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Mere Angne Mein 31st July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shanti showing tantrums at Riya’s place. Kaushalya smiles seeing Riya. Sarla is tensed and asks Nimmi not to record anything, being tensed that Shivam can see it. Bua does rituals to shoo off bad sight off Riya. Shanti says there is no one to see us, we feel like guests, not groom’s family. Anupam and Bua’s bahu Radha manages the guests and Shanti too. Riya sits with Bunty, and jokes on the groom. Bua says Shanti would like to meet me, I will go and tell some bhajan to her. They laugh. Bua asks Riya not to be worried, she won’t say anything to Shanti. She goes to Shanti.

Shanti argues with Bua and they outdo each other. Bua says she will go and see the groom, how he looks. Amit sits with sehra. Sarla asks Pari to be with Amit. Pari says client called her at

parlor and she has to go. Sarla stops Bua from meeting Amit. She says its rasam in their house and Bua agrees. Nimmi says new drama is going to begin and asks Preeti to wait and watch. Pari prays to get Vyom’s call.

Amit asks Sarla not to worry, as just Riya and Bunty knows that Riya is marrying Shivam, when he is marrying Riya. Rani come there. Amit says Riya has seen Shivam, and she will not take Shivam’s name, so don’t worry. Bunty tells this partition will higher the love, and says your to be husband is sitting with sehra, maybe its any tradition. Riya says I have to meet him now. Bunty says fine, meet him, plan date in your dream and laughs.

Riya smiles and messages shayari to Shivam, saying she is in love. He smiles reading it, that guys are hiding face in sehra these days. He replies that she wrote well, and he understood more than what she wrote. He is on the way home. Pari does not connect to Vyom and says did he get to know about me. She gets worried and gets someone’s call, and scolds him. Its Vyom and she is shocked. She smiles and acts sweet to him.

She asks where is he, she called him so many times. He says he lost his phone, he missed her and asks her to meet. She says she is at her brother’s mehendi function. He says he has a surprise for her, he will meet outside the community hall. She says she will wait and dances. She turns and sees Ashok. She lies to him. He says he is her father and asks her to be in manners, else he will make her sit at home. She argues and says he has done nothing for them, ask mum will she make me sit at home, and hurts his sentiments. She goes. Bua tells Anupam that there is something fishy. Nimmi and Preeti see Bua and go to hear the talk.

Anupam says he finds Shanti good. Bua says I know her truth. He says leave it, guests can hear it. She says fine, I will not leave Shanti after marriage and sees Nimmi. She takes Anupam to corner and says she is very worried, they are not letting them see groom’s face. He says she can see later. She says Sarla stopped her from seeing the groom. He asks her not to think much. Nimmi finds it weird. Anupam and Bua see her, and Nimmi greets them.

Bua tells Nimmi that its not good to hear others talk. Nimmi asks about Shanti’s fight with her. Bua asks her to enjoy the function. Anupam tells Sahil that he is afraid to become like Bua. Nimmi tells Preeti that she will find out. Anupam sees the girls and talks to Bua. Bua says Nimmi is good girl. Anupam says I met the boy, he is good. Bua says she has to know is he same or any other sitting. Anupam says marriage is not a joke. Bua asks him why is groom wearing sehra, she has seen many such cheats. Anupam says they are good people. Bua says people cheat, they show good guy and then make mad guy sit in groom’s place, I will see his face. Anupam stops her.

Shanti asks Sarla to see Bua talking to Anupam. Sarla asks what happened between them. Shanti says its old story. Bua says Shanti is not a good lady. Sahil and Anupam get worried. Bua says she will clear her doubt.

Raghav and Ashok like the arrangements done. Ashok gets a call and goes out to talk. Raghav talks to Kaushalya. She compliments his looks and smiles. He asks her to see her age to flirt. She asks why not, when you flirt, you don’t see people. He asks her to get mehendi applied and stops her, saying does he really look good. She says yes, sit beside the groom and no one will see the groom. He blushes and says she just says anything.

Sarla asks Pari not to go anywhere, who is calling her. Pari says your to be son in law. Shanti asks Pari to give music CD to DJ. Pari gives the list to Nimmi. Rani gets sad. Nimmi and Pari have an argument. Pari goes to clean her dress after Rani makes the juice fall on her, being lost thinking. Pari runs from here to meet Vyom.

Everyone get the mehendi applied. Kaushalya says Shivam did not come and calls him, asking when will he come, sangeet will start now. Sarla is tensed and asks her not to call him soon, he will come in some time. Shanti asks Sarla to write Riya’s name in Amit’s hand. Bunty teases Riya and lady asks Riya what name to write. Riya says Shivam and Bua fails to hear it. Bua does her aarti and do rasams. She applies kajal to Riya. Bua hears some ladies telling about groom and his mum applying cow dung on groom’s name. Bua rushes to Anupam and tells him that there is something wrong, I will apply kajal to groom now. Rani shows her mehendi to Amit. Sarla gets angry and sees Amit and Rani written in it. She spoils the mehendi. She takes her along. Amit says I just wrote name, did I say Amit and I love each other. Sarla scolds her and locks her in bathroom.

The dance competition between Bua and Shanti starts and everyone laugh. They dance on the song Banno tera………

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Day by day drama is increasing…too much f misunderstanding!!!! Hope
    Atleast next week truth ll come out..

  2. It’s too much
    Please don’t dragging it

  3. ωαтт ιѕ ∂ιѕ уααя тσσ мυ¢н ∂яαgιиg
    ι нσρє вυα fιи∂ѕ тнє тяυтн ѕσσи
    иι¢є єριѕσ∂є

  4. Too much drama. Please don’t drag the serial so much.

  5. Big nonsense ..

  6. Kathaiya ithu? Kodumai

  7. Really day by day misunderstanding is increasing. Hope very soonly……… clear all the doubt and finally riya and shivam should get married.

  8. Ya misunderstanding shld be clear sooon

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