Mere Angne Mein 3rd December 2016 Written Episode Update


Mere Angne Mein 3rd December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pari telling Preeti that Nandu has kidnapped Lucky and came as hero to marry you, he did this at Mohit’s time also. Preeti says no. Pari says I think he killed Lucky and Ramesh, call police and say Nandu has killed Lucky. Pari calls police and complains against Lucky. Preeti comes downstairs and tells Sarla that Nandu has killed Lucky, I called police, and now police will arrest Nandu. They all get shocked.

Nimmi thinks what did Preeti do. Shanti asks Preeti what is she saying. Preeti shows the shirt she gifted Lucky, Nandu had it, ask him. Shanti says he can’t kill Lucky, because Nandu and Lucky are one. They all get shocked. Nandu removes his moustache. Preeti gets shocked. She says this can’t happen. Police comes. Preeti says Nandu has killed my would

be husband. Nandu asks him to listen. Inspector says come to police station and talk. Nandu asks Nimmi to say. Nimmi says wait, I m witness, I know everything, Nandu can’t kill Lucky, as he is Lucky. They all get shocked.

Sarla asks did you know this. Nimmi says yes. Sarla asks why did you not tell anyone. Nimmi says because if Preeti knew this, she would have not seen Nandu’s true love. Preeti gets angry. Kaushalya and Raghav look on shocked. Inspector asks what happened. He asks Nandu to come. Shanti says don’t dare to touch Nandu, I will not leave you, he can’t kill himself, Nandu and Lucky are one. Inspector says I want proof. Shanti says fine, I have proof. She shows pics of Preeti with Nandu and Preeti with Lucky.

Inspector understands the matter. Preeti says no, arrest him. Inspector apologizes and goes. Shanti tells them how she got doubt on Lucky, how Lucky knows where is Nandu’s stone bat, I went to meet Lucky and saw Nandu.

FB shows Shanti sees Nandu in Lucky’s getup and confronting him. Nandu falls in her feet and apologizes for cheating her. He says frankly, I had to do this. FB ends. Shanti says so Nimmi knew it and did not tell me, Nimmi would have made Nandu marry Preeti, would he always stay as Lucky, it would have been big program, so I thought to end it, if Preeti has to accept Nandu, she can, else not. Nimmi cries and hugs Shanti, saying you did right, sorry, you are the best. Shanti and Nimmi hug and laugh.

Shanti asks Raghav why is he seeing like this, did I do right or wrong, see Preeti, you are incomplete without me, everyone is incomplete without me. Nimmi says you said right. Shanti asks Preeti to tell now, will she go with Lucky or stay with Nandu, they are one. Preeti cries. She tells Nandu that you signed on divorce papers, the marriage got impure, now you have to marry again, Preeti promised she will agree to me, they are same, Nandu wear the black glasses sometimes, she will be glad.

Preeti tells Kaushalya that you supported me, you understand me, you tell me what to do. Kaushalya says fine, I will always stand with you, you should do what Shanti wants, marry Nandu, you did what you wanted, now do as Shanti says. She apologizes to Nandu and says Preeti is yours, I did injustice with you and hurt your heart, sorry, accept Preeti again. He nods. She smiles and says I m proud of you. Nandu gets glad. Shanti asks where did pandit go, we would have kept marriage now.She sits to chant mantras. Pandit says I did not do anything, I m here. Shanti says fine, come. Nandu and Preeti get the wedding rounds. Shanti blesses them. They take elder’s blessings. Kaushalya hugs Preeti and cries.

Shanti asks Nimmi to get Nandu’s bags, he will stay here, if anyone has problem, they can leave. Nandu says you did a lot for us already, thanks, but now I will not stay here as ghar jamai. They all get shocked. He says I want to take Preeti my home. Preeti asks which house, where is your house. He says I took a room on rent in this lane itself. She asks will I stay there, are you mad. He says it maybe small for you, its my mine, you will stay there with me. She refuses. He shouts shut up. They all get shocked. Nandu says I will not hear a word. Shivam shouts Nandu. Shanti stops Shivam. She tells Shivam that Nandu loves Preeti after bearing all humiliation, be quiet, let them sort the matter, they are husband and wife.

Preeti insults Nandu. He scolds her and says now you should not say a word. He locks her at home and leaves.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Today’s episode was super duper
    Nandu rockzzzzz!!!!!

  2. Shanti is the smartest member in this family.Salute

  3. Amalina

    Osame Nandu! I’m proud of you yar!

  4. Very good episode…happy for Nandu

  5. I agree astoshi…I also like Shanti.

  6. loooooooool about time Nandu shut Preeti up, seems like he got confidence after pretending to be Lucky lol should have said shut up when he was Nandu and not hear Preeti talking shit to him. Hopefully Nimmi finds someone now. Feel sorry for her. Hope she gets her happy ending soon. Pari and Sarla look shocked and they say they are smart, if they were they should have known Lucky and Nandu are the same guy. 😛

  7. Srivastavs are the senseless creatures on earrth. All they know is to blame Riya for everything. They need a stubborn ans dominating dictator lime Shanti

    Shivam alao spreaks to Riya in high tone, always humiliates her..infact haa gone to the extent of marrying another woman divorcing Riya.

    And when it comes to Preeti..she can do anything with Nandu shouldnt utter a word against preeti..spineless brainless senseless creature Shivam

    They deserve a devil and selfish bua like Sarla.

  8. Today’s episode was fab. So sarla and pari’s planning went to pot. About time nandu shut preeti up. All her planning went to pot as well, that’s what happens when she listens to pari, as nimmi said, down to earth with a bang.

  9. Shamim

    Nandu should treat Preeti the same lessons so that she does not beleive Sara n pari ..pari should get married in poor family so she can be taught lesson

  10. Shivam shouted at Nandu!!! why….have some shame….he tolerated ur family and ur sis till now….u shud be thankful to him….yp he did wrong by creating obstacles in preethi-mohith love story and he suffered a lot for the mistakes he did,,nw it’s his turn…….Shivam u r not mahaan….u always shout at ur wife for silly reasons,….

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