Mere Angne Mein 3rd July 2017 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 3rd July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kaushalya saying we will make the house pure, don’t know where is Shivam. Nimmi says baby is not here, where is she. Shanti says she maybe in hall, did Aarti run away with her. Aarti comes home with baby. They get shocked. Shanti takes baby and scolds Aarti. Raghav stops Aarti from leaving. He asks Shanti to behave with Aarti well. He does Aarti’s grah pravesh.

Nandu and Preeti’s argue over Charni. Nandu scolds her. He packs her bag and says I will leave you. She says I will not go, I will stay here. He says even Aarti’s husband would have done this, I m making you leave for your doings, why do you want to stay here if you don’t love me. She says I m your wife, I won’t go. He says you are here because I have money, get out, one who loves me can stay with

me, you are better in your house. His mum asks him to leave Preeti to her house. Nandu says I don’t respect Preeti as she does not respect me, you don’t do same mistake. He takes Preeti.

Raghav does all grahpravesh rituals. He asks Aarti to come inside. He says you are Aarti Shivam Srivastav from today. Aarti steps inside the house. Shanti and everyone get shocked.

Nandu drags Preeti. Aarti cries. Shanti angrily throws kumkum water on her face and goes. She gets Aarti’s bags and says you won’t stay in my room, you do her stay arrangements. Kaushalya says yes, Aarti is a liar. Amit says I did mistake to leave her in mandap. He apologizes to Aarti. He says I cheated you, sorry, when Rani…., I love Rani. Raghav asks Amit to take his bags from Shivam’s room, Aarti will stay there. Amit asks Aarti to return the phone, Rani has right on it. He goes upstairs.

Shanti slaps Raghav. She scolds him. Preeti tries to stop Nandu. Aarti asks Raghav why is he doing this, she can’t accept anyone else as her husband. Raghav asks did you think its a game, why did you sit as bride, your haldi, mehendi and sangeet happened, what was going on in your mind, you did not say anything at that time, what were you thinking, you did not tell anyone the truth, I got you home, so my mum gave you love, we would have kept you with love even if you said true, you have spoiled things, I m trying to make it fine, you have to do a mum and wife’s duty.

Kaushalya says I won’t let her stay in Shivam’s room, this will be Shivam’s decision too. Raghav says Shivam has filled sindoor in her maang. He takes Aarti. Amit sees the decorations and gets sad. He leaves. Raghav takes Aarti’s bags and keeps in the room. Aarti cries. She sees the decorations made in the room. She angrily ruins all decorations and cries. She says I did big mistake, just to unite Amit and Rani, what’s this justice that sindoor is filled in my maang, I don’t want to keep this relation, I don’t believe this marriage, I will just be of Ajay.

Nandu gets Preeti home. Kaushalya asks what happened. Preeti cries and hugs her. Preeti complains about Aarti. Nandu says I decided, Preeti will stay here from today.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Well done Nandu, now Preeti will learn some manners, the gold digger.
    Raghav is as usual outstandig, kaha chale jaate go? aur zara zaada ghar ke mamle mein interfere karo na. You have always did justice to your family. Love you!!!!!!

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