Mere Angne Mein 3rd April 2016 Written Episode Update


Mere Angne Mein 3rd April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rani telling everyone that Amit has bet her in gambling and lost too. Sarla asks Rani to stop it. Rani says I won’t. Everyone get so shocked and angry. Raghav tells Shanti that he can’t calm down today. He beats Amit and asks what type of man are you. He asks how dare you bet your wife, I will not leave today. Shanti stops Raghav. Sarla asks Raghav to listen. Raghav asks Sarla is this your values, are you not ashamed of such son, you are favoring your son and not supporting your bahu. He scolds Sarla. Amit asks Raghav to kill him, and cooks a fake story. He asks Shivam to kill him and Sarla starts crying asking them to kill her family.

Raghav asks Sarla not to do this drama. Amit says I m saving sister’s marriage and you are calling it a drama, Sujeev ruined my

life, he came on my shop and made me play gambling, he has bet my shop and then he has bet Pari in gambling. They all get shocked. Amit says I have bet Rani to save Pari, what can I do, I did mistake. Raghav says it means you did mistake to cover one. Riya says I trusted you and gave agency, you broke trust.

Raghav asks Amit why did he make agency a gambling place. Amit says Sujeev is Pari’s husband, Shivam and Riya earn, Raghav has govt shop, what does we have, I m working hard and did not come in haldi. Raghav says Amma, this marriage can’t happen. They all get shocked. Raghav says if the men of Sinha house bet their wives on gambling, I can’t give Preeti there. Kaushalya tells Raghav that I don’t think Amit is saying true, ask Sujeev about this truth. Raghav says you mean we should ask if Vyom plays gambling or not. Kaushalya says if you want to break marriage, its better to ask, if they ask why are you refusing for marriage, then what. He says I will say I want to break marriage. He calls Sharmili.

Sharmili thinks he called to praise my dance. Shanti takes the phone. She asks did you reach home, we will meet tomorrow in marriage. Sharmili says fine. Shanti ends call and tells Raghav that you will break Preeti’s marriage by trusting Amit. Sarla says yes, don’t ruin Preeti’s marriage, I know its Amit’s mistake, he is very bad. She scolds Amit and asks why did you let Sujeev come to your shop, why did you agree to him, why did you not make him talk to Raghav, senseless.

Shanti asks Rani not to make any issue, even Riya lost one lakh and kept Kaushalya’s necklace mortgaged, we have covered it, Preeti’s marriage will happen today. Raghav says ask Sarla and Amit to leave. Shanti asks them to leave. Sarla leaves with her family. Shanti says Preeti’s marriage should happen peacefully.

Kaushalya and Renu check the grey sarees for Shanti. Shanti thinks will I wear it, its time to wear colorful sarees. Riya and Shivam romance. Shanti looks on. Sarla tells Amit that Sharmili said she will give me big plot to make Sarla Sadan when I make Preeti’s marriage happen well, get ready soon. Amit says I will come but on one condition, I want my name on registry. She says you did not make Sarla sadan on me, we are getting it for free, get ready, I will get Chandra haar today. He says fine, I will go for a bath.

Riya tells Kaushalya that she packed Preeti’s suit. Kaushalya says I want Preeti’s marriage to happen peacefully. Shanti says what can I say in between. Riya asks do I look too bad to you that you don’t want to see me. Kaushalya cries and says I don’t understand anything, I want things to be done fine.

Nandu gets sad and goes to Preeti. He says I had to say something. She refuses to hear him. he says I understand, if you don’t want to marry, tell the family, else I will say you are not happy with this marriage. She scolds him and asks him to die. She says I hate Mohit and I hate you more, who are you, you are a clerk, you got job by my dad’s recommendation, don’t know till when will you be here, you slapped Mohit right, I will break your hand. Shanti comes there and sends Nandu to do work, and don’t let Mohit or anyone come here. Nandu asks where did you see Mohit. Shanti says he came here in morning, go and stop him. Preeti hears them and worries. Nandu goes. Shanti wipes Preeti’s tears and asks her not to be afraid. She asks Preeti to smile, and goes. Shanti says if I told Preeti about Mohit, she would say Riya and I have to be ready to show this video to Kaushalya. She sees her husband’s pic and says Riya will leave from this house today.

Shanti thinks its time to play next trick. She changes some things in puja plates and applies oil on the sides.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. this show is making me mad .kaushalya can understand everything except shanti and sarla’s doings she reacts when sharmili speaks with raghav she scolds priya nimmi for nothing.I hate her.

  2. Where is Sharmili’s husband? yesterday show was good when Preeti was shouting to Nandu, tu hai kya mere baap ki shefarish se tumhe naukri mili hai. etc….. good one you preeti, now do justice to Mohit ok. he is a good guy. Sarla has been the devil between you two.

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