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Mere Angne Mein 3rd June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shanti going inside temple with Shivam and Chanda. Riya tries to leave and a lady stops her. The lady taunts Riya and keeps her busy. Rajendra begs for money. Riya asks him to show his face and move off the shawl. Rajendra gets tensed and runs. Pandit does the puja. He blesses Shivam and Chanda’s pairing. Shivam gets shocked. Bansi stops Riya from going to temple and asks for money. She gives him some money and goes. Chanda makes her hair move off her face. Shanti goes to Chanda and applies her sindoor, while making her tika right. A lady sees Chanda with sindoor. Riya comes there and gets shocked seeing Chanda with sindoor in her hairline.

Rani smiles seeing Amit and says I want to see movie today, take me for movie. He refuses. She says you are my husband, whom

will I tell then, do you just put me on stake. He asks her to stop nonsense. She thinks mohini did not affect Amit and she has to meet Baba again. Riya scolds Shivam and asks are you not ashamed to do this, you have hurt me a lot. He asks what nonsense, you already did drama, I care for Shanti’s respect, stop shouting. She asks him not to touch her, he lost this right now. He asks then by which right are you staying at my home. Shanti asks Shivam to come. They leave. Riya cries.

Riya stops Shivam and asks why did you get Chanda here. He says its temple, I can get Chanda or anyone here. Shanti asks Riya why is she reacting so, its temple. Shivam says Riya will keep saying, come. Riya prays and says I will not leave from my way.

Rani goes to Baba and scolds him for fooling her. He says you may have done some mistake. She recalls and says I went to attend a call, I think Nirmala served food to Sarla. She tells Baba that Nirmala entered their house, she is a problem, give me any Bhabhuti, I m worried and helpless, say something. He says I will give you bhabhuti. She tells about Sarla affected by mohini, is there anything to get that effect off her. He gives some powder and says add this in milk, she will be out of mohini’s effect. She thanks him and leaves.

Shanti, Shivam and Chanda come home. Chanda cries. Kaushalya comes and asks what happened Chanda, why are you crying. Chanda says I can’t stay here, I m getting insulted. Shanti tells Kaushalya that Riya has insulted Shivam and Chanda there, Shamu’s mum has seen everything, now she will publicize this. They worry.

Shivam apologizes to Chanda and asks her to ignore what Riya said. Riya comes home. Shivam says I m going. Kaushalya asks why will you leave home. Shivam says I m going office, I will come late. Riya asks Shivam to listen. He goes. Riya shouts asking him to listen. Kaushalya asks Riya not to forget manners and scolds her. Chanda tells Riya that her thinking is wrong. Riya asks Chanda why is sindoor there in her maang. Chanda gets shocked. Shanti says pandit applied tika and it got spread, you made this big story. The ladies come and tell Shanti that you got new bahu, and you did not call us for Mu dikhai. Riya asks them are they blind, I m Shivam’s wife. Shanti thinks its good drama and Sarla is missing this. She calls Sarla and asks her to come fast.

Riya asks the ladies to leave. The ladies say its good you got divorced, you have to leave this house now, Shamu’s mum told us that Shivam filled sindoor in Chanda’s maang. Shanti thinks Shamu’s mum has spread rumors, its good. The ladies leave. Shanti cries and tells Chanda that I did wrong to take you to temple. Chanda cries and says Riya has defamed me infront of everyone. Sarla comes and asks whats happening. Riya thinks whats Shanti planning. Sarla scolds Riya. Shanti says I know Chanda is simple and nice girl, I think there is one way to save our respect, we should make Chanda this house’s bahu. They all get shocked. Shanti asks Chanda will she marry Shivam, if you say yes, we will talk to Shivam. Riya cries. Shanti says this is only way to save respect, tell me. Chanda agrees. Sarla and Shanti get glad. Chanda says now your respect is my respect, I m ready. Riya shockingly looks at Chanda.

Chanda says I did not wish to do this, Riya created issue there, I have no option now, forgive me. Shanti says no need to give her explanation, Riya spoiled the things. Chanda says but Riya is Shivam’s wife legally. Shanti says relation ended, Riya does not love Shivam, she came to trouble us, if Riya tries to become wall between Shivam and Chanda, I will not leave Riya. Riya says I trust my Lord, my love will come back to me. Shanti says then why did your dad insult everyone. Kaushalya looks on silently and cries. Shanti says Shivam can get any girl, but we are getting Shivam married to Chanda to save Chanda’s name. She asks Kaushalya are you happy. Kaushalya says I want Shivam to be happy. Shanti says I will talk to pandit and get Shivam and Chanda married soon. Riya cries.

Riya asks Chanda do you like Shivam, answer me. She thinks Chanda wants to marry Shivam, but I won’t let this happen.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Vanshika crazy for skr

    Oooo gosh this shanti is super duper evil,, wat rubbish

  2. Vanshika crazy for skr

    Riya always spills the yoghurt and y trapped in shanti plans.. Negative

  3. riya is very stupid and she is the female lead she does not act as one rani is better than her

    1. Vyom character won’t end It is confirmed by the actor who Is playing the role

      1. its good vyom and nimmi will be on the show but how about pari

  4. I heard that sinha family track will end but what will happen to nimmi and pari

  5. Same story of one grandma getting successed in spoiling the life of their children. Am sorry for the Indians daughter in law.

    1. no yaar….all Indians are nt lyk this,,,,

  6. Why is Shivam still blameing Riya?can he not see what evil shanti is upto..and Kaushaya what is your problem..are u that stupid..what if this happened to your dtr..think woman think.Please Riya act smart stop shouting and think before you speak..cos that dummy shivam is stupid and blind..leave the Shanti hole..why stay there to be a trick by being very ill..see if Shivam comes running.Also bunty why don’t you tell dummy shivam the truth that it is Prity who keft the mandap and went after mohit and Riya went to find her and it was Nimmi who chose to dit in the mandap…again not Riya’s fault .Tell him to ask his lying two faced sisters..

  7. I think this chanda is a fraud. She will do something


    Meri Chanda SE EK Hi GUZARISH HAI.

  9. Yeah guyes I totally agreed in this show when riya cum in avatar I thought that riya ill do smthng big but she totally disappointing us buck off yaar if riya Don’t wnt do anything then leave the there Rani is better than riya.

  10. Ria will be kicked off the house, Chanda will show her real face and give them a real hard time. Then Ria will come and rescue them which she should not do it but anyways… meantime Pari will give more trouble, Chanda will kick Priti out of Shanthi Sadhan, break Sarala’s back…etc… etc…

    1. Oh are you sure about that ?

  11. Riya a character who is educated always crying. Why not move on go work somewhere and find a normal boy from a normal family. These writers really put young women down and rip their dignity and integrity. Educated women being mistreated by illiterate characters like Ashanti and what’s her nam Ku somebody. This show needs to end such a retarded, barbaric, archaic show, disgusting . Spineless Shiva, weird pretty and her weasel husband. Writers please change the direction of the show stop mocking the lead character.

  12. I think the director of the show is in deeeeep love wid Shanthi’s character…. :p that’s why he z giving much importance to Shanthi and always make Riya cry

  13. The more I watch this serial ,the more I hate indians mother in law and grandma. And before I use to like Indian moving but now that I started watching all this serials , my perception about them changed completely. Its simply shows daughter in Indians have no value and they are like a burden to their parents.

  14. Kritika desai is just horrible i don’t understand how she was given an award The lady doing riya’s role is not at all good in acting Most of the characters in this serial are negative The rand director have shown that people like shanthi and sarala can do any thing evil and getaway with it. The story is taking a nasty turn it is hightime they end thidsstupid serial

    1. I agree with you about the fact that riya is not a good actress. Change her please

  15. who is Chanda any way? I watch every episode, but there has never been an episode about that.My guess she is pregnant with some other person’s child meaning she is an unmarried woman but pregnant and and by fluke she got into the Srivatsav family and marrying Shivam is convenient for her. I know the evil Daadi has checked her out in Varanasi, but why is there no other family details for Chanda ? Have missed something here?

    1. No…they didn’t show anythng abt Chanda’s background

  16. True
    This story has no meaning just acting like stupid foolish famillies brings diwn the indian image reg marriage. I dont think you find such idiotic people now adays in real life…Ria always end up dissapointing us is not her fault its the fault of the script writter…I find so many tele dramas being dragged abd the drama looses the enthusiasm it used to gives…why cant these writters simply write just nice story and end it there instead dragging like a gum…horrible..

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