Mere Angne Mein 3rd November 2015 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 3rd November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raghav and Shanti asking Sarla to come with them. Ashok gets upset. Pari and Rani argue. The boss looks for Riya. Riya comes office late. The boss asks her why did she come late. Riya says her Dadi was unwell, so she got late. He asks Dadi Saas? He says Shivam came on time and went too, its his Dadi, and you came late. She says if we do overtime too, do we ask for more pay. He says she has to come on time.

She says I don’t come late generally, I will complete tasks on time. He says fine, I will give you task right now. Kaushalya says Ashok you apologize to senior, its about your job. Rani says truth is.. Ashok asks Rani not to get in this matter and go to room. Ashok says I said truth, what shall I say. She asks where is Amit, call him. Ashok says he won’t come.

The men beat Amit. Amit asks for some water.

Amit asks for one more chance, and says I did not know my mum wears fake jewelry. The man says it means your whole family is cheater. The boss gives 20 clients list and asks her to complete 5 orders atleast, else she should give her resignation tomorrow. Bunty asks Riya how will she do this, its not easy. Riya says its not so tough, I will do it.

Sarla tells Raghav that she will stay here, if she changes home, her fate won’t change. Sarla says Ashok is her husband and she will stay here to do her Patni Dharm. She asks Kaushalya to explain Raghav. Kaushalya says Sarla is right. Sarla says I won’t lose and manage my home, trust me. Shanti says I will explain Sarla, trust me, you go Raghav. Ashok cries. Raghav gets angry seeing Ashok. Kaushalya asks Raghav to come and they leave. Sarla smiles.

Riya could not crack deals and Bunty says she said its not so easy. Preeti asks Nimmi to prepare dress soon. Nimmi says just some time. Bunty tells Shivam that Riya came late, boss told her to get 5 orders, else Riya has to resign. Shivam says how can boss do this, I will talk to Sir. Nimmi shows the dress to Preeti, and says Mohit will be mesmerized sees her. Preeti likes the dress and goes to change. Shivam argues with his boss and asks how did he ask Riya for overtime. The boss says I did not tell her to work over time, you will lose job if you behave such. Bunty asks Shivam to relax.

Shanti asks Ashok not to give sufferings to Sarla. Ashok gets upset and goes. Shanti and Rani ask Sarla not to cry. Rani acts sweet. She goes to talk to Prabha. Riya tries to sell the items. She thinks she will fulfill target and show boss. She could not sell items. Shivam calls her and Bunty signs him not to tell anything to Riya. Shivam asks Bunty to give list to him, he will help Riya in getting clients. He thanks her. Preeti gets ready and looks beautiful. Nimmi teases her. Preeti hugs Nimmi and leaves.

Sharmili is annoyed with Sujeev. Sujeev asks her to say what to do, else he will shoot everyone. She asks him to talk to Pari and sends him. Vyom comes and says Pari is calling me many times. Sharmili asks him to disconnect calls. Pari says she will not lose such. Pari messages that she will commit suicide. Mata ji says let her get restless that she calls Sujeev, she will give this suicide warning to Sujeev. Vyom replies Pari asking her to die if she wants. She says he does not care for her. Riya gets a client. Shivam comes to her and asks her to come for coffee. They smile.

Raghav and Kaushalya are on the way discussing about Sarla and Ashok. Kaushalya sees Preeti going in rickshaw. Preeti sees them and gets tensed. Preeti goes. Kaushalya says we will go home, everything will be fine. Amit asks for water and requests them. The man throws water and scolds him. Prabha asks Rani whats happening in her house. Bindu hears them. Rani says Sarla is crying being emotional and asks Prabha to send halwa for her.

Sarla cries and Shanti says she will manage everything. Sarla blames her fate. Shanti says she will give her money after Nimmi’s salary comes, but she feels Pari’s marriage should be done soon. Pari hears them. Shanti says she will get Pari married, she knows the guy who liked Pari instead Preeti. She calls that family and fixes the meeting. Pari gets angry and says she won’t let this happen. Prabha and Bindu have a talk about Sarla and pray that Sarla falls in big problems. Prabha says we have to have patience, we will make Sarla have sweets.

Pari tells Sarla that she is going. Sarla talks well and asks Pari not to go. Shanti asks will Pari sit at home leaving job, let her go. Rani says its some other matter. Sarla scolds Rani and sends her to kitchen. Sarla does not send Pari and makes excuse infront of Shanti. Rani says she wished to tell everything to Shanti. Shivam thinks he won’t leave boss if he scolds Riya again. Shivam and Riya go to get more clients.

Pari thinks Sarla and Shanti will ruin her life, and starts acting as if she is ill. Shanti says she worries for Sarla’s children, Kaushalya’s children are born with golden spoon in their mouth, Pari’s fate will get good. Shanti says she will get her married in Sinha family.

Shivam asks Riya to leave the job. Riya says did he get her here to say this. Preeti is in same café and sees them arguing.

Update Credit to: Amena

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