Mere Angne Mein 3rd February 2016 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 3rd February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kaushalya saying she will ask Raghav about the proposal for Preeti. The lady tells about someone’s duaghter, who had affair, got pregnant and now raising the baby alone. Kaushalya says I trust Preeti, she is not like this. The lady says I know, but we can’t say about the girls in today’s times, that’s why I m telling you. She goes. Kaushalya worries.

Prabha sees Rani going and asks where is she going. Rani says I m going to Kaushalya’s house. Prabha says I will come along, I have to meet Kaushalya. Rani asks her not to follow her always. Rani says I have made the dishes, I m hungry as well. Prabha welcomes her at home. Rani asks Prabha to get the dishes she made. Rani sees Sunehra product there. She takes it and runs away. Prabha says you cheated me, I

will not leave you. Rani rushes out.

Preeti waits for Sarla. Pari, Sujeev and Mama come there. Sarla calls Preeti and says designer did not come today, you come out near the gate. Preeti says fine, I m coming. Pari says my designer friend stays here. Sujeev says this is my friend’s house, there is no designer here. Pari worries and says I don’t remember whether my friend stays here. Sujeev says I will meet my friend and uncle. Pari sees Preeti and acts. Sujeev asks Mama to take Pari for shopping. Pari says I have stomach ache, I want to go my home. Sujeev and Mama take her home. Sarla gets angry on Pari for leaving. Kaushalya calls Sarla and asks her to bring Preeti home.

Nimmi brings ill Anupam home, and says doctor gave injection and asked me to take care of him, he was alone there, its good you sent me there. Kaushalya says I will clean Riya and Shivam’s room, take him there. Nimmi says no, he is weak and can’t walk upstairs, I will take him to Dadi’s room, Dadi will come after 2-4 days. Kaushalya asks Anupam to rest, and she will make kada for him.

Rani comes to agency with tiffin and tells Amit that she wants to rectify her mistake. He asks her to get away from his life. She asks him to have food for Sarla’s sake. She hears some sound and asks Amit. Amit says I don’t get any sound. A man comes and says they play carom and Amit is earning good money by gambling. She gets shocked and says it means everyone said right, you are not doing this right. Amit asks her to get lost and beats the man.

Nimmi tells Kaushalya that Anupam still has high fever. Kaushalya asks Anupam to rest. Preeti gets tired and comes home. Kaushalya says Nimmi got Anupam home, where is Sarla. Preeti says she had work, and went. She says I have headache, I feel restless and runs to vomit. Kaushalya makes Preeti sit and worries seeing her. Preeti says I will get fine. Kaushalya asks why did you get vomit, did you have anything outside, are you getting dizzy, is that that thing, don’t hide anything. Preeti asks what. Kaushalya are you pregnant. Preeti asks what, are you mad, what are you saying. Preeti cries and asks will I fall so low. Kaushalya worries and tells Preeti you did not tell me about Mohit before, he used to stay here and meet you. Preeti is shocked and says you said you trust me. Kaushalya says I can’t trust like this, I just asked, what wrong did I do.

Sarla comes home and thinks why is he my house locked. Bansi announces about a great chance for everyone, the antaryami Baba is coming. This time Baba has chosen Moghalsarai and will stay in any devotee’s house, he will decide the house by lucky draw system, give your addresses in chits here. Everyone go there to give their names. Sarla asks Bansi do you know this Baba well, give my address chit to baba. Prabha says no, baba will come in my house.

Rani comes and Sarla scolds her for locking the door. Rani says sorry, I took food for Amit. Prabha asks Rani to side with her. Rani refuses. Sarla hears them. Preeti cries and tells Nimmi that there is no meaning to live now, no one trusts me, how can Maa say this. Kaushalya cries and asks don’t I have this right, you will understand when you become mother. Preeti hugs her. She gets vomit again. Kaushalya and Nimmi get worried. Kaushalya asks Nimmi to get medicines. She goes.

Sarla scolds Rani and asks shall I show my dare to you. Rani argues and asks her not to test her patience, else…. Sarla asks what. Rani locks her. Kaushalya asks Anupam what he wants. Anupam says I have headache. Ask Nimmi to give the prescription. Kaushalya asks Nimmi to get medicines. Nimmi asks Kaushalya to make something sour and sweet for Anupam. Kaushalya asks did Preeti ask for this, and calls her out. She says come, we will get your blood test done. Anupam asks why, what happened. Kaushalya says actually. Nimmi says Preeti is unwell. Preeti says I m not pregnant. Kaushalya says I know, I will call Renu. Nimmi stops Kaushalya. Kaushalya says I will call Raghav and Shanti. Preeti and Nimmi say its not like that, Maa is overreacting, I think someone told her, if Papa and Dadi know this, it will be great misunderstanding. Nimmi asks her to do a pregnancy test, and not worry. Kaushalya says no every doctor knows us and will inform Raghav.

Nimmi says I will go and get Anupam’s medicines from medical store, I will get pregnancy kit also. Kaushalya asks Nimmi how does she know, when did she see such thing. Nimmi says I have seen ad on tv, I have grown up now, stop questioning now. Kaushalya says you write it down, I will get it, how much does it cost. Nimmi says I don’t know, did I buy anything, maybe within 500rs. Kaushalya stares at Preeti and asks is she getting dizzy. Preeti says no.

Nimmi writes the pregnancy kit name and gives to Kaushalya. Nandu is working and his boss talks to someone about love. Nandu recalls Preeti and smiles. He imagines talking to Preeti. He drops the tea and boss scolds him. Nimmi and Preeti wait for Kaushalya and are worried. Anupam comes coughing and asks for water. Nimmi and Preeti make him rest and give him water.

Kaushalya goes to buy Anupam’s medicines at chemist shop. Its Shivam’s school friend shop. She hides the pregnancy kit chit seeing his friend, and talks to him. He gives good news that he is becoming Papa, and gives her sweets. She says congrats. He asks why do you look worried, do you want anything. She says no, just medicines. She says I remember you, you used to fly kites with Shivam. She pays money and blesses him.

Nandu thinks to call Preeti and says I will call by other number. Kaushalya comes home and tells the girls that she could not buy the pregnancy kit, the chemist was Shivam’s friend, he became father and gave sweets box, give these medicines to Anupam, get water for me. Preeti and Nimmi laugh. Preeti hugs Kaushalya. Kaushalya looks at her. Preeti says I m not pregnant. Kaushalya say till its proved, I will have doubt, go to far market and buy the kit Nimmi. Kaushalya imagines Preeti’s haldi function going on. Mohit comes and stops the function, saying stop this haldi, there won’t be any marriage, this is not my child. Preeti says if no one wants to give name to this baby, its fine, its my blood, I will raise my child alone. Mohit leaves. Preeti cries. Kaushalya gets shocked and comes out of her imagination. Nimmi dresses in Preeti’s clothes and leaves. Kaushalya takes tension. She calls Shivam and talks to Shanti. She says I miss you all, is everything fine. Shanti says yes, talk to Raghav.

Kaushalya talks to Raghav and asks is everything fine there. He says yes, Mama ji is fine. Preeti cries and begs Kaushalya not to tell anything to Raghav.

Nimmi gets pregnancy kit. She checks result and says it shows two lines. Kaushalya asks the result. Nimmi says Preeti is pregnant. Kaushalya gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. what a stupid show. how would preeti be pregnant?

  2. I think Nimmi is joking

  3. nice episode

  4. it is a good development in conservative families where restrictions are at every moments it happens and girl do marriage without parent blessing
    and get pregnant in careless moments
    soni it is not impossible

  5. What? How can she be pregnant? Did they read the instructions properly on how to use it? Like they didn’t know how to eat pizza two episodes ago!

  6. but koshalya seems too dumb to tolerate .

  7. This kind of situation kick the girls to the edge of commit suicide or run away from the house and end up in the flush selling business, The close relatives bad deeds in the young ones love affairs will spoil the life of the girl and the family’s respect. Selfish and arrogant Sarala Pari Rani Amit charecter’s and their master mind Shanthi

  8. Guys this serial is getting boring.I m irritated.I think Nimmi is joking with her fool mother.

  9. plzz preeti kee sath kuch bura hona maat dena.plzz unite mohit & preeti.

  10. Please make kushia a bit more intelligent. What is wrong with preeti?

  11. I am not sure why but i actually love the twist, i find the whole show extremely entertaining in a funny way. Khusalya’s innosence makes my day, i do hope priti gets hitched to nandu and nimmi marries vyom. That will just be fab!!!

    Shanti is my all time favourite?

    1. i love it more, i think its because they have new development everyday

  12. Hahahahahaha I loved this épisode. Kaushalya was so funny. I dayly watch this show from France and I m not indian.

  13. Preeti has become monoecious

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