Mere Angne Mein 31st May 2016 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 31st May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Riya giving a saree to Chanda. Chanda says I m not greedy, I don’t want anything, if Shanti gets to know this, she will get upset. Shanti shouts asking everyone to save her from the snake. She gets shocked seeing the real snake instead fake one. Shanti screams. Sarla thinks Shanti is acting well. Kaushalya gets stick to beat snake. The snake bites Chanda. They all get shocked. Chanda faints. Riya ties a cloth to her hand. Kaushalya calls doctor asking him to come fast. Preeti and Nandu come. Riya asks Nandu to shut all windows, and take Chanda outside.

The ladies gather and say Chanda will not survive. Sarla asks Shanti how did the snake get real, if Chanda dies, then police will come. Shanti asks her to shut up for some time. Doctor comes and checks Chanda. Sarla

thinks how to get another girl for Shivam, my dream to get Sarla Sadan will flop. Nandu gets a snake charmer. Shanti asks them to catch the snake. Doctor tells Shanti that Riya did first aid and stopped poison from spreading in body, Chanda is fine now. The snake charmer catches the snake. He says this snake is not poisonous. Everyone get relieved.

Ashok calls Sarla and asks her to be at home, someone will come and give 5000rs. Sarla says I m not at home, Rani can receive money. He says I called Rani, she did not answer, you go home. Sarla says fine and ends call. Sarla asks Chanda to take care. She tells Shanti that she will come later, she has some work. Riya feeds water to Chanda.

Mama goes to Nimmi, and asks for her help in checking whether his GF is really good, Sharmili does not want me to get married, and Pari will publicize this, if you don’t help him, I will think marriage is not in my fate. Nimmi says fine, don’t get sad, I will help you. He thinks she got trapped in my plan. Nimmi says I will first ask Sharmili and then come with you. He says no, Sharmili won’t allow you, I will tell her if the matter gets fixed. She says fine, if Sharmili knows that I chose girl then… He says let her know, girl is nice. She asks if girl is bad then.. He says I will take blame on me, don’t come if you have doubt, else be ready in evening.

Nirmala rests in Sarla’s room and smiles. Sarla comes home and knocks the door. Nirmala goes and opens the door. Sarla asks why did she take time to open the door, why is my room door open, tell me. Nirmala says I was cleaning the room. Sarla asks did any man come to give 5000rs. Nirmala says no one came, Sonal also went with you, Rani went somewhere with Prabha. Sarla says where did Rani go with Prabha, I know Rani took my money and now she will spend it, why are you at home, don’t you have to work at stall. Nirmala cries and says my relative called, my sister’s Sautan has come, my sister is very happy, Sautan is very rich and named everything to my sister, I m also going to get 5 lakhs. Sarla asks what will you do of 5 lakhs. Nirmala says I have 5 lakhs, but I m alone, I don’t have any husband, I will go and get money, you take rest. Sarla asks her to go.

Rani and Prabha meet some Baba ji. Rani asks Baba to suggest something that Amit can get in her control. He gives some powder and asks her to make her husband eat this, then Amit will get after her. Rani smiles and imagines Amit pampering her. He says you have to give him by your hands. She says if anyone feeds him then….. He says then he will become someone else’s lover. Rani says fine, I will feed this to him, and gives money. Baba says I don’t take money, whatever chadava you want to give by your wish, leave it here. Rani keeps some money and thanks him. Rani and Prabha leave.

Shanti screams and says Riya has bitten me by her nails. She starts her drama. Riya asks her to talk in low tone, look at Chanda, she is scared. Chanda says I m worried for Shanti. Shanti says even Kaushalya is worried for me, and Riya is Naagin who wants to bite me. Kaushalya asks Shanti not to think of Riya. She gets haldi milk for Chanda. Riya tells Chanda that you could have died if snake was poisonous, you should thank me. Shanti says you got that snake, and now you want thanks. Riya says I was going to throw snake outside, but no one cares for me.

Bunty goes to Shivam and argues with him about Riya. She says Riya has to sacrifice her job because of your family, you don’t care for him. He says this is office, don’t talk all this. He argues and says I did not ask her to leave job, she did not listen to me ever. She says you all did not listen to Riya, I doubt did you love Riya or not. He says shut up, I always truly loved her, I doubt did Riya love me or not, she ruined my sisters’ lives, I told her she would not adjust in my house, she believed she can adjust. She says Riya is staying there with difficulty just to get your love. He says the things she is doing here, she won’t get anyone’s love, tell this to her.

Kaushalya comes to call Chanda. Shanti asks Kaushalya to let Chanda sleep. Riya goes to pray and thinks to get her love and family back.

Shanti calls Kaushalya in her room. Kaushalya asks do you want anything. Shanti says you have to convince Shivam for marrying Chanda, I will talk to Raghav.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. This crap should stop now from being telecast.

  2. Bakwas serial…third grade…

  3. Jesamine dhillon

    This is the most bad serial, it is nothing but the same evilness. Enough of it so please stop this serial. Time is no value, just crap.

  4. toooo bad serial

  5. Good Morning to ALL The Members of The CHEAP SERIAL “MERE ANGNE MEIN”.
    Even I Used to Be A Member of This SHIT.
    I Just Messaged Here to Inform Some of My Friends to Come to YE HAI MOHABBATEIN”
    If You Guys Watch YHM?
    Then Please Come to That GROUP.
    Good Morning FRIENDS.

    1. Hello Aditya. Long time. What a superb change. I see nobody commenting on this senseless serial.

      I do watch Mohabbatien at times not daily. I am now a biiiiig fan of Jaana na dil se door serial.

      Superb performances by all the actors.
      Highlight Vikrams Performance as Atharv.

      Superb story different from other routine daily soaps.

      Just 30 mins show makes my day.

    2. Truly even I would prefer the same

    3. Haiiiiiiiii..Adi….,,Jaz…U guys switched To YHM!!!…

  6. sangeeta monga

    absolutely baseless serial. Please stop the telecast of such kind of serial where girl like Riya is being tourtured.

  7. This is the worst seriol i ever every seriol there is only one or two person in negative role and in this only one character is good(riya) and all other are just stupid.worst story ever..worst charcter dadi n sarla.amd most stupid character koshlya.nimmi.prèeti.pari .rani.amit.omg entire cast .i think…

  8. Riya you’re such a shame for the women who want their indépendance. You quit your job for a family who always insult you and don’t love you. As the Indians say ” eh bakwas” lol

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