Mere Angne Mein 31st July 2017 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 31st July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Chandra telling Shanti that he will do a Nirjal fast, he is feeling scared thinking some family member will be attacked. He warns Shanti adn asks her to take care. Shanti says what’s happening, everything will be fine. He thinks I will do such a thing that Charni will be blamed for attack. Preeti meets the lawyer and asks him to make papers ready, divorce should not happen. Pari asks how much money will you ask Nandu as alimony, give me some money as well. Preeti says fine, I will give you money, come. Pari sends her. Pari asks lawyer about any rich guy. He says I have your number, I will tell you, I m also getting divorced, you can meet me. She goes.

Kaushalya cooks food. Shanti asks her to get milk. Chandra sees Aarti. He waits for her to leave from kitchen. Aarti

goes. Chandra keeps stove on and runs from window. Kaushalya says I have to finish work soon. She goes to light stove. Chandra asks her to give water. He stops her and asks what’s this smell.

She looks around and sees gas stove. She says Charni was here. Chandra says she is so careless, anything would have happened here. Kaushalya says she has done this intentionally to kill me. Shanti asks her to see the gas smell. Kaushalya says I was dying, Charni left gas on. Aarti comes. Kaushalya gets angry and scolds her. She says Chandra came and stopped me from lighting the stove. Shanti comes and scolds Aarti. Shivam comes and asks Shanti what is she doing. Shanti says Aarti was trying to kill Kaushalya, she left gas on so that Kaushalya dies.

Shivam says maybe she left on by mistake. Kaushalya says I m doing mistakes, Aarti never does anything. Shivam says you are over reacting now. She says you are not my son now, I m not your mum, end relations, go from here. She cries. Shanti asks him to go, just this characterless woman is your relative, not us. Shivam goes. Shanti scolds Aarti. Chandra says maybe this happened by mistake, forgive her. Aarti cries and says I did not do anything. Chandra tells Shanti that he already warned her about this, he has to do maha pujan for peace. He says I m worried for Preeti too, I will pray she unites with her husband. She asks him to make problems list and do single havan. Aarti defends. Kaushalya asks her to start gas after 10 mins, else she will die.

Amit misses Rani. He drinks wine and cries. He says I love you a lot, understand my love. He gets a call and talks. Golu comes and sees him. He asks what’s this way, you are not respecting job, you are drinking wine here. Amit says what will I do of respect, I will just have wine, that’s my life. Golu thinks how to manage him. Amit says Rani has gone from my life, I made new girlfriend. He hugs Golu. Golu gets Rani’s call. Rani asks about Amit, explain him not to drink. Golu says he is drinking even now, he will lose job, why don’t you explain him, don’t worry for him and leave him to his state, don’t call me for Amit. He ends call. Rani worries for Amit.

Aarti comes to Shivam and says you should have not spoke to Kaushalya that way, she felt bad, go and apologize. Shivam asks her to stop blaming herself, and about taking her side, she is wrong, he would have done same for anyone in her place. He goes. Chandra asks Kaushalya to sit in havan, he will do puja for her. She blesses him. He says I will keep Nirjala fast. He asks her to pray and do rituals. Kaushalya prays. Chandra thinks to have sweets which he has hidden. Aarti takes care of baby. She says I will get baby her rights, I don’t think I will stay here for long. She sees Shivam working. She goes out of the room. Baby cries. Aarti hides and looks on. Shivam calls out Aarti. Shivam asks baby to get quiet. She wishes once Shivam takes baby in lap, his inner father will awaken.

Shanti asks Pari to start. Pari reads the dowry request from Nandu’s side. Nandu gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Oops only a few episodes.y they are not showing any postivies.they like only negativity.anyway the show is going to have a happy ending.dont know how

  2. I bet the ending is not going to be satisfying, The writers will make the positive spin in a hurry. Every negative character will turn positive, ‘all’ of their past faults will not be mentioned and all will be forgiven. As a viewer I am disappointed with the fact that Preeti’s truth is not revealed, how she was the one behind her family being thrown in prison because they were accused of killing Riya. How she burnt every ID possibility that would set them free.

    1. Don’t know what is going to happen with preethi.the story writer are not good.everytime creating New stories.they themselves didn’t know what they have shown like once pari and nimmi met with a guy and pari got that time Shanti Devi agreed for second marriage.they have shown she was totally against Shivam s second marriage.what happened to the girl whom Shivam gave training.however Shanti Devi and kaushlaya are going to accept aarthi and aarathi is very happy.gave nimmis hand to golu.amitv is happy with Rani. I really don’t know one thing why can’t they start showing postives at least now.

  3. I can’t believe they’re carrying one with the creepy priest and now Preeti has gone to lawyers. At least Shivam is showing Arti to have self respect. I agree the baddies don’t suffer the consequences especially Pari and Preeti. You’re right about Preeti happily watching her parents and grandma sentenced to death for something and no one got a clue she was behind it. I don’t think they will mention it now. What will happen at the end ? Got a feeling they have time leap 10 minutes before the end and everything will be sorted off screen. Ps Can we get a spin off with Golu?

  4. Is Charni a honest truthful girl who stands for everyone’s rights including her own or is she a professional victim who just embraces everyone’s misdeeds as her own liability and finds peace and solace in being punished unjustly – – the more unjust the better? God, can Charni ever speak one full sentence clearly, without mumbling, crying, and fearfully accepting all blames like a scared five year old!

  5. thank God that this show is going to end. Does not make sense anymore.

  6. These kind of serials should be banned! I think it’s a crime to show such serials where all the evil doers go unpunished! Surely no one will get to know how this Preeti plotted against her own family. What about the false and unscrupulous priest? Will he be unmasked? One thing I don’t understand with these serials is that more often than not the villains are members of the family and they always succeed in their evil plans. However they never get punished and at the end everyone forgive them just to have a happy ending! The message conveyed,Is ” do as much evil as you can and it’s Okay”!!!! This is very bad for our society indeed! These writers should be more responsible in their work! Only hindi serials show this kind of crap! Shameful writers!

  7. To be fair to Aarti she’s suffered physical and mental abuse so it’s understandable she’s lost her self respect. Her mother didn’t help either despite going through the same.

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