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Mere Angne Mein 31st March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sarla telling Shanti that Mohit has taken away Preeti, maybe when the power went because of him, and at that time, he has done this. Shanti says I will see Mohit. Pari asks whats happening. Sarla says I m angry that Pari is born to me, she is creating a scene. Shanti says even I m angry on you, why did I give you birth, you did not tell me about Mohit before. She says world will laugh on us if anything wrong happens. She goes to see Mohit. Sarla worries for her Sarla sadan dream.

Mohit apologizes to Preeti and cries. She cries and says I wanted to hear your voice, now I m scared of you, your anger and behavior. I request you to please leave from here. Riya tells Nimmi that call disconnected. Nimmi asks what to do now. They look outside.

Sujeev tells Amit that

you have become my best friend, I like your company, my life has become happening. A girl collides with Rani and Rani falls towards Sujeev. The drink falls over Sujeev and he gets angry. Shivam says its light stain, it will be fine. Sujeev scolds Rani. Shivam asks Sujeev to talk to a girl with manners. Sujeev asks will you teach me way to talk. Amit takes Sujeev’s side and apologizes to Sujeev. He takes Sujeev to get his clothes cleaned. Rani cries and thanks Shivam saying you did the work which Amit should have done. Shivam says Sujeev is ill mannered. Raghav asks Shivam to calm down and goes. Rani says Amit did not support me, and goes crying.

Mohit says I know I did mistake Preeti ji, what to do, I love you a lot, I wanted to get you, I ruined my love, I know my way was wrong, but you know my intention was never wrong, I know I can’t rectify my mistakes, but I can apologize to you. I m leaving from this city, far from your life, I just request you to forgive me, so that this guilt does not trouble me. She cries.

Sujeev is angry on Shivam. Amit says leave this, Shivam is mad, Mama and Mami spoiled him. Sujeev says how was he behaving with me. Amit says what can I do, its my fate to get such siblings. He goes to attend call. Mohit says I have hurt your heart a lot, forgive me. Preeti says I have forgiven you. He holds her face and they both cry. Haan hasi bangaye…..plays…………. She asks him to leave. He holds her hand and thanks her.

Riya and Nimmi come there and look on. Riya calls out Mohit. She asks him to leave Preeti’s hand. Preeti rushes to Riya and hugs her crying. Mohit says I m really sorry Bhabhi, I know you stopped me from meeting Preeti, what to do, I love her a lot, I wanted to apologize to her, I m leaving city, I m sorry. Shanti looks on from far. Sujeev asks Mohit why is he apologizing. Riya makes excuse and lies infront of Sujeev and Amit. Shanti records the video.

Nimmi argues with Sujeev. Riya stops Nimmi and takes Mohit. Mohit sees Preeti and leaves. Shanti thinks Riya has saved Preeti, but who will save Riya now. Nimmi takes Preeti. Amit takes Sujeev. Sarla asks Shanti what happened, I m tensed, did you get Preeti. Sharmili asks when will you start mehendi ritual, its getting late. Sarla says we will do ritual. Nimmi brings Preeti and asks Sarla why are you crying. Sarla says its happiness tears. Shanti compliments Preeti. Sarla gets relieved. Nimmi says Mohit came but he is in control, Riya has taken Mohit. Shanti asks why. Nimmi says Riya answered Sujeev. Sarla asks what, did Sujeev see Mohit and Preeti together. Nimmi says yes, but Riya made excuse and took Mohit, don’t worry, Mohit is leaving from the city, he came to meet Preeti for the last time. Sarla gets glad and asks Sharmili to start mehendi ritual.

Pari says I will do ritual. Sharmili stops her. Raghav says Pari is jethani and its her right. Sharmili says Pari is sister and its not her right, I will do the ritual. She ties a thread to Preeti and gives her shagun saree. Pari asks what saree you got, all pearls are falling. Sharmili says no, I got good saree. Pari says you insulted my Maayka that day and now you did this. Shanti says its fine, its matter of saree. She takes Pari and scolds her for creating this scene. Pari says I m doing what you told me. Shanti says marriage should happen without hurdle, else I will see you. Pari sits there and looks at Vyom. The girl asks for Preeti’s Bhabhi to apply mehendi to Vyom. Kaushalya asks Rani to do tika to Vyom. Raghav asks Kaushalya why did you do this, Riya is here. Riya looks at Kaushalya. Kaushalya smiles seeing Rani doing rituals. Riya sits there. Mama asks Amit did he do some arrangements. Amit asks him to see there. Raghav asks Shivam to see food arrangements. Vyom smiles seeing Preeti. The girl asks groom’s name. Preeti is about to say. Pari says groom’s name is Mo…. Riya says Vyom and stops Pari. Shanti gets angry and everyone look at Pari.

Everyone dance on hayyo rabba….. tara ra ra….. Shivam and Riya dance with everyone.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Feeling 2 much bad for mohpree.plzz don’t separate 2 lovely love birds mohpree.They really luv each others.Why u r separate 2 luv birds.Don’t do this.

  2. I don’t want Mohit to leave. He should marry Preeti.

  3. Whts the mistake of Mohit n Preethi yaar….they luv each other a lot…may b they want to exit Mohit character so they r doin this….

  4. Mistakes happen but the other person never forgive vch gives lot of pain 🙁

  5. kotti ki poddi india

    f**k face drama ???

  6. Kaushaliya’s treatment of Riya is silly. One day she’ll regret for ill-treating Riya.

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