Mere Angne Mein 3rd February 2017 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 3rd February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shanti dreaming that Riya is making fun of her and threatening her. She gets up from sleep and gets shocked. She gets her husband’s pic and says what did I do. She cries seeing the broken pic frame. Its morning, Riya tells Shanti that she is going school with Shivam to get the documents. She asks Kaushalya to make Riya have curd and sugar for Riya, she is going school. Kaushalya asks again? Shanti says not to study, to get documents. Kaushalya gets curd and sugar and feeds Riya.

The ladies fight for ticket. Shanti asks Nimmi what’s happening. Nimmi says I think they are fighting for elections. Shanti says they are fighting like animals. Nimmi says yes, they get power and money. Shanti says we will stop their fight, they can help us. Shanti goes and stops the

women from fighting. The ladies argue a lot. Shanti says listen to me, if news reporters tell about this fight, what will happen, whoever gets ticket will win. Minister’s man sees Shanti solving the fight and tells his senior about Shanti manages the women and explaining them with love to solve the fight, we have to make a woman stand in elections, till people got to know about woman seat, someone makes issue here. The man says I m supporting you, keep this a secret, whoever stands in elections should feel I m not involved in this, who is that woman, is she Shanti Devi. The assistant says I don’t know, she is good contender, I will find out, if she is Shanti Devi, then… The man says then I will manage it, just find out her name.

Sarla calls Amit and asks him to hurry up. He drinks tea and eats biscuits. She says don’t have more, stomach will go upset, leave and go for work she said, to keep an eye on Shivam and Riya. The ladies complain about each other to Shanti. Shanti says someone will win. The man asks Shanti to come and talk to him. Shanti says no, I stay away from politics, I don’t want their shadow. He asks why are you solving their fight. She says they are friends, they became enemies for ticket, stop creating fights on election’s name, else you won’t get any vote. The man asks her name. Shanti and Nimmi leave. The lady says she is Shanti Srivastav, she is cunning woman, murder case is going on her name. The ladies ask him who will get ticket.

Riya and Shivam reach her school. She asks will everything get fine. He does not answer. She says sorry for whatever happened in Bangkok. He says
I don’t want to talk about that, go and get certificates, think for our family. She smiles and says I m glad knowing you regard me family. He says don’t be mistaken, nothing can get fine now. He goes to park bike. Amit sees him and hides. Amit thinks Shivam can see my bike number. Shivam removes a pin from the tyre and goes.

Riya goes and says there was some other Sir here before. He says yes. She asks for her documents. He says we don’t have old documents, there was fire incident here. She says you can be have soft copy in system. He says even system was inside the building, it also got burnt. She says my family needs documents, please check. He says I recently joined, what can I do. Shivam says don’t worry Riya, we will go college, come.

Riya calls Anupam and says I m not able to contact him. He says we will go out and think. They leave. The man asks Amit to come. Amit gets the real clerk in unconscious state and leaves him in the cabin. He asks the fake clerk to run and pays him money. The man asks why do you want to do this. Amit asks why do you ask, come. They leave.

Sarla asks Pari why is she not helping her. Pari says keep some maid, I can’t help. Sarla asks who will pay money. Pari gives her 500rs. Sarla asks did you get lottery. Pari says I joined politics. Sarla says I thought you have worn school fancy dress. Pari says they made me volunteer as I say english well, you will not understand anything, my boyfriends, I mean my friends are helping me, as I m very popular. Sarla says I know, but someone is trapping you. Pari says no, they are paying me for volunteering. She says I will get voters for them, they promised they will hire me, its not a small work, I will get much money and a big car. Sarla asks which party did you join. Pari says Belan party, I want a lady candidate, aged around 45, I m young so I can stand in elections. Sarla says make me volunteer. Pari says I have work and goes. Sarla thinks I can get many votes by my cleverness, I m a good candidate.

Riya and Shivam are leaving. Amit sees them and hides. Riya says its Amit’s bike. Shivam says yes, its his number. She says what is Amit doing here. He says sit, we are getting late. She says it can’t be a coincidence, what will he do here. He says he may have come with his useless friends. She says its strange, why will he come here outside my school. He says fine, catch him and ask, I have much time. She asks him not to talk rudely. He says I m getting late, sit fast. They leave. Amit thinks to reach her college before she reaches.

Riya and Shivam do not get documents from her college. Riya sees Amit and runs to catch him. Amit hides behind an auto.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. How is it possible that Riya don’t get any copy of the documents in school and college. Her suffering is too much .Why don’t she write email online to school principal and College principal.Does she don’t have her school and college roll numbers with her???Why don’t she check the sites of the boards from which she passed to get the docs.I luv this serial a lot and am watching it from episode 1 but Riya is the one who always suffer and is blamed for everything.

  2. ya she suffered much and i don’t know what the director is thinking.

  3. Directors not making Riya use logic just to extend track, otherwise track would get over quickly. He’s just making sarla and co win every time using her cheap plots. Pari can’t even speak proper, clear English. Just hope through all this the Bangkok incident also comes to light and Shivam finds out the truth.

  4. Even shivams made to look stupid and as though he doesn’t know anything or a reason behind what’s happening like when Riya mentioned amits bike being at her school all he did was get angry again.

  5. This is just too much. How can we accept a completely fake, stupid, meaningless story where Sarla and her worthless son Amit has so much resources that they can make Riya’s school and college records disappear ? That can only happen ln a child’s fable, not in an adult story where some modicum of realism must be maintained.

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