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Mere Angne Mein 3rd December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sarla being angry for Ashok’s food stall. Sarla scolds Rani and Amit. She asks Amit to be on Shanti’s side, else sink in rani’s boat. Amit thinks Sarla is saying right, I have to convert Shanti Sadan into Sarla Sadan.

Riya talks to Shivam and asks him to come soon, she kept theme party to surprise Shanti, they will all get ready by theme. He asks her not to do anything in home. She says we discussed this before, I m trying, you support me, maybe everything will be fine. She says this time I want to unite everyone. He says fine, I m come. She turns and sees Shanti and Kaushalya. Shanti asks why did she get shocked. Riya says its surprise, I want your permission. Kaushalya asks Riya why is she doing all this. Shanti asks Riya to do what she wants. Riya thanks

her. Shanti thinks Riya won’t have anything to say.

Nimmi praises Mohit and his heroic entry in their home. Preeti asks why did she name him Chunnilal. Nimmi says I was not preplanned to name him that, I saved you, you should thank me. Nimmi teases Preeti. Preeti gets annoyed. Nimmi says I was joking, sorry. Preeti tells her about Mohit’s parents did not like his RJ job and ended relation with him, when I marry Mohit, they will not accept me. Riya comes and asks whose marriage. They lie to her.

Riya tells her idea about keeping a small party, theme party to keep get together at home, I spoke to Dadi, we will play songs, Dadi likes it, Shivam will also come soon, I want your help in making arrangements. Preeti agrees to help. Nimmi asks Riya to do anything, she won’t help. Preeti apologizes to Riya and says she will help. Riya says its okay, and leaves. Preeti asks Nimmi how can she talk to Riya like this, she is their Bhabhi. Nimmi says she won’t listen to Riya. They discuss that Riya can’t deal with Shanti.

Pari is locked in room. Sharmili asks Sujeev where is his wife, and makes him angry. She thinks she will see Pari. Vyom looks for Pari in every room. Pari cries and falls asleep. Vyom goes to see in that locked room, and that woman wakes up. Riya thinks she will surprise everyone today and give them surprise. Kaushalya asks Raghav to come and have dinner. He says I m not hungry. She says we will take Shanti somewhere out to cheer her up. He says we can’t forget Sarla. They have an emotional talk and cry. Riya comes there and tells them about surprise party. She asks them to wear these clothes and goes. Raghav asks Kaushalya to get ready. Riya comes to Shanti.

She convinces her to come. Sharmili is being on phone and that lady runs from the locked room. She goes to Sharmili. Sharmili asks someone to send Dakshina. Vyom looks for Pari and she hears him. She hits the bed. He stops and finds her. He gets shocked and frees her. She says get some fruits and starts her acting. He says he was so worried for her. Riya thanks Preeti and Nimmi for helping in decorations. Shivam comes and takes Riya’s suggestions. Kaushalya smiles seeing Riya. Shanti comes there and thinks Riya is few days guest in this house, be happy as much as you can. The lady hides and sees Sharmili. Vyom hides and is taking food for Pari.

Shivam bring Riya to room and showers flowers on her. She asks is he mad, flowers will end. He says he is trying to impress him, as she used to impress him before marriage. He asks her to appreciate his efforts. They have a sweet talk and romance. She runs away. He smiles. Vyom brings food for Pari. He asks her to have food fast, if mummy sees her, what will happen. He ties her again. Vyom sees that lady and thinks to do something. Pari thinks its Sharmili and asks her to free her. The lady looks exactly like Sharmili. Pari finds her afraid and thinks how can this happen that this lady is afraid seeing me, while I m afraid of Sharmili. The lady leaves from that room and Vyom keeps an eye on her.

Shanti comes to her room, and thinks she can’t see all this that Riya is doing, she has to dominate this house, she can’t forget her insult, she ended relation with Sarla. She blames Riya for what all happened. She thinks to kick out Riya from home so that there is balance in her home. She takes wrong medicines to put blame on Riya. She says she took wrong medicines, Raghav and Shivam will save me, Riya gave me these medicines, now who will save her.

Ashok gets a call and is shocked. Sarla asks what happened now. Ashok says everything is over.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nice……but there should be more rivam Scenes

    1. I agree they should do Shivaji and Riya having a romantic time or Shivam fighting someone because triying to kidnap preeti and nimmi

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