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Mere Angne Mein 3rd August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nimmi telling Riya that Shanti is coming, and asks her to clean everyhting before Shanti sees them. Riya cleans kitchen and rushes to change clothes. Shanti comes home and calls out Nimmi. Kaushalya cries and asks ladies did she joke or taunt on them since she came to this city, why did they joke on her. She says I m not related to you all, I will not see Raghav’s face if Shivam did not get a child in one year. The lady asks Kaushalya to forgive them and forget this. Shanti knocks door and Nimmi rushes. Shanti asks what was she doing. Nimmi says I did not hear you. Shanti says tell me what did you do. Nimmi shows her saree gone bad. Shanti goes to change.

Sarla keeps a necklace. Nirmala asks her to give her mu dikhai. Sarla explains Nirmala that she wants gift as

she made her marry Ashok. She asks for 5 lakhs. Nirmala says I gave you money before also. Sarla says that was first installment and asks Nirmala to get her medical report. Nirmala gives her reports. Sarla asks Rani to check and tell when will Nirmala die. Rani says one month. Sarla asks Nirmala to enjoy her life of one month.

Shanti goes to check kitchen and asks Riya did she do anything. She sees the lentils paste and asks Riya to mix oil in it. Shanti looks at Riya. Rani asks for a necklace. Sarla says its all yours later, be away now. Rani tells Nirmala that Sarla is not giving me anything. Nirmala asks her to help, and get movie tickets. Rani asks what, will you go with Ashok. Nirmala says yes.

Shanti makes the wadas and asks Riya to make wada for her child soon. She asks Riya not to let wada burn and goes. Nimmi and Riya get relieved. Nandu gives sweets to Ramesh. Ramesh asks what happened, it looks your love story is going ahead. Ramesh asks whats this bad smell. Nandu says I did not take bath today, Preeti hugged me when I met her as Lucky. Ramesh jokes and asks him to have bath, else Preeti will hug someone else.

Rani asks Nirmala to get a necklace for her. Jeweler shows some designs. Rani asks Nirmala not to worry, she has booked movie tickets. Nirmala gets glad. Ashok calls Riya and says Sarla looks happy, she did not get affected. Riya says how can this happen, there is no woman in the world who does not get jealous seeing husband with other woman, I will send movie tickets, then we will see how Sarla does not care.

Riya calls Shivam. He is bored in office. She says I made Dahi wada today. He asks did you call me to say this. She says no, I had to say, get movie tickets. He likes the idea. She says the movie tickets are for Ashok and Nirmala. He gets annoyed and says I already have headache. She asks him to buy headache medicine. He says I hate you and ends call. She says but I love you.

Kaushalya comes home and cries. Shanti asks what happened. Shanti says bhajan mandli ladies joked on me that Riya won’t give me grandchild, they insulted me a lot. Shanti asks how dare they, did you not tell reply. Kaushalya says I told them that if Shivam does not give me grandchild in one year, I will not see Raghav’s face. Shanti gets shocked and asks are you mad, to say such big thing. Kaushalya says yes. Shanti says you will become Dadi in a year, don’t cry, we will see how Riya does not get pregnant.

Nirmala books a room. Ashok calls her. He asks her to get ready and meet, he wants to take her to watch movie. She gets glad and says you love me a lot and knew whats in my heart, I will tell Sarla. He says no need, she won’t like good, you hide and come. She smiles and asks will we hide and go for movie, I will get ready and come. Rani hears her. Nirmala thinks shall I cancel movie tickets, Rani is useless, how to leave chance to make Sarla jealous. Rani says I will tell Sarla. Nirmala tells her that she booked room for her and asks her to enjoy.

Shivam comes home and asks Kaushalya and Shanti whats happening. Shanti asks him to promise Kaushalya that he will give grandchild and make Kaushalya Dadi in one year. He asks promise, I have to talk to Riya. Shanti says its your duty, promise Kaushalya now. Shivam says fine, I promise you both to make Shanti a great grandmum and Maa as grand mum in one year.

Shivam asks Riya does she want a baby. She says I just joked about football team, I m not ready for baby now. He gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. People now days don’t have kids for 2-3 years and its only been 6 months for their marriage. oh god!

  2. The whole family is so into this pregnancy case
    I mean now Riya’s mother-in-law will say that she will sleep with her and shivam so that she can see whether they do S*x or not

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