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Mere Angne Mein 3rd January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shanti asking Raghav to go for job. Sarla does drama and cries. Raghav asks Sarla to get up and end this drama, its cold weather and even she kept Rani here. Sarla argues as he cares for his respect. She says I will die, but I will not go. He says I m caring for your health, not my respect. Pari acts to talk to Sarla and tells everything. She acts sweet towards Sharmili and makes Sujeev hear her. Sujeev hears her and sees her crying. He apologizes to her for making her leave the house, he should have understood her, he got angry as he is emotional about mummy, sorry. She says you are my husband, its enough you said sorry. I promise I will keep my love. He says I know.

She says Vyom is your brother, we will find a nice girl for Vyom, it will be good for Sharmili too.

He says you are so good, and hugs her. Vyom looks on shocked. Sujeev calls Vyom and asks him to hear whats Pari saying. Pari says I want to say to get a nice girl of my choice, who keeps everyone happy. Vyom smiles.

Shanti cries seeing Sarla. Kaushlya gets halwa and asks Raghav to make Sarla eat. Sarla refuses. Raghav scolds her. Sarla eats halwa. Shanti thinks Kaushalya is biggest fool, Lord give me such bahu in every birth, she knows relations so well.

Vyom holds Pari and asks whats all this, you will find a girl for me. She says you wanted to marry right, you were going mads. He says no, I love you Pari, whats this new thing. She says I have to say I love you, else your brother can press my necks. He says I love you a lot, I can’t love anyone else. She thinks Vyom passed in test, now he won’t marry in pressures. She says I lied to Sujeev that I m worried for your marriage. He says smart Pari, and hugs her.

Raghav sees a couple fighting. The man raises hand and Raghav stops him and scolds him. Sarla gets an idea. Pandit talks to Sharmili. She asks about Preeti, she is the one she is finding. He says I have seen her but forgot. I will find out, the other pandit knew her, who died. He asks for money then he will find her. Sharmili gives him 500rs. He says he will find out soon. He goes. Pari sees Sharmili with the pic and hides. Sharmili says I will not let this girl go out of my hands and keeps the pic in her cupboard. Pari looks on.

Kaushalya recalls Mohit’s mum’s words and is sad. Shanti says you cooked food even after seeing Preeti’s pain, then you made gajar halwa, everyone has pain in their lives, but we can’t stop running home. Riya tells Shivam that she feels she lost, she felt everyone will talk well, but all went wrong. She asks can we do something which can make everything fine. He says I also want such thing to solve all problems. They see Shanti and Kaushalya upset and crying. Kaushalya asks Shanti to hug her, she can’t bear it now. Shanti hugs her and asks her not to cry, they will get many guys for Preeti, and they will take baraat infront of Mohit’s house.

Shivam says Riya, I always thought Kaushalya is troubled by Shanti, but I feel Kaushalya can’t live without Shanti. Pari goes to check the pic. She looks for the cupboard keys. Sharmili says keys are here, I will show you the pic. Pari lies that she came to clean the house. Sharmili asks her to clean room later, and she will show pic first. Sharmili throws hunter and laughs. She says I kept this to beat you, its good you got scared.

She throws her sarees and asks Pari to arrange her cupboard well. She says that girl will be really nice, she will have good valued, I will bring her by all rituals. Rani looks at Sarla and sees her sleeping. She starts leaving. Sarla wakes up and says I won’t let you meet my son. Pari sees tv and gets idea that she will say she is pregnant with Sujeev’s child, but how will child come, if she becomes mother of Vyom’s child, they both will beat her.

Kaushalya asks Shanti to have food and takes food for Sarla. Nandu asks Shanti whats happening, why is Sarla lying on arthi. Shanti scolds him and tells everything what happened. She asks him to go to room. He sees Preeti. Shanti tells Kaushalya that she won’t have food. Nandu goes and cries. He thinks why did Mohit’s family break relation with Preeti. Kaushalya sees him crying.

Pari goes to Vyom and says I m going to become mummies of your child. He gets shocked and asks what, are you mad, if mummy knows, she will not leave us. He says if Sujeev knows, he will give me divorce. She laughs and says I m joking. She asks what if your wife tells this to you, will you be scared. He says no, this thing won’t happen. She says if this happens then… he says Sharmili will be happy, and we will be mads people. She says fine, I will make you mads, and make Sujeev Papas. She asks him to make her mummies, else she will make Sujeev her child’s Papas. She leaves. He worries.

Shanti wakes up and gets restless seeing Sarla outside. Kaushalya comes there and asks what are you doing. Shanti says let Sarla be there, what can we do, our pain will end, Riya will be happy. Kaushalya asks Shanti to forgive Sarla now, and goes to make kada for Sarla.

Pari gets milk and flowers in her room, and hides it. Sharmili get the smell of flowers. She says its coming from Sujeev’s room, and goes to ask Pari. Pari denies it. Sharmili asks what new drama is she doing now. Pari says nothing, I did not get any flower. Pari jokes on her new bahu. Sharmili says I will get anyone, why do you care, why did you get flowers, tell me. Pari asks her to find it. She says I m thinking to get a new member in this house, your grand child. Sharmili scolds her, and asks you feel I will let you do this. She says I will not let Sujeev do such big mistake. She goes.

Riya sees Sarla and Rani outside, and feeling cold. Riya asks Shivam to do something. He says I can’t explain Bua, come. Pari makes the room ready and thinks once Sujeev drinks this milk, my plan will succeed. Sujeev comes and gets angry with the flowers smell. She asks him to come, they will sit together. She asks him to drink the milk. He throws the milk glass and scolds her. He says I don’t like the flowers, don’t sit on my bed. She screams. He asks where is my gun. She hides inside the cupboard and thinks what happened, he is mad mans, Gods helps me.

Shivam wakes up Preeti and Nimmi, and say we have to do something, Bua is outside. Sujeev gets gun and says I will not leave bad Pari. Sharmili and Mama are outside and hear this. Sharmili is glad. Sujeev shouts Pari. Sharmili says Pari is flying high, we have to cut her feathers, we have to stop her. She says Pari is planning with us, see what I do now.

Shivam, Riya, Preeti and Nimmi come to Shanti, and requests her to get Bua inside, its cold weather outside, she will get unwell. Shanti says I won’t call her, else Riya will trouble me, its good if Sarla dies. Kaushalya says even I can’t see Sarla like this. Shanti asks them to think, and asks Kaushalya will she not listen to her. Kaushalya says beat me, but get Sarla inside the house. Shanti cries.

Sarla says I won’t come inside till Amma comes. Shanti comes to beat Sarla. Sarla gets up and is scared.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Kaushliya khota (donkey). Haraami punn drama

  2. Like most dramas, this is now getting bored. 50% of todays episode was on Pari, with so much unwanted negativity. Paris screaming voice is irritating. Kausi gets on one’s nerves due to her stupidity. Her children are worse. Show some wisdom and common sense in the Srivastav children. I cannot understand the message the writer/s is/are trying to give the viewers. Even Riya is keen to get Sarala just to make Shanti happy. Is Shanti’s happiness more important than all other family members ?. .Riya knows about Sarala. Why is Riya hell bent on helping Amit, knowing he loved her and wanted to marry her?. Please pull up your socks writers.

  3. Seriously I watch MAM for Riya,Shiyam,Nimmi,Pritti,Mohit,Bunty and Sahil.
    I hate Sarla and Shanti very much.

    SHRIA.(Shivam Riya).
    MOHTI.(Mohit Pretti).

    1. I’m sorry to correct you but it’s ShivYa not ShRia and PreeHit not MohTi. The fandom already has decided the names already.

  5. The serial is gud but watching it daily is interesting I like some goodness in shanti but the negativity comes more this Riya she can watch her own work why helping others don’t know these days one should be wrong I think minding ones business is even more difficult like sarla can’t she go home and take care of her life why spoil others

  6. Senseless n bakwas serial ever seen..feel like putting cow dung in kushiyas mouth..for her stupidity…pari can elope.n can also hav afair wit her husbands brother…sarla can lie on fake cancer.. provoke ppl against srivastav..n nothings wrong in doing so…but if preeti loves someone …and the guy comes to stay at her house ..then that issue ia exaggerated to heights..and preetis charecter is defamed…showing she has no values…and in which ancient days are the directors staying…Riya speaking or meeting or shaking hands or going out with Amit is shown as charecterless some modernity to the viewers..rather than always showing crap..

  7. Sarala”s acting is sickening I have never come across such a bad person in my life

  8. please update today’s episode.i like this show a lot.this serial is a real image of a typical middle class family of india.these things really happen in some families in india.i like the show a lot please update.

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