Mere Angne Mein 31st October 2016 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 31st October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Riya calling Shivam and asking him to boast of his richness. Shivam talks of crores and Nirmala gets interested. She asks his name. Shivam says whats in name and makes excuses. He then says Chamanlal. Riya goes to help him, and tells Nirmala to give some prize to her box, everyone call Sir as Chummi…. She asks Nirmala to call Sir as Chummi. Nirmala says Chummi…. Shivam laughs and says Pappi Singh talks a lot, come with me on shopping. Nirmala says I have to get saree for Sarla. Shivam asks for someone else, no I will drop you home. He asks Pappi Singh to drop Nirmala. Nirmala says no, I will go. Riya says you don’t take tension, I will drop you. Shivam says yes, Pappi Singh is right, go.

Pari asks Preeti to wear blue saree. Preeti says no, I like

this one. She writes Lucky’s name in her mehendi. Pari says you have become full on daring today. Preeti says yes, even coward gets daring with time. Nimmi comes and asks who is daring. Pari asks how can she come without asking. Nimmi says this is my house, I can come anywhere. Pari argues. Preeti defends Pari and taunts Nimmi on her past. Nimmi gets sad. Preeti asks her to get lost, its suhaagan’s talk going on here, not of any widow. Nimmi gets shocked. Nimmi asks Preeti to be away from Pari, else her state will also be like hers. Pari asks her what does she mean. Nimmi tells Preeti that Pari can’t think good of anyone, and she is worried for Preeti, so she has warned her. She asks Preeti to come for puja, Kaushalya is calling. She goes.

Riya comes home in hurry. Sarla asks what happened, you came running, where are the sweets. Riya asks sweets? Shanti looks at her. Sarla asks Rani to get water for Riya. Shivam comes home. He hears Shanti asking Riya where are sweets, you went to buy sweets. Shivam says Riya will get us caught and runs to get sweets. Riya starts crying and says how would I get sweets, someone has stolen the money from me. Sarla says its such shameful thing that thief has stolen money from Riya, and left phone and gold jewelry. Riya says don’t doubt like me, I m saying true.

Sarla asks Riya why did she get late. Riya says I went to police station to complaint about thief. Sarla claps and asks did you go to complaint for some money. Riya says it was 1500rs, we work hard for money and I did police complaint. Shivam comes home and asks Riya where is her focus, she forgot sweets on the bike. Riya gets shocked. Sarla says you said money got stolen, Shivam is saying you forgot sweets on bike, what’s going on. Shivam and Riya worry. Riya thinks Shivam always makes me trapped, he never helps, but he is first in making her fall in problem. Shanti asks what happened. Shivam says Riya asked me to get sweets if i m free, so I got it. Riya says yes, money got lost and I asked Shivam to get sweets, I m stressed by the work.

Nimmi says if you are stressed, give me responsibilities. Riya says thanks, I will manage my work, apply mehendi to me. Kaushalya asks will you get mehendi now. Sarla says let her do anything, she is modern bahu, see how she lost money and called husband to get sweets. Kaushalya tells Shanti that don’t know Riya is saying true or lie, but she does not stay at home since she got freed to become heri. Shanti gets thinking that she did mistake to give chance to them to sit on swing, while helping Sarla, my house peace can get ruined, all three of them are not leaving chance to show their faults.

The women dance on Baawri…. song. Shanti sees seeing them. Nandu asks Nimmi did she keep earrings safe. Nimmi says yes, its in Dadi’s room, i will give whenever you want. Pari hears them and goes. Sarla looks on. Pari looks for earrings in Shanti’s room. Rani calls Amit. Sarla asks her not to make Amit worried, everyone is not like Shivam to hold wife’s pallu. Pari finds the earrings and smiles. She steals it.

Ashok comes to Shanti Sadan. Shanti asks Kaushalya to check if moon has come. She asks where are Shivam and Amit. Amit comes and greets them. Shanti says you should have come earlier. Amit says i m very busy. Rani asks Amit where was he. Amit says I don’t want to talk to you. Rani says I kept fast for you, I will drink water by your hands. Nimmi sees the moon and tells everyone that moon has come. Shanti asks everyone to come. She asks Riya did she do the work. Riya says work is happening, don’t worry. Nirmala comes and asks Ashok to come and do puja with her. Riya says dont know how did Nirmala come. Nimmi asks Kaushalya to talk to Nirmala, its their chance. Shanti says this is my house, leave from here. Nirmala says no, its my Karwachauth fast and I will break it here.

Precap: Shivam calls Nirmala as Chamanlal and says I got gift for you, I got to know you went to Shanti Sadan.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. OMG pari again stirring things and sarla without thinking about their own house. Hope pari gets caught with the earrings by shanti. Also hope their plan to defame nimmi fails.

  2. Writers giving wrong message – pari has now twice taken something which isn’t hers. Isn’t this stealing? Never gets caught, how can someone come to your house and take whatever they want, no one sees her and says anything. Riya didn’t do anything last time and sarla did the same to kaushaliya. But shanti think of her first over everyone else. Hope this time pari gets caught by Riya.

  3. Pari also stealing. When will preeti finds out lucky is nandu

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