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Mere Angne Mein 3rd July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kaushalya telling Shanti about Sarla and Ashok. Shanti says why is Nirmala staying at Sarla’s house, I will find out about Nirmala. She asks Kaushalya to get tea in her special glass. Kaushalya says I did not get that cleaned. Shanti asks her to do work soon, else how will she win competition. She says I will come home and have tea, I will rush to Sarla’s house now. She leaves. Sharmili scolds Mama and they get into an argument. Shivam comes to office, and colleague congratulates him. He calls Riya and asks what did you say in office. She says nothing. He says everyone is congratulating me saying I m going to become Papa, what reason did you gave when you left office. Riya says I said I m leaving job for personal reasons, they misunderstood, you enjoy. He says they are

asking me party. She asks what reason could I give, that my husband is marrying again, now work.

Mama says my wife is a millionaire, I m not stealing anything, you can check. Sharmili kicks the bag and says take it, I won’t see. Mama argues and says I m leaving. Sharmili curses him. The man comes to Shanti Sadan and asks for the utensils for polish. Kaushalya looks for the glass and asks Riya. Riya tells Shivam that she will call later. Kaushalya tells Riya about Shanti’s copper glass. Riya says I have given that glass to junk buyer guy. Preeti acts. Kaushalya says that was Amma ji’s glass. Riya says you told me to give broken things to junk buyer, so I gave. Kaushalya says it was broken, but why did you do this, Shanti’s husband gave that glass to her in Mu dikhai, go and get it. Riya rushes. Preeti thinks I will see how Riya gets glass now.

Sarla and Nirmala have a talk. Rani smiles hearing them. Sarla tells Nirmala that she got related to her now. Nirmala asks her to get her marriage done with Ashok. Rani asks Sarla to make Nirmala her mummy number two. Sarla scolds Rani and asks her to check who came. Shanti comes and sees Sarla feeding Nirmala. Rani asks Shanti to come, mummy number two is having parathas. Sarla asks Shanti how did shse come. Shanti says you don’t come these days, so I have come.
Shanti sees Sarla pampering Nirmala. She says I have to talk to Nirmala. Sarla asks what and worries. Rani says I think Shanti got to know about Ashok’s marriage. Sarla asks Rani to get juice, go. Rani says if you need my help, I won’t come.

Pari tells Vyom that she loves him. He says I also loved you, you valued money. She says you told me to stay away from Sujeev, so I did that. She asks him to take her out and they will make a new world. He says I can’t. She says why don’t you say you don’t want me now. He asks her to think anything. Sharmili asks Nimmi to call Vyom, my medicine box is missing. She thinks did Mama steal that box. Pari says I did big mistake to love you. Vyom asks her to keep relation like this if she wants, but don’t expect anything more. Nimmi gets shocked hearing them. Pari gets tensed seeing Nimmi. Pari says we were doing rehearsals for dance competition. Nimmi shouts whats happening. Vyom lies too. Nimmi slaps Pari and cries.

Shanti asks Nirmala to come and talk if she has finished food. Nirmala goes to her. Shanti asks her why did you cry when Ashok fainted that day. Sarla worries and defends Nirmala. Shanti asks Sarla why is she keeping Nirmala at home. Sarla says I will give demo of Nirmala’s soft heart and slaps Rani. Nirmala cries. Sarla says see Nirmala is crying. Rani asks what did I do and cries. Sarla says I m fooling Shanti, be quiet and don’t speak anything there, else I will kick you out of this house. Shanti asks Sarla to come home if she has to say anything.

Pari asks Nimmi are you mad, why did you slap me. Nimmi calls her cheap. Pari says I m saying truth. Nimmi says I have seen and heard anything, I had doubt about you two having an affair, I thought I m wrong, are you not ashamed to do this. She asks Vyom since when do they have a relation, I will tell this to everyone. Pari asks which story, you came in between us, you did not come, our relation started before my marriage, I always loved Vyom. Nimmi says you did drama in your marriage. Pari says yes, I love Vyom, I m giving you time to give divorce to Nimmi and leave from this house, we both will be happy. Nimmi asks Vyom to answer her, why did he marry her, when he had relation with Pari, I will tell everyone. Vyom stops Nimmi and asks her to forgive them, we will try to start this relation again. Nimmi says relation is ending, then who will it start. Riya goes to the scrap shop and asks the man about copper glass. The man says there was no such glass. Riya recalls Kaushalya’s words.

Shanti talks to Kaushalya and asks her why is she looking here and there, did Riya do anything again.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nice episode

  2. Not again please, riya being put on the wrong side by devilish preeti, I was beginning to feel that good sense is now prevailing on the writer, but it seems the writer has no other thought other than to put riya in a fix. Enough of riya’s pitiable situations have been shown, dear writer bring some balance in your approach

  3. finally vyom & pari r expose in front of nimmi.feeling bad for Nimmi.avv jaldi see snena family ki suspense women ki varema vi dekaoo.otherwise Episode was nice.

  4. I think Riya will manage to find out the glass and keep an eye on her n slowly come to know her motives. Nandu has to find a house is what Riya will advice.

  5. I am sick of Riya.. How come Riya will forget about the Shanti and Sarla.. She behaved like fault is from Chanda… when Chanda left everything sorted out….. No… She has to explain the family abt Sarla & shanti…. even though they are ruling…

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