. Riya talks to Ashok on phone and asks him not to worry for anything. She tells her plan. Shivam comes downstairs. Nimmi tells Kaushalya that Shivam will just support Riya. She asks Kaushalya to support her. Kaushalya asks her to manage herself, and she will not help her. Riya gets a call for engagement planning. Riya tells the lady that she will make list and deliver food at her home. Kaushalya and Nimmi do not give diary to Riya and leave. Riya asks the lady not to worry, she will fulfill order. Shivam gives the diary to Riya. Riya thanks him. He gets annoyed with Nimmi. Riya notes down the food menu. She tells budget. The lady says money is not a problem, food should he good and hygienic, deliver on time. Riya assures that.

Amit asks Rani what is she doing, is she not ashamed to loot Sarla, I will call her and tell. Rani stops him and says wait, I wanted to tell you, I think Sarla has hidden money in cupboard. He asks her not to do this again. Rani handcuffs Amit to not let him go out. Amit asks her to find key and open it.

Kaushalya talks to Shanti and asks will she give many chances to Riya. She asks Shanti for chance, then she will help Sarla. Shanti asks Riya to make a last try, its just 3 days time now, if you don’t make Nirmala leave, the work will go to Kaushalya and Nimmi, then you manage home, and leave dream to sit on swing. She asks Riya to do work fast, else Kaushalya and Nimmi are waiting in line. Riya says yes, I will try. Shanti gives her money to get vegs from market.

Kaushalya makes a face. Riya leaves. She asks Shivam to call Nirmala now, they have less time. Shivam calls Nirmala as Chamanlal. Riya smiles. He says Nimmu baby, I m Chummi, where did you go that day, I called you. She says you disappeared, I got angry, you called me and then did not meet me. He says I was angry and broke my phone angrily. She says you are lying. He says no, you are lying, fine I did not come to meet you, and ends call. Riya says make phone off. Shivam asks why Riya. Riya says I know girls, they behave same way, make phone off, see her reaction then, it will show is she trapped in Chamanlal’s web or not. He asks what do you mean. She says Nirmala will get mad and come after you, see. She smiles.

Riya asks Nimmi’s help to make Nirmala out of Sarla’s help. Nimmi says I have a condition, you will tell Shanti that you lost in heir challenge.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. What is the point of this challenge to throw nirmala out of sarla’s house? Sarla know the divorce papers are fake so why doesn’t she just tell everyone that? But I suppose that’ll be too easy and the serial tracks would be over quickly instead they’re dragged.

  2. Divorce papers??.if I remember correct Ashok and Nirmala’s marriage was conducted by sarla’s men disguised as the Marriage was fake too..Lol but the writers have forgotten shaadi tho kaahe ka drama!

  3. @lata I agree, probably got no other story lined up so dragging this track.

  4. Moto of this serial is just Time pass ..

  5. Enough with this drama. what’s going on with Preeti and Lucky. They should be exposed so that we can see how stupid Preeti looks when she realized that Nandi is actually Lucky.

  6. Preeti will be super fool when she find out nandu and I’ll herself because she selfish sister who is enemy of her sisters namita and preeti taught her own sister and doesn’t she know that she having affair with someone else I want see preeti and pari face when they get ditch from nandu stupid girl blaming everything happens to her for sisters and Rani role should be more expanded

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